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Hotarubi no Mori e

This is the story of a girl named Hotaru. When little, she gets lost in some woods and encounters a human looking guy named Gin who wears a mask. It does turn out that the woods are full of Yokai. Gin is not one. However, he is not entirely human any more either. He was lost/abandoned in the woods as an infant and the Yokai kept him alive, but now he is insubstantial in a way. If a human touches him he will disappear. Hotaru goes to visit those woods every summer and a relationship develops between her and Gin. However, while she grows older he stays the same. And as she grows older her feelings of friendship grow into something different. But how can two people be a couple if they can never touch?

This is a sweet story, to be expected from Yuki Midorikawa who among other things created Natsume Yuu-jin Chou, though the ending for this one is rather bitter/sweet. It is still totally worth it. The character designs are what we have seen before but still fun. When Hotaru and Gin meet for the first time is very hilarious. If you enjoy Natsume Yuu-jin Chou, you will probably enjoy this one.


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An Update

I hate to say it, but I just don’t have much time for this blog any more. I am not entirely discontinuing it. I will still do blurbs for new manga I get and I will give season and movie reviews, but at this point I’m afraid I don’t have time to do any more episode posts.

I hope you still stop by periodically in spite of this. Thanks for your support!

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In this volume, first Natsume gets involved with a Yokai who wants to know what a girl he once interacted with left for him. In the next one, Natsume learns of a case of mistaken identity when he helps a Yokai. It seems Reiko thought the Yokai was a human at first and the Yokai thought Reiko was another Yokai. Finally, Natsume gets caught in a bottle and Tanuma is anxious to help. For once, he gets in a situation where he can see Yokai. However, seeing Yokai and being able to effectively deal with them are two different things. They also run into Natori. This is the closest Natsume’s two worlds have ever come. When Tanuma gets hurt, Natsume of course blames himself. Can he continue to open himself others? And can everyone manage to get out of the trap they are now in?

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