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Porco Rosso


I recently realized that while I had seen Porco Rosso years ago, I had never reviewed it. I think I watched it either before this blog began, or about the same time I was just beginning it. I re-watched it a few months ago, and here are some thoughts.

Porco really is a nice guy at heart, or at least he has learned to be by the time this film starts. He is just very good at hiding it. His actions do speak louder than his gruff words. After all, he starts by going to rescue a group of children kidnapped by pirates. Granted, Porco does this for money.

Porco’s curse is interesting. In many ways it is a physical manifestation of his survivor’s guilt. Porco does have a blind spot: Gina. Ah well, we all are usually blind where our hearts are.

I love Flo. She is competent as a mechanic and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself (or Porco), while still being clearly a girl. And I love her family. They stick together and survive, even through hard times.

Curtis is an interesting foil for Porco. He is  just as a good of a pilot, he is charming and has good looks – enough to be an actor. And yet there is a part of him that is more selfish than Porco is.

Of course in this movie we have plenty about airplanes, one of Hiyao Miyazaki’s loves.

In the end we are left wondering about Porco’s fate. Personally I think either his curse is undone or he learns not to care about it and he marries Gina and they settle down with her running her hotel and him running deliveries. But you will have to decide for yourself.


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