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The Secret World of Arrietty

This is the latest Studio Ghibli movie, based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Arrietty and her parents are Borrowers, tiny people who live by borrowing from Human Beans what they need to survive. Arrietty is excited to go with her father on her first official borrowing, but things take an interesting turn when she is seen by a boy named Shawn. Borrowers are not supposed to be seen by Human Beans. One family that used to live near by disappeared after being seen. Another had to move. However, Shawn wants to make friends with Arrietty and help her. Eventually he succeeds, but when the housekeeper discovers the Borrowers, can he help Arrietty save her family?

This is up to Studio Ghibli’s usual standards artistically. In fact, it is difficult imagining anyone else who could do it in such a detailed way. We see all the things that have been borrowed by Arrietty and her family and how they are used by them. The doll house is amazingly detailed. Arrietty is a very fun character, full of courage and curiosity – a little too much perhaps! Shawn brings an interesting balance, being unwell and waiting for an operation – not a perspective often brought into a movie for children. The housekeeper and Arrietty’s mom are both hilarious in different ways while her father is a quiet pillar of strength. Highly recommended for everyone. If you haven’t gotten into Studio Ghibli yet, this might be a good one to try.


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