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In this volume, Natsume starts wondering about Reiko – what was she really like? Things get complicated though when Natsume’s voice gets stolen by some Yokai who want the Book of Friends. Then Natsume runs into a cute Yokai who wants to find a man who once saw her (it was raining) gave her a towel to dry off with. But the real questions start coming when a Yokai accuses Reiko of being a thief and demanding what was stolen back – or else she will steal something of Natsume’s in return. We also get a little short piece that has Natsume having fun with some Yokai friends.

Ah, how I love this series. I love all the characters. Except Matoba. He is going to get stomped on figuratively if not literally one of these days. Still, he makes an excellent contrast with Natsume, even if he didn’t show up this time. I was glad to see Tanuma in this episode, though. He is a fun character, and it is interesting having someone around who knows Natsume’s secret but usually can do nothing to help.


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