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Here we are finally into territory not covered by the anime (though I would not object to another season . . . or three . . . of Natsume^^;)

In this episode the main story follows Natsume as he is blackmailed into helping Matoba. The thing is, this time Matoba does have a legitimate concern. Exorcists are being killed, and all the evidence is that it is by another exorcist Рwho is possessed by a Yokai. Not even Matoba can tell who it is, but as strong as Natsume is he just might. Can Natsume find the Yokai without getting further entangled with Matoba? We also get a glimpse of Natori.

We then have two side stories. Remember Natsume’s two school friends that he always hangs out with when not worrying about Yokai? Each story features one of these friends and when they first met Natsume. It is interesting how they have different perspectives. It is also interesting that they seem to be less clueless than Natsume would believe.


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