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Emma (Manga Classics)


So I finally got around to reading this adaptation of Jane Austen’s¬†Emma. First, a disclaimer. This is not one of my favorite of Austin’s works. It is probably the fifth down on my list. Maybe it is because I don’t relate to the heroine very much.

But this adaptation made me appreciate¬†Emma’s story more. In some ways it is a mystery story. There are also parts that are quite funny. This manga adaptation does full justice to both parts of the story, as well as the various budding romances. If the three main female leads don’t exactly have period hair styles, they are cute and they work.

There is bonus information at the end about the process of making this adaptation, plus character sketches between chapters to make this a volume fully worth owning.

It doesn’t replace the original novel, but it is a worthwhile adaptation in it’s own right.


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