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The first episode is “Natsume Captured” and the second episode is “The Eastern Forest”. This is a two-parter so I am going to talk about both together. Some new Youkai are in town and they are after The Book of Friends. They even go so far as to show up at school which makes Natsume act strangely in front of his friends. Only Tanuma and Taki would have any idea what is really going on. Fortunately, no one else seems to mind in the end. Tanuma tells Taki that he understands why Natsume doesn’t want to tell his foster parents about what he can see. It isn’t that he thinks they wouldn’t believe him. It is that he doesn’t want them to worry. So Natsume and Nyanko-sensei go to check out the newcomers – and end up being captured by exortists. Specifically they are captured by Matoba. Matoba doesn’t get Natsume at all. Fortunately Natsume’s stubbornness is enough to protect Nyanko-sensei, one of the new Yokai who was captured by Matoba, and The Book of Friends. Nyanko-sensei is more powerful than Matoba counts on. It is also interesting how these new Yokai assume the worst of humans, though if Matoba is the type of human they are used to encountering I can’t blame them. In the end Matoba is worried about Natsume and how many powerful Yokai he commands, not realizing that Natsume doesn’t command them but they are friends he has helped in the past and now they want to help him. Matoba is probably going to get squashed by a Yokai one of these days with his attitude.

Interesting how for the intro they mix young Natsume with old Natsume. Can’t say it is my favorite opening song, but it is still fun. It reminds me a bit of the second opening song in that way. The ending is nice and mellow again with sketched scenes. Altogether, a great start! I wanted to see Matoba again!


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The first episode is: The Representative of the Class. Lavinia didn’t like Sara before, but after this episode she really doesn’t like Sara. Unfortunately it isn’t Sara’s fault. Miss Minchin decides that since Sara is showier she should be the new class representative, especially as she is trying to attract the attention of the Lord Mayor’s wife. Lavinia, the old class representative, is furious but can’t say anything to Miss Minchin. She doesn’t even have the satisfaction of answering questions correctly during their scholarly exhibition for the Lord Mayor’s wife. After, Sara gets permission for the other girls to ride her pony. Even Lavinia’s friends want to go have fun with the others. Lavinia gets her revenge by stabbing poor Chubby with a needle while Ermengard is riding him. Sara figures out what really happens but says nothing.

The second episode is: A Nice Little Lady. We see more of Becky’s life. The poor girl is run off her feat all day every day. Sara is the only one who shows her some kindness. She comes in to put coal on the fire while Sara is telling the girls the story of Cinderella. Later, Minette asks Becky to clean Sara’s room while she goes out. Sara comes in later after dance class (at which she also excels, much to Lavinia’s displeasure) only to find Becky asleep. Sarah lets Becky hold her doll Emily and gives her some candy for later.

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New Year

I have bad news and good news. The bad news is my health is still iffy. The good news is we have a new season of anime! The one I am most excited for is Natsume Yuu-jin Chou Shi! Even better, all four seasons of Natsume are being released in the US!!!

In the mean time, I will be getting back to Little Women II and Little Princess Sarah. Hopefully I can get to some more things this year too! But let’s start with this for now.

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