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So this is the first film that Hayao Miyazaki directed. It is interesting in that it is part of a franchise and that it isn’t a fantasy. Lupin himself is charmingly incorrigible as a thief with a heart of gold, and Lady Clarisse’s damsel is distressed is balanced by the camo-dressed and gun wielding Fujiko. The Count is a bit of a megalomaniac, but it works. Interesting that even at this point Miyazaki managed to get in an airplane into the movie, and it even has real use:) Already Miyazaki is doing detailed work in the setting. Okay, Cagliostro isn’t a real place, but it is more of an idealized place in Europe. And the surprise at the end is visually stunning. I can’t completely recommend it since it has swearing, smoking, and as cool as Lupin is he isn’t exactly the best role model. Still, it is a fun ride, and if you like heist movies you might enjoy this one. Again, this isn’t exactly a typical Miyazaki film, but you can still see Miyazaki hallmarks in it. If you enjoy Hayao Miyazaki, give this one a try.


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Ah, Yona. It has been a fun ride.

So at first, Yona seems to be quite naive. Not particularly mean, but rather shallow. She starts getting that knocked out of her by the end of the first episode with the murder of her father, the king, by her cousin Sooyong who she also was in love with up to this point. That is what makes Yona such a wonderful character: we get a chance to see her grow, and while she has made huge strides by the end of the series that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have some things to work on. Yona’s growth may be the best thing about the series. The second best thing is meeting the four dragons. Their situations and attitudes are so different, yet by the end they all agree to help Yona in their way.

Sooyong is quite a mystery. He seems to be at least two, maybe three different people. It is difficult to say who he really is, and we don’t really know what his end goals are yet. He does seem to have some regret about Yona, and he probably hopes she lives out the rest of her days peacefully, quietly, and as happily as possible in some remote village. Too bad for him that isn’t going to happen. At this point, Yona is growing into a worthy queen, and Sooyong has done some positive things for the country, so it is difficult to say who would be the better ruler. In the end, of course, it has to be Yona. She is the red dragon. While it is clear that her father was not the most ideal ruler in some ways, did he really have his brother (Sooyong’s father) killed? I think much of this will be answered if we get another season.

This is the one negative about this series so far – we have only just found the fourth dragon, and lots of questions remain to be answered. There is yet a long road before the final confrontation between Yona and Sooyong. This series needs a second season. Still, I am glad that a decent place was found to stop (no one is in immediate peril at least), they didn’t try to put too much in (especially towards the ending), and they didn’t manufacture an ending.

I don’t know if there will be a second season, but either way it’s been an enjoyable journey so far.


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