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Ah, it is so wonderful to have Natsume back as an anime again. It may have been 2012 since the last one aired, and a side by side comparison may reveal differences, but from this distance at least I see no changes.

This season we see how much Natsume has matured. He is willing to start confiding in people about his yokai troubles – Tanuma and Natori in particular. Taki and Matoba are also back. One of the sweetest episodes shows Natsume from Touko’s perspective and also from her perspective how he came to live with her and Shigeru. We have brought up not only Reiko (so many conflicting stories!) but an idea that hadn’t been addressed yet. Reiko is Natsume’s grandmother, so she must have had a child. So who then is Natsume’s grandfather? Oh, and there are plenty of Yokai around, both old friends and new, to wonderfully complicate Natsume’s life.

By the end, Natsume has concluded that as difficult as separating his two worlds sometimes is, he doesn’t really want to go back to being a lonely loner.

The only questionable note is the fact that they showed the Nyanko-sensei special. It felt not a part of the season and rather odd and not a very strong story, though in its defense from what I understand that wasn’t its original purpose.

The best part – they have already announced season 6 for some time next year. More Natsume is always a good thing in my book:)


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