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So we leave the village with Gija, the White Dragon. He and Hak don’t get along, but quickly have to learn to work together when bandits attack. They journey on and eventually find the village where the Blue Dragon lives, but things there are more complicated, and the Blue Dragon has a more tragic past…

Not a lot to say. The anime followed the manga fairly closely, except that since we left the Air Tribe and saw it’s greater repercussions at the capital, we have seen nothing of Su-won. The author gives notes about her life in each chapter, and a map of Kohka at the end. Also, if anything the Blue Dragon is even more socially awkward in the manga, which is adorable.


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In this volume we are introduced to the monk Ik-Soo and his apprentice Yun. And it is well, since Ik-Soo knows about the legend of the dragons and Yona’s possible connection to them. I love Yun’s relationship with Ik-Soo. How the monk managed to survive before meeting Yun I don’t know. It is at this point that Yona starts making real decisions (beyond wanting to stay with Hak). She has actively decided to search for those connected with the dragons, and she has decided she is going to learn how to defend herself. Ik-Soo does know where the first dragon is, and so we meet the descendant of the White Dragon, Kija. I think he is glad of Yona’s arrival. He seems to have been a bit stifled by his village. All in all, an excellent volume.

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In this manga, Yona and Hak arrive at the village of the Wind Tribe, Hak’s home. The Wind Tribe is quite welcoming, and Yona could make a life for herself here – if Soo-won would let them. To be fair to Soo-won, he actually would let Yona live her life there. It is some hot heads from the Fire Tribe that won’t. Hak leaves to draw them off, and Yona refuses to be left behind. Also, Yona has been told she might be able to get some direction from the High Priest, who apparently was dismissed years before from the capital. It is well Yona is showing a bit of spine, since of course they run into the Fire Tribe. We see Soo-won maneuvering to be made king of Kouka, and at this point you still have to feel for him. Assuming he is right about his uncle killing his father, he has every right to be upset. And I can’t say he is wrong about some of King Il’s pacifistic policies. It remains to be seen if he is truly the leader Kouka needs, or if it is Yona who will rise to the occasion.

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Fans of the animeĀ Yona of the Dawn were left with all four dragons found, but with much story left untold. Now we have a chance to get the complete story as the manga is being translated into English and sold by Viz as a Shoujo Beat title. Story wise, there is not much new. We get an introduction toa princess named Yona, her life, her relationship with her guard Hak and her cousin Soo-won and her father the king. Then we get the fateful day when the king is murdered by Soo-won and Hak flees with Yona. We see how Yona, Hak, and Soo-won were friends as children and how Hak became Yona’s chief protector. But personally I don’t mind the similarities. This is a very enjoyable way to receive the story, and the art work is beautiful. At this pace it won’t take too many volumes to pas the point where the anime ended. I look forward to it.

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