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Saiunkoku Monogatari Manga #8

Shuurei and Eigetsu have finished their report, but Shuurei still has to report to the court. It seems, however, that someone doesn’t want her to get there in time. Thank goodness she has Seiran on her side to help! Meanwhile, the court is in an uproar since all government workers from the Kou clan (Hong in the English editions) are basically on strike since the head of the clan Kou Reishin who is also the Minister for Civil Affairs has been arrested without any due process. Things come to a head and the culprit to several bad plots is revealed. Finally the time comes for all the new civil servants to be given their first real assignment. As a bonus, there is an extra episode about a beauty contest for food (as in the grand prize is rice for a year basically). With a prize like that, you know Shuurei is going to bully every eligible male of her acquaintance into participating^^;

So at this point we are almost half way through season one of the anime. I hope they keep going to the end and cover everything that wasn’t in the anime! Short of the light novels being translated, this would be the next best thing;)


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Yue’s lack of power has been solved at a cost to Sakura’s brother Toya, but things aren’t over yet. The truth finally comes out. We finally find out what Eriol is really up to. Yes, he is causing trouble, but he actually has a pretty good reason for it. Times change. People move on. We also finally find out who is the most important person to Sakura . . . and it isn’t who she thought it was. And guess who stops by to say hi here ate the end?

Once again we have three lovely volumes in one! This includes colored pages, and even the black and white pages are pristine. My old set of Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a bit yellowed, and even a paper novice like me can tell the difference in quality just by touch. So if you missed your chance to get this great series, now is the time! And if you missed your chance to get the artbooks, the colored art included between the four volumes is much of what CLAMP created for this series. If you love CLAMP, is a must have series, and this is the version to get. If you are new to CLAMP, this may be a good place to start, especially if you like lighter stories. Some of CLAMP can get pretty intense and dark.

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