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Yes, I am actually picking up two anime this season. This is the first one. So this isn’t World Masterpiece Theater, but the tone is similar and this is an adaptation of a classic work. One interesting note – Goro Miyazaki is part of this project. And it shows. The visuals are colorful and interesting, and if not quite as many details are in evidence as his father might have used what is there is visually quite well done. In these first episodes, we are introduced to a band of robbers. Several things of note – there is a rival band of robbers relatively near by, and the chief’s wife is expecting any moment. This is great news to the robber band since it means there will be someone to take his place eventually. The fact that when on the stormy night when Ronja is born she ends up being a girl bothers her father not at all. She can become chief of the band some day just as well as a boy could. And she soon has the whole band wrapped around her little finger. In fact, the only one who isn’t completely smitten with her is her mother, which so far at least is a good thing. It really does go to ridiculous heights how far the robbers go, even going so far as to quit on a robbery in order to be back in time to feed Ronja when she is a baby^^; It is also equally endearing. Don’t worry, though. There are hints already that this story isn’t going to be all sweetness. The Harpies for one signal plenty of conflict down the road. Recommended for fans of World Masterpiece Theater.


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