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Kobato Manga #4

Now we are finally getting some answers. Oukira talks with Kobato again, much to Fujimoto’s displeasure. We finally get some background information on Ioryogi. We also get some idea of how the various dimensions are related to each other. Yuuko and Clow make cameo appearances. It made me laugh. The angel Kohaku makes an appearance as well. And Kobato is coming to a realization that will change everything . . .


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Oh, the misunderstandings continue with Sawako misunderstanding Kazehaya and Kazehaya misunderstanding Sawako. Kento is not helping matters any, though in all fairness I don’t think he realizes Sawako and Kazehaya truly like each other. Interestingly enough, Kurumi is not happy with Sawako – if she can’t have Kazehaya she at least wants a worthy rival! Fortunately Yano and Yoshida are there to help clamp down on Kento and help Sawako. Even Pin has some words of wisdom for both of the love birds. Meanwhile, the school festival has almost arrived. Will Sawako’s class be able to pull their part off in spite of all the drama? (Yeah, Pin really wants to win!)

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Finally, some material that was not in the anime! Not that I didn’t absolutely love the anime! I hope they do this part in season three^^;

So this time we meet a new person – Matoba. He is another exorcist like Natori. However, unlike Natori he has a very different attitude towards Akayashi. I do feel a bit for him – his family has been cursed by Akayashi for centuries, though in all fairness an ancestor did not keep his end of a bargain made with an Akayashi. I suspect that Matoba hates Akayashi. Natori at least is fond of his assistants and prefers to cause as little harm and pain where possible, but Matoba even will step on humans to get what he wants. So if Natsume is sometimes troubled by Natori’s worldview, Natori is worried about Matoba’s worldview. The problem is that Matoba is extremely powerful. So when he finds out about Natsume, which is something Natori was trying to prevent, well let’s just say that there is trouble and Natsume is praying the whole time that Matoba never finds out about the Book of Friends. One of the best volumes to date!

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