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So Sailor Moon Crystal finally ended. It has been an interesting ride. There are a few changes from the manga (a bit more with the four generals in the first half, etc.), but mostly it follows very closely its source material. The good news – no filler. The bad news – a bit less room for extended character development. Your mileage may vary depending on how much you like the manga compared to the first anime series.

I miss the old music, but the new theme keeps coming into my head, so I guess it works.

Animation wise, it is gorgeous and much better than the original anime series. The bad news – the CGI doesn’t always work as well.

I think in some ways the ending of the first arc works better here. Usagi pining for Mamoru is minimized and I think the overall impact may be greater. Chibi-Usa actually comes out better in this series than the original. Less in that case is more – focusing on her desperate situation rather than comedic scenes with Usagi. Speaking of Usagi, I know she loves Mamoru, but she seems a bit too dependent on him. Still, with fewer comedic scenes it is easier to see her grow up and why the other Sailor Scouts follow her. Also, why did you not let the Sailor Scouts go help in the last episode Neo Queen Serenity? Doesn’t make sense.

Do I want another season of Sailor Moon Crystal? If it means getting through Super S, then yes since even in the original Japanese that season doesn’t work nearly as well as the manga. And though the original Japanese season of Super works well enough, I could see it working even better in trimmed form with the comedic parts left out.

Still, as cheesy as some of the filler was, especially in English, I admit I do miss more of the character work. Still, there is a lot to like in this new version. If you like the manga, you should give this series a try.


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Xxxholic Rei #3 Manga

Ah, so we are right – there is something off about what is happening to Watanuki, and this sense is if anything heightened in this volume. We finally get some answers as to what is going on. But first we have the usual list of people that come to the shop or that Watanuki runs into that need to be helped, including a girl who was given three coins… For fans, this is a volume not to miss. I don’t know if this is the end of this series. The one thing that is clear is that it really can’t continue until things are resolved in CLAMP’s new series Tsubasa World Chronicles. Yep, Syaoran and gang are back! Yes, I will be following that series as well once it finally begins this fall.

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