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The first episode is “Misunderstood”.

Sawako goes home worrying about what Kazehaya meant when he told her to forget about what he said earlier. Kento talks to Kazehaya and says he should leave Sawako alone. Now she is making friends, but if Kazehaya gives her too much attention, the other girls will be jealous and she will be an outcast again. Kazehaya just gets mad. When Kento asks if he has a girl he likes he answers yes. He runs into Yoshida. He tells her he thought he was the closest to Sawako, but Yoshida takes it the wrong way and says he is the farthest from her (not realizing that Sawako likes him). This only makes Kazehaya more depressed. The next day Sawako can barely greet Kazehaya and he can barely reply. Yano and Yoshida corner Sawako where she explains what he said the two previous days. After comforting her, Yano and Yoshida confer. They can’t intervene directly. Kazehaya hates interference and Yano wants Sawako to see herself as wonderful and worthy of Kazehaya’s attention. Yoshida realizes what she told Kazehaya the day before wasn’t too helpful, so now she is worried. In class, everyone loves Sawako’s study sessions, but they aren’t getting her any closer to Kazehaya.

The second episode is: “The Person I Like”.

At school, even Kurumi has noticed that something is going on with Sawako and Kazehaya – and not in a good way. It is Tohru’s wedding, and Yoshida is right in the middle of it. Yano helps her look presentable. It is time to start preparing for the school festival, and Sawako’s class decide to do a spooky cafe Sawako themed. They even want Sawako to act as a fortune-teller^^; Yoshida corners Ryu one night and tries to get him to help Kazehaya and Sawako with their misunderstanding. He doesn’t want to get involved, but he does say he will listen if Kazehaya talks. (Not that he is about to share any confidences with Yoshida^^;) The next day Ryu does ask Kazehaya if he has confessed to Sawako. With some teasing from Pin, Kazehaya goes to confess. Meanwhile, Kento is with Sawako in her garden. He tells her that Kazehaya was just being nice because she was an outcast but he as someone else he likes. This is heartbreaking to Sawako. I think even Kento was a bit taken aback by the strength of her emotions. He says he likes her and she can be with him. Okay, all is fair in love and war, but really Kento, timing. And of course that is when Kazehaya shows up . . .


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