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I apologize for the lack of updates again. It has been a busy month. I have also started some new medication that leaves me with little energy beyond the necessities. I am planning on still watching anime – one of the few things I can do when drained, but blogging is another matter.

So what does this mean for this blog? I hope to still blog manga as I get them. I am planning on blogging final thoughts for the series I watch, but probably won’t be doing too many more episodic posts. The exception may be Natsume Yuujin-Chou San. That doesn’t start for a bit yet. We’ll have to see how I am doing. If I do blog it at all I may be slow about it.

I am sorry about limiting myself so much, but right now I feel I need too. As things change I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading this blog, and thanks for understanding.



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Ah, spring the time when a new school year starts in Japan. Unfortunately, things have been awkward between Sawako and Kazehaya since Valentines Day. It doesn’t help that they no longer sit next to each other. To make things even worse, a new guy named Kento is in their class, he starts taking his own interest in Sawako. What is Sawako ever going to do? Fortunately, she still has Yano and Yoshida to back her up and give her support. Interestingly enough, Pin starts to take an interest in these events. Surprisingly, he does have the occasional gem of good advice among all his usual drivil^^;

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It is the final match of the Hokuto Cup: Korea v. Japan! Everyone is surprised and some are even upset that Hikaru is in the first spot for Japan instead of Akira, but Kurata stands by his decision. All three games are intense, but the most intense one is that between Hikaru and Ko Yong Ha, who Hikaru mistakenly thinks insulted Shuzaku. Ko Yong Ha meanwhile has used the misunderstanding to bait Hikaru. Can Hikaru beat Ko Yong Ha? Will Japan win the Hokuto Cup? As a bonus, there are two extra chapters at the end. We get Akira’s second match with Sai (not that he knew it was Sai) but this time we see it from Sai’s perspective. A very nice way to bring Sai back for the final volume. And then the other extra chapter features two young Insei at the Young Lion’s tournament and their thoughts on Akira and Hikaru who are there too and who these two Insei play. I like how the game after in which Akira and Hikaru are matched we never learn who wins – and it almost doesn’t matter. What matters is how each brings out the best of Go in the other.

All in all, a very enjoyable series. Who knew that Go could be so interesting? But the characters and their struggles are very interesting to me.

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Yay! So in this one we finally get to meet Ensei! Maybe it is my imagination, but I think the worry Seiran and Shouka have for Shuurei at this time of the year is more explicit, as is how much Shuurei dislikes summer. We get a slightly bigger view of Seiran’s time with the army chasing bandits, and we are introduced to the two top generals. No, Shuuei is close but he isn’t one of them. However, the most sad but hilarious part is the side story at the end. We see the death of Shuurei’s mother. No wonder Shuurei is so affected. But we also get a story about . . . gambling. Who knew that Shuurei’s mother was such a shark? And it seems Shuurei has inherited some of those tendencies^^; Good thing Seiran and Ensei only bet food and chores^^;

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Xxxholic Rou Adayume

Yep, I finally got around to watching this. Very nice, though the video acted a bit weird, pausing and repeating parts in fast motion though the audio was normal (though it also went back). I even tried several different subs.

This time Haruka comes into Watanuki’s dream to ask a favor. It seems someone’s dreams are being threatened and he wants Watanuki to help. Watanuki refuses to tell Monoka who he is helping. He goes into the dreams and we see it is Domeki’s dreams. We see key points of the past. Some are from before he met Watanuki. Some are not. The present day Watanuki gives some nice commentary on how he used to be. Yeah, Watanuki sure has mellowed out. One example is how he doesn’t have to know everything. Some things are faded in the dream – things Domeki doesn’t want to remember. And one particular part that I don’t think Watanuki is supposed to know about is quite fuzzy. In the end Watanuki does save the dream from a nightmare monster with the dream in a balloon he has. Interesting that Domeki doesn’t want to remember Yuko while Watanuki remembers her visibly. All in all, a nice ODA.

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I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been distracted lately with health issues. I’m fine, it’s just frustrating.

Now that Kimi ni Todoke season 2 is done, I am planning on going back to work on Perrine Monogatari. If I am lucky I will finish that before summer season because . . .

. . . Natsume Yuu-jin Chou is getting a third season!!! Natsume Yuu-jin Chou San. I am very excited^^;

When Perrine is done I will probably do Little Princess Sara. I am looking forward to it:)

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