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Manga Classics: Les Mis and Pride



So Udon Entertainment has commenced publishing manga versions of classic stories. Les Misérables and Pride and Prejudice are the first two offerings, which is wonderful since these are two of my favorite stories. These volumes are twice the pages of normal manga, but even so, especially with Les Mis, they can’t contain everything. But these are still quite enjoyable, and would be good for younger readers.

Les Misérables is done in a simple manga style that fits the story wonderfully well. The pain points are well done. Pride and Prejudice is very shojo in style. It fits well with the story, even if it is a bit busy. For what this is, these are great. As always, you can always go back and read the original^^;


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So Yona is the charming but slightly spoiled princess of Kouka. She loves her cousin Soo-won and loves teasing the general Hak. On her sixteenth birthday she goes to try to persuade her father to let her marry Soo-won, only to find he killed her father. Fortunately Hak arrives on the scene and gets Yona out of the castle before she can be killed too…

Ah, politics, romance, and adventure in a shojo format. This reminds me a bit of Siaunkoku Monogatari. But only in part. The violence is more overt, though the nature of the story does seem to require it. And Yona is no Shuurei. Yet. If the character arc shows us how Yona becomes a woman strong enough to take back the kingdom, then the story will be worth it. Right now, Yona is a bit shallow, though that may have already been knocked out of her. Hak is cool, but we don’t really have much beyond that yet. Aside from the fact that he is completely loyal to Yona and secretly loves her. Soo-won, surprisingly, is the most interesting character so far. Certainly he is the most complex. Here he kills his uncle who has raised him from the time he was ten, but apparently that same Uncle killed his own father. And I don’t think his feelings for Yona as portrayed at the very beginning were a complete lie, but she lies between him and the throne…

If you liked Saiunkoku Monogatari, you may very likely enjoy Yona of the Dawn. So far recommended.

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