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Castle in the Sky


This is one of Miyazaki’s earlier works, but it is a good one. It all starts when a girl named Sheeta falls out of an airship. A necklace she has causes her to fall to ground safely where she is found by a boy named Pazu. The necklace is very valuable and is the reason the pirates attacked the airship. However, government men are also after Sheeta – in fact, she was running away from them as much as from the pirates when she fell. They too want the necklace. Pazu is an orphan who works as a mechanic for the mine by the town where he lives. But really what he loves are aircraft, even going so far as to try and build one himself. Pazu’s father was a pilot and saw an island floating in the air after a storm, but no one believed him. Pazu is determined to find the island named Laputa. Turns out Laputa is where Sheeta’s family originally came from. Pirates show up in the town and Sheeta and Pazu evade them. They then run into government men but go into a mine. There they find an old man who tells them Sheeta’s necklace is made of the substance that kept Laputa up. When they exit the mine, Sheeta and Pazu are captured by the government. Sheeta agrees to cooperate to save Pazu who leaves. Coming home, he finds the pirates and he agrees to go with them to get Sheeta. Sheeta remembers a line that activates a giant artificial man that the government found and in trying to protect Sheeta from the government it creates great chaos. eventually it is destroyed, but not before Pazu and the pirates rescue Sheeta. However, she looses her necklace. It is then a game of cat and mouse with the government in airships until they encounter a storm – the same type Pazu’s father was caught in. Sheeta and Pazu are cast off from the main ship and land on a floating island, which is mostly a tree. However, it houses ancient ruins. The bad news – the government got there to and have captured the pirates. Pazu manages to free the pirates, but Sheeta is captured by the chief government man who is actually from Laputa as well. He activates the artificial men to destroy the military, though the pirates escape. Pazu goes after Sheeta. The government man wants to use the power of Laputa’s technology, which looks suspiciously atomic in nature, to rule the world. Sheeta gets her necklace to Pazu, but is cornered by the government man. She then recites the spell of destruction, destroying just about everything but the tree. Pazu, Sheeta, and the pirates escape.


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