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Hi all! I continue to feel much better, which means life is back to a busy normal. Actually, I am busier than I was last year since I am working full time now. I am about half way through my current draft of my story too:)

In other news, nothing really stood out to me for spring season. So I am going to concentrate on World Masterpiece Theater. Specifically I want to get through Little Women IILittle Princess Sara, and Perrine Monogatari. Then, we shall see what I want to work on next.

The Legend of Korra just started, and while it isn’t an anime I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender. I will consider blogging this if there is enough interest.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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The first episode is “A Single Photo”. It seems Natsume has just one photograph of his parents taken before he was born. It’s been years since he looked at it because it was too painful, but Natsume is now at the point where it doesn’t bother him too much. Natsume has a secret almost shrine in his closet with photos of his new friends and such. Very funny when the others find out^^; Because the two classmates and Tanuma are over to study. However, Natsume gets a call from a relative. He finally found a buyer for the old house Natsume lived in with his father. This relative wants to know if Natsume wants to come over before the sale for old times sake. Natsume says no, but it quickly becomes clear he is hiding his feelings. Natsume and his friends end up meeting to go have fun together and Natsume takes his photograph with him. He gets attacked by a Yokai, though fortunately it isn’t too powerful, but he looses the photograph. Natsume makes light of it. Fortunately Tanuma is getting good at seeing through Natsume and when he drags out what happened he insists that they spend their time looking for the photograph, which they do find. Natsume decides to go visit his old house after all. Very nice Tanuma quote from this episode: “Don’t lie if you don’t have to.” Yes, Natsume, you are allowed not only to have feelings but to express them as well.

The second episode is “The Door of Memories”. In this episode Natsume goes to visit his old house. But first he goes to the relatives who live nearest to the house and who have the key. These are relatives who Natsume lived with when he was much younger. The parents are nice enough, but it seems their daughter hated Natsume. She hated how he lied all the time (he didn’t but that is how it appeared to her) and how he took away her parents’ attention. She seems willing to give Natsume the benefit of the doubt but when she sees he is the same she gets upset. The problem is there is a Yokai in this house. It was small back when Natsume used to live there but now it is larger. Fortunately Nyanko-sensei is able to help enough for Natsume to get out safely. The problem is that the Yokai will just keep growing and will soon be able to affect normal people. So Natsume naturally gets it to chase him away from this family. The girl is now old enough to recognize there is something more going on with Natsume than is apparent. So after drawing the Yokai off Natsume is ready to go to his old house. That is when the Yokai possesses him . . .

The third episode is “Long Way Home”. In this episode we see many of the same events that were seen from the girl’s perspective from Natsume’s perspective. Yep, most of Natsume’s problems were caused by Yokai. He found a shrine where he could hide when upset, but one day he got caught there in a thunderstorm and was scared. Eventually he was found, but the girl was furious for him causing problems for her parents. Natsume was so upset he ran off to go find his old house. But even then he had been suppressing his memories and emotions and he couldn’t find it. The Yokai makes Natsume remember all of this. Fortunately, Natsume is different now. He does have a home to go to. He manages to expel the Yokai from himself and Nyanko-sensei finishes it off. They go to Natsume’s home. He has few memories of that place, but one or two things do come back. In the end this trip is rather cathartic for Natsume. He and his friends end up completing their original trip and he gets a family photograph taken with the Fugiwaras.

Once again, another amazing season of Natsume! More Matoba, more Natori, even Tanuma gets a better idea of what Natsume regularly deals with. And we continue to see Natsume develop as he reacts to the people around him. If this is the last season, this is a good place to end things. I still want to see Matoba get into trouble with all of Natsume’s friends, though^^;

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