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Justice League Season 1

How do I love this classic? Let me count the ways. The bat glare. Flash being obnoxious. Martian Manhunter being cool. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl saving the day. (Okay, okay, so they all take turns saving the day.) Green Lantern’s power ring. Superman as leader.

It all starts with an alien invasion – of the same type that destroyed all life on Mars, except for our favorite Martian. Too bad humans usually aren’t smart and they didn’t listen to him. Fortunately, Superman and Batman are smarter and soon have been joined by other superheroes to help save the day. The nice thing is that while most if not all the league feature in every episode, one or at most two of them are the focus of each episode. And some of the interactions are great. Green Lantern and Flash make the perfect odd couple. Actually, so does Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Batman and Superman together are always good. Martian Manhunter is great with whoever he is with.

There is no overarching plot really this first season, though familiar faces keep showing up, namely Lex Luthor and his friends from his Injustice League. Which, by the way is probably my favorite episode from this season – “Injustice for All.” Yeah. Never assume Batman is actually your prisoner. In a few places you can tell they are still perfecting the balance and the performances, but over all a most enjoyable season. A must if you enjoy superheroes.


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Young Justice Season 2

So I finally got around to watching this, and boy was it worth the wait. There is a lot to love. Old heroes are back, though not necessarily where we left them. ¬†Aqualad has turned against Aquaman and has joined his father Ocean Master. Artemis and Kid Flash have quit being superheroes. Robin is now Nightwing and is the leader everyone thought he could be. Superboy and Miss Martian have complicated their relationship. We also have tons of new characters – Beast Boy, a new Robin, Batgirl, Bumblebee, and my favorite – Impulse! However, for as happy-go-lucky as Impulse appears, he has a dark past and a desperate mission to save the future, which involves the other most important newcomer, Blue Beetle. Oh, and the original Speedy is finally found. It is just as well that there are new heroes to fight the good fight, however, because it turns out that the six members of the Justice League who went missing for sixteen hours went on a rampage (not their fault – they were brainwashed by the Light) and now are wanted criminals intergalactically speaking and they have to go clear their names. The Light is still around, and a new force called the Reach has arrived…

Not all our heroes are perfect. Miss Martian uses her abilities in questionable ways that come back to haunt her. Nightwing is forced to make decisions that could tear the team apart. Not everyone’s loyalties are what you think they are. ¬†If you enjoyed the first season, this is a must watch. And while I wouldn’t say you absolutely need to see the first season, why would you want to miss it if you enjoy superheroes?

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