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Quick note: I meant to publish this some time ago, but apparently I never did. Here is my review of Sailor Moon Crystal season 3.

What to say about this season? First, a disclaimer. In the manga, this is the story arc that may be my favorite. It is tied with the Dead Moon Circus story arc for that position. Also, while I have seen the sub of Sailor Moon SI have never seen the dub version.

Animation wise, this season is vastly improved, especially the CGI. It may not be perfect, but compared to the first two seasons it only took me out of the story once or twice overall as opposed to all the time.

Story wise, it again sticks close to the manga, which is both it’s strength and weakness. In the earlier sailor moon adaptation, was the story drawn out a little too much? Arguably yes. And yet, it sure gave lots of time to fun Sailor Scout interaction and development. On the other hand, I found Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s story more subtly done in the Crystal version as they didn’t have as much time to angst over the situation they found themselves in.

If your introduction to Sailor Moon was the earlier seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal and you enjoyed them, you will probably love this season. If you enjoy the manga, this season is also worth checking out. Is this season better than  Sailor Moon S, the original anime? That one is harder to say. If you like more character interaction, Sailor Moon S is probably the way to go. If you want a more streamlined story, however, this is an enjoyable version of the story.

Now here’s hoping we finally get a decent animated version of Sailor Moon Super S…


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In this volume we are introduced to the monk Ik-Soo and his apprentice Yun. And it is well, since Ik-Soo knows about the legend of the dragons and Yona’s possible connection to them. I love Yun’s relationship with Ik-Soo. How the monk managed to survive before meeting Yun I don’t know. It is at this point that Yona starts making real decisions (beyond wanting to stay with Hak). She has actively decided to search for those connected with the dragons, and she has decided she is going to learn how to defend herself. Ik-Soo does know where the first dragon is, and so we meet the descendant of the White Dragon, Kija. I think he is glad of Yona’s arrival. He seems to have been a bit stifled by his village. All in all, an excellent volume.

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