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Sigh. Apparently this is the last manga that will be released for this series. Which is a pity since we are only just beginning! Basically we are half way through season one of the anime. I am not sure were we are on the light novels, but I’m sure it isn’t very far. I had hoped that they would complete it and that Viz would continue releasing it in English so those of us who can’t read Japanese can see the whole story (which goes beyond the anime). Still, at this pace that would be a lot of manga volumes and if Kairi Yura and Sai Kikino don’t want  to do a fifty volume series, well who am I to blame them. So we will enjoy this final volume. It is actually full of a ton of side stories. The first has Kurou visiting Shouka. It explains a *lot* about Shouka. He has been protecting his clan and acting as clan head if not acknowledged in fact for a long time. It also explains not how he became the Black Wolf, but how it could happen. The second story tells about what Ryuuren (and therefore by extension Shuurei and Eigetsu) did between the time they finished the imperial examination and the time when the results were posted. Sigh. The youngest of the Ran brothers sure knows how to get himself into trouble. Kochou ends up getting involved, and even Reishin’s own antics indirectly get involved. The third story is a short little snippet of the terrible three right after they passed their exams. Reishin is up to his antics again. All in all, not a bad note to close it on, and it is nice to get some material that is not in the anime.


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