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Summer is in the air. Everyone is making plans, both for fun and for summer classes. However, Sawako has not yet told her parents that she is dating Kazehaya. When her mother finds them in town together and holding hands no less (for the first time it might be added) everything comes out. Sawako’s mother is fairly understanding and is happy for her daughter. It is her father they need to worry about. She is daddy’s little girl and he is very protective of her. When Kazehaya comes over, how will Sawako’s father react? Oh Sawako, you really should have told your parents what was going on earlier.


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In the first episode, news has come to Plumbfield about Dan’s disappearance. Everyone is worried. Mr. Page returned from his trip to find Dan missing and several things disordered at his place. Clearly something is wrong. Mr. Page is doing what he can to try and locate Dan. A week or so later Teddy is being read a bedtime story by Jo-sensei when he tells her he sees Dan outside. However, when Jo looks she sees nothing. Later she goes out again and sees Dan in a haystack. He is the worse for wear and has an injured leg. Jo immediately welcomes Dan back, especially after he tells her he is sorry. The doctor is summoned and he says Dan is lucky – he will heal, though he has to stay off his feet for a while.

In the next episode, the news quickly spreads that Dan is back. Nat, Nan, and Teddy are especially glad. Dan doesn’t seem to want to talk too much about what happened and Professor Bhaer respects this. Nan, however, is a bit exasperated that Dan won’t say I’m sorry. When she says this to Jo-sensei (after kicking a bucket) Jo tells her that saying I’m sorry isn’t always easy. Nan realizes this and apologizes. Later Dan does¬†apologize¬†to Professor Bhaer for what happened earlier.

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In the first episode, Nat deals with some challenges. He has a habit of telling lies. Not very big ones, but it has Jo-sensei and the professor worried. Professor Bhaer talks with Nat about it. Nat realizes the problem but isn’t sure how to stop it. So Professor Bhaer tells Nat that the next time he lies there will be punishment. However, instead of Nat being punished Nat will have to punish Professor Bhaer. Nat admits to Daisy what is going on and she encourages him. However, soon enough Nat slips into bad habits. While playing hide and seek he accidentally knocks over Emil’s pumpkins and breaks one. Given Emil’s reaction I can’t exactly blame Nat for being afraid to tell, but he gets found out and is forced to hit Professor Bhaer’s hands as a result. The others are good and give Nat space. Emil tells them how once he had the same punishment. I don’t think Nat will ever forget this lesson at least.

The second episode we visit Dan who is currently with Mr. Page. At first Dan is still his prickly self, but slowly he starts to change. Part of it is all the nature that Dan is surrounded – and the fact that Mr. Page can tell him all about it. Everyone has high hopes for how Dan will turn out. Mr. Page talks to Dan about how people can’t live in isolation. Mr. Page goes on a trip leaving Dan behind to take care of things. Unfortunately, the gang that was chasing him before see him drop Mr. Page off in town and come to Mr. Page’s place to attack Dan . . .

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