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Kobato Manga #5

We finally learn the truth about where Kobato and Ioryogi come from and why Kobato is on a quest to fill her magic bottle with broken hearts that were healed and why Ioryogi has to help her. However, Kobato finally realizes that she loves Fujimoto and is sacrificing her and Ioryogi’s future to try and help save the kindergarten at which they work. Finally, Kobato decides to go and confront Okiura about the kindergarten’s debt. . .


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Xxxholic Manga #18

Watanuki is busy these days taking care of wishes in Yuko’s old shop. Doumeki helps as he can, particularly by doing the shopping. When the spirit of a child comes to be protected by Watanuki, however, even his own power and Domeki’s help might not be enough. Then a lady comes who wants Watanuki’s help securing the affection of the one she likes. The only problem is the one she likes is Doumeki! Finally, some long expected travelers return . . .

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In this volume, first Natsume runs into someone who knew him back when he was much younger. This person wants Natsume’s help. I don’t think he really believed Natsume when the talked about the strange things, but now he wants Natsume to tell him whether the girl he likes is a Youkai or not . . . Then Natsume and Natori┬áseparately┬áboth are contacted to do the same job. It seems there are two gods, a harvest god and a destroyer god, who battle every ten years to see who will be dominant. Neither Youkai or exortists want the destroyer god to win and there is no sign of the harvest god, which is when both Natsume and Natori are contacted . . .

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