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In this volume we revisit some past characters. Natsume helps a boy and befriends him along with Taki, the girl who can draw circles that show Yokai. Things get complicated when Natori, the Yokai exorcist, shows up and says the boy is a Yokai . . . This story takes three whole chapters. It is so nice to have such a long story and to have different parts of Natsume’s life starting to converge. Speaking of which, we also get three specials. One is of the fox-kid who Natsume befriended who decides to go and pay his hero a visit. Another is the story of how the Yokai Hinoe met Reiko and went from being a Reiko hater to a Reiko fan. Then we finish up with a rather sweet story that has nothing to do with Natsume. It is a romance between a teacher and a student. What I like especially is that the student keeps her feelings within bounds (though she does confess them) at least for now precisely because she truly does care for the teacher and does not want to cause trouble for him or jeopardize his job at all. She knows how hard he worked to become a teacher and what it means to him. Now that is true love.


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The first episode is “From Now On”.

Preparations are finished. Sawako even gives out a bit of advice on romance. The next day and it is the second half of the school festival. Everyone is excited for this, but Sawako is even more excited to talk with Kazehaya. I love everyone’s reaction to how Sawako looks. She is perfect for her part! She also admits at least some of her feelings. Kazehaya reciprocates very vocally. He at least is not afraid to let other people know how he feels^^; So we have the parade, which finishes in front of judges at the school. Sawako’s class gets high marks for their cafe the day previous, but because Pin had Sawako give the judges drinks they got disqualified for the float. Pin was very disappointed about this. After the parade while everyone is relaxing around bonfires Sawako and Kazehaya talk again. This time both make it clear that they like each other and in the romantic sense. Yay!

The second episode is “After the Festival”.

Everyone goes to an after-festival party, where Joe and another classmate impersonate Sawako and Kazehaya confessing to each other. Very embarrassing, but at least it is out now, and no one seems upset. After the party Kazehaya and Sawako are talking again when they are cornered by Pin. He tells Kazehaya to clearly ask Sawako to be his girlfriend, but then while Kazehaya does so Pin makes it sound like Kazehaya is asking her to marry him! Even Sawako knows that this is a joke, and Kazehaya does ask her to be his girlfriend^^; Yano, Yoshida, Kento, and Karumi see this. Sawako puts up lots of notes around her house so she believes it all happened the next day. At school everyone is talking about it. Once again Kazehaya and Sawako have to explain things to everyone – hopefully for the last time^^; However, the Kazehaya fan club are not pleased with this turn of events. . .

The third episode is “Important Person”.

Pin does have the worst timing. He interrupts Kazehaya and Sawako when they were talking and taking out the trash and drags Kazehaya off. Later, Kazehaya does admit that Pin made him think about a few things – but that doesn’t mean he likes Pin any better^^; Meanwhile, Sawako wants to talk to Kurumi and runs into the Kazehaya fan club instead. They are ready to bully her, saying how Sawako got Kazehaya with black magic. However, Kurumi stops them, sticking up for her rival. She makes them stop and think – hurting Sawako won’t make Kazehaya like them. They lost fair and square. She stalks off and Sawako goes after her. Before the fan girls can retaliate, Yano and Yoshida show up and talk more sense to them. It’s okay to cry, but why waste their lives pining for someone who doesn’t care for them? Sawako tells Kurumi she and Kazehaya are dating. Kurumi admits she couldn’t have admitted her feelings to Kazehaya without what Sawako said. After school Sawako and Kazehaya make plans for their first date – the planetarium! Cool idea! They are too cute together, and still are in the awkward stage. And Ryu confesses his feelings to Yoshida as an almost afterthouht^^;

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The first episode is “Reach”.

The good news in this episode is preparations for the school festival are going mostly well. Pin is even motivated now – the teacher whose class does the best gets to go out for some special sushi^^; The bad news is Kazehaya and Sawako are as awkward as ever. At least both Kento and Kurumi seem to be behaving for the moment. Then the big day arrives, and the Black Magic Cafe featuring fortune telling by Sawako is a big hit! People actually do leave better than the arrived. While on break, Kento tells Sawako that he now understands that Kazehaya is the only one who can make her smile or be upset. However, there is now a wall between them. Kento also talks to Kazehaya saying everything with him and Sawako is a misunderstanding, but Kazehaya says people have misunderstood Sawako for years – yet she still keeps trying her best. That is why he likes her. Sawako realizes she is the one who put the wall between herself and Kazehaya so at the end of the day when Ryu tells her Kazehaya is in their classroom she rushes off to talk with him.

The second episode is “Confession”.

Yay! Sawako finally admits her feelings to Kazehaya! At least enough that he is now convinced she likes him in a romantic way. She also thanks him for everything he has done for her. Joe is looking for Kazehaya. The good news, nothing could get the information on where Kazehaya is out of Ryu. The bad news is Pin is looking for Sawako, and when Yano and Yoshida tell him she already went home after he thinks of looking in the classroom, that puts in Joe’s mind the idea of looking in the classroom. So before Sawako and Kazehaya are done they are interrupted. Later while preparing for the parade the next day, Sawako tells Yano and Yoshida about it, when Pin finds her and grabs her. Sawako tells him she can’t look at Kazehaya without secret feelings any more. Pin tells her everyone has secret feelings and Kazehaya probably feels the same way. Realizing he was actually profound, Pin runs off to where the guys are finishing the float to grab Kazehaya and tell him the same thing^^; However, both Sawako and Kazehaya are now eager to talk more to each other about how they feel the next day.

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The first episode is “Favor and Imposition”.

The good news – Kento is no match for an upset Kazehaya. The bad news – just as he tells Sawako he likes her more guys come up and to save his reputation she says he just likes her as a friend. Kazehaya goes off. Sawako runs after him since they have unfinished business, but then Kazehaya decides that while they both “like” each other, it is a different kind of like. Not true, but Sawako can’t imagine someone like Kazehaya liking her romantically, and her signals to him are all wrong. They actually skip class. Pin tries to cheer Sawako up^^; Yano and Yoshida corner Kento who tries to act innocent, but you can’t put much over them. He does say a general direction outside for them to look. He is about to follow when Kurumi, who has heard some about what happened, makes him fess up. Yano and Yoshida find Sawako and chase Pin away. Sawako tells them what happened – and Yoshida is quite upset at how Sawako sees herself as too unworthy for Kazehaya, no matter how he shows that he feels differently. Yano goes off to calm her down, and Sawako is left to wonder if she really told Kazehaya how she feels.

The second episode is “Just Give Up”.

Now we have an episode in which both Kazehaya and Sawako go around thinking they were rejected. Ryu listens to Kazehaya, who says being rejected hurts a lot more than he thought it would. So does Kurumi who then dashes off to find Sawako and tell her off for hurting Kazehaya. At least Kurumi told him clearly how she felt, so Sawako is not worthy to be her rival. Later Pin runs into Kazehaya and tells him off for rejecting Sawako, but Kazehaya says he was the one who was rejected. Pin says that Kazehaya should just then forget about her. The next day people are talking. Sawako tries to clear it up, but it doesn’t come out right. All Yano and Yoshida can do is get Kento out of there before he can make things worse. They confront Kento, who confesses to his part in the mess. Karumi wanders by and Yano and Yoshida want to interrogate her too. She admits to her part in the Valentine’s Day disaster. Kento is surprised she likes Kazehaya and wonders if it would be good for him to get Sawako for himself, but this infuriates Karumi, who slaps him. She is mad to loose to a girl as week as Sawako. In the library, Sawako realizes she really hasn’t done anything herself up to this point about Kazehaya.

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