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In this manga, Yona and Hak arrive at the village of the Wind Tribe, Hak’s home. The Wind Tribe is quite welcoming, and Yona could make a life for herself here – if Soo-won would let them. To be fair to Soo-won, he actually would let Yona live her life there. It is some hot heads from the Fire Tribe that won’t. Hak leaves to draw them off, and Yona refuses to be left behind. Also, Yona has been told she might be able to get some direction from the High Priest, who apparently was dismissed years before from the capital. It is well Yona is showing a bit of spine, since of course they run into the Fire Tribe. We see Soo-won maneuvering to be made king of Kouka, and at this point you still have to feel for him. Assuming he is right about his uncle killing his father, he has every right to be upset. And I can’t say he is wrong about some of King Il’s pacifistic policies. It remains to be seen if he is truly the leader Kouka needs, or if it is Yona who will rise to the occasion.


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