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I’ve only been saying I would get around to this for a year, and now that the first two episodes have aired I can^^;

So the first thing to say is that while there are minor differences, so far these episodes follow the original manga very closely. No filler episodes so far at least. on one level, this is a bit of a pity since some of the filler episodes had their charms. Purists will probably rejoice. One result of this is the Dark Kingdom is more sinister from the beginning. This also will, I suspect, in the long run give things a slightly darker feel. I like how often glimpses from the silver millennium are shown. No complaints so far about the voice actors. One nice touch is the same person who voiced Usagi/Sailor Moon in the original version in Japan is back in the same role. She does a credible job both as the crybaby Usagi and grows into the brave Sailor Moon.

Next point, the animation. The bad news is that the CGI transformation sequences are a bit weird, though I found Sailor Mercury’s a bit less weird. The good news is most of the show is much more traditional looking. Although, there were a few scenes where the animation looked off for some reason in the second episode. Hopefully, this will be cleared up because CGI aside, Sailor Moon Crystal looks gorgeous.

The new opening song is good enough I don’t miss “Moonlight Densetsu”. Overall, the music fits well.

For those wondering if the new version is anachronistic, fear not. Ami is given a CD or DVD in the second episode, not a floppy disk. The computer screens are flat screens, and Usagi has a laptop in her room. I expect to see cell phones at some point.

So a few bumps, but so far the show is off to a good start. Maybe this is nostalgia talking, but if Toei can keep this up, they will have quite a decent series on their hands. And I do hope they are able to keep this up. Sailor Moon R and S were fine, though the manga had more of a bite. But Sailor Moon SS was not the best edition of the anime series, though in the manga it is one of my favorites. If you were a fan of Sailor Moon back in the day or if you like magical girls this show is for you.


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Wolf Children – Manga

The good news, the manga of The Wolf Children looks nice and is in a nice edition. The bad news – nothing new is added to the story. Over all, seeing the characters move in the anime is better. Get this only if you love the story that much or if you are a completest.

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After seeing the movie, I figured I better read the manga. The movie was clearly condensed. The political situation in the manga is at least twice as complex. We get to meet many more people as Nausicaä is forced to leave her home both for political reasons, and to try to find out how to stop the spread of the Sea of Desolation, which has left mankind only a few livable places. The ending is quite different, though not surprising when you get there. And of course, we are treated to Hiyao Miyazaki’s wonderful art. All in all, if you enjoyed the movie you will probably enjoy the book. One final note, if you love the manga, the deluxe hardcover two volume set is the way to go.

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