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Toward the Terra (Anime)

Okay, time for an actual anime review!

I haven’t been affected by an anime this much for a while. I don’t know how I missed it when it first came out, but it didn’t receive a lot of traction, which is a pity because the anime is amazing.

A boy named Jommy is rescued by the Mu and discovers he is one of them. Meanwhile, a boy named Kieth is raised to eventually lead all of humanity.

First, the style. I personally loved it – slightly updated eighties. Not everyone may agree, however. Part of it may be making a space opera look, well, so pretty. You can tell the original author had shojo beginnings.

The music was amazing and fit the epic scope of the story.

The characters are amazing. They take the time to go back to minor characters as appropriate. As for the two leads, wonderful. Some may complain about how whiny Jommy is at the beginning, but give the kid a break! He’s only fourteen, and his whole world has been turned upside down. He also matures into the leader Blue always hoped he would be and struggles to make the best decision when it isn’t obvious. Then there is Keith. He may be the antagonist, but you completely understand his position. There is goodness in Keith, and Jommy sometimes endorses morally questionable actions. Neither side is completely right or wrong. And within the two groups, normal humans and Mu, not everyone agrees with the status quo. Part of what helps this is the series takes place over years, maybe decades. No one is the same in the end as they were in the beginning.

Which brings me to the plot. Some people think it begins slow and doesn’t show at first what it really is. I suppose it is a fair assessment, but I truly didn’t mind the beginning, and it is crucial for building the story. One caveat – I like chosen one stories, so again your mileage may vary. Since the plot takes place over years, things happen that you may not expect. People are born, people die, people change. Destinies intersect in ways you may not expect.

If you love great space opera, give this a try – at least until episode seven.


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