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Yep, they have taken the original anime Sailor Moon, given it to us uncut and re-dubbed. I have watched the first episode and the episode where Ami is introduced, plus a few sample clips. Haven’t gotten to Lyta and Mina yet (or rather back to Makoto and Minako) yet, but here are my thoughts based on what I have seen. One disclaimer: yes I saw the US release back in the 1990s, but I have also seen the original Japanese version.

The good: It is completely uncut! The names are all the original Japanese! Excluding the natural vagaries of translation, this is quite a faithful adaptation. All the voice actors are decent, and Usagi if anything is even better. While I haven’t actually watched these specific episodes, all the ones completely cut from the US release have been included.

The bad: I miss the old voice actors, and I miss the Americanization of the original US release. Unlike Cardcaptors, the cutting the original US version of Sailor Moon underwent generally did not harm the stories or characters. 

If you want to see the complete, original version (or at least as close as an English version can get) of Sailor Moon but don’t like subtitles, or if you love Sailor Moon and want any excuse to watch a new version of it, or if you have never seen Sailor Moon but are interested, or if you are a purist, this is a good version to watch. If you fell in love with the original English dub, be warned this version is different. Not really worse, just different.


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