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Yep, I decided to upgrade. And I am so glad I did. This was put out by NIS America. So the packaging isn’t quite as spectacular as some of the other releases, but considering everything you get I’m okay with that and it is still quite good. First, the good news. The Blu ray is gorgeous! Sakura has never looked so gorgeous. (Here I’m sounding like Tomoy;)Second, the even better news. Not only does it have the Japanese audio with subtitles, but there is now an official English dub for the unedited version! You no longer have to watch the poor thing which is Cardcaptors if you want to listen to this show in English. I have watched the first three episodes so far, plus samples of all major voices in the series. Here is my verdict. Many of the voices fit perfectly and are similar in spirit to the original Japanese. There are a few voices which I am still getting used to – in particular, Sakura unfortunately. Not sure why. Also, Tomoyo keeps going lower than higher in tone. But overall it still works better than what Pioneer did with the dub. No valley girl tone, and Sakura sounds like a young girl which is good. All the original names are used, which is even better. Based on my memory of the sub, I would say the translation is not exact, but again it is much closer than what Pioneer did with the dub and the original spirit is kept. To top it off, with the Blu Ray set you get a booklet that details info about every episode as told by Tomoyo complete with colored pictures. For fans of this series, this is the definitive edition to get. The blue ray looks wonderful. Still, it is a bit pricey. Fortunately, NIS America is also releasing three DVD sets as well, that also are dual language. Fans of the series and really anyone who has been waiting to get Cardcaptor Sakura, now is the time to get it with these editions. Thank you NIS America for this release!


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