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Xxxholic Rei #2 Manga

Watanuki and Yuuko are back! As always, there are people or spirits to help, in this particular volume a spirit of a night sparrow and an old woman who wisely manages to avoid a curse. However, something is not right. Not only is everyone an earlier version of themselves, but Yuuko sometimes looks at Watanuki in an odd way and Watanuki sometimes gets interrupted at critical moments…

If you enjoyed the original series, you will enjoy this one.


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In this volume, Natsume runs into a Youkai who wants help saying good-bye to a human. Only one problem – the human doesn’t want to say good-bye. Human-Youkai relations are often complicated, and no story explains this better than this volume. The Youkai has good reasons for wanting to say good-bye, but the human has equally good reasons for disagreeing with this. Of course, this complicates Natsume’s life, and he has to somehow tread the line between the Yokai world and the human world. The extra story is the tale of how Natori met Matoba. Yeah, Matoba has always been a bit of a creep, and Natori was nearly as headstrong as Natsume in his younger days.

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