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Fans of the animeĀ Yona of the Dawn were left with all four dragons found, but with much story left untold. Now we have a chance to get the complete story as the manga is being translated into English and sold by Viz as a Shoujo Beat title. Story wise, there is not much new. We get an introduction toa princess named Yona, her life, her relationship with her guard Hak and her cousin Soo-won and her father the king. Then we get the fateful day when the king is murdered by Soo-won and Hak flees with Yona. We see how Yona, Hak, and Soo-won were friends as children and how Hak became Yona’s chief protector. But personally I don’t mind the similarities. This is a very enjoyable way to receive the story, and the art work is beautiful. At this pace it won’t take too many volumes to pas the point where the anime ended. I look forward to it.


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