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So in this latest volume, Sawako makes plans to spend some time with her friends on New Years Eve. However, when Yano and Yoshida find out that is also her birthday, they make plans of their own – to get Sawako and Kazehaya together! Making Sawako as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside is the easy part. Keeping classmates who might frighten the two lovebirds away is another matter entirely, and lets not forget Pin! However, when school starts again the seating assignments are rearranged and since she is no longer sitting by Kazehaya, Sawako is feeling more distant from him. Valentines Day is the perfect time to remedy this, but can Sawako give Kazehaya chocolates?


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Heartcatch Precure Final Thoughts

When Tsubame has a strange dream of Cure Moonlight, little does she know she will be the next Precure! She has recently moved, and she just wants to get beyond her normal, shy self.

First of all, this is a kids show, so it is very bright and cute – usually. But it is gorgeous! And just because this is a kids show means it is not serious in doing it’s job. All the main characters are well developed and all act like their age. We even get enough time to see them having hobbies and a normal life while they are not busy saving the world. And these characters grow and change. Even the side characters are interesting. The story is well developed, slowly progressing along, though it doesn’t feel slow. Yes, it often uses the monster of the week¬†strategy, but not always, and it is always done in such a way that a character grows or comes to a new realization. And the story is not afraid to go to dark places. The truth behind the three generals, Cure Moonlight’s tragic past and tragic culmination, those are things that some kids shows would dare to explore. Over all, if you like mahou shoujo, you will probably like Heartcatch Precure!

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Aria Manga #6

Yes, shocking I know, they actually released another volume! Just six more to go. Will we make it? ;_;

So first we start with a visit by Athena to Aria Company to visit with Alicia. It seems Alicia, Akira, and Athena used to train together similar to the way Akari, Aika, and Alice do now. Very cute to see them as younger versions of themselves^^; Next, Akari gets her first commission: to transport some Venetian glass. In the next story, Alicia has a rather unusual way of helping Akari understand who she is better. Then Alice finds a stray cat she wants to keep even though pets aren’t allowed in the dormitories of Orange Planet Company . . . Akari and Priesident Aria have an encounter with the Galaxy Express. Finally, President Aria finds a way to enter a parallel dimension!

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Kimi ni Todoke 2 #3

This week’s episode (sort of) is: Forget.

So in this episode, both Sawako and Kazehaya are feeling a bit blue. Sawako couldn’t manage to even open her mouth, let alone try to explain her feelings to Kazehaya earlier, and Kazehaya (as he later tells Ryu) is getting impatient. He is afraid that someone else (aka Kento) will see the wonderful person inside Sawako and decide to go after her themselves. This is not an unfounded fear since Kento seems to have made it his mission to get Sawako’s attention. At any rate, he is trying to get her to be more relaxed around other people. Yano has noticed them and when she confronts Kento about it, he promises his intent is not to hurt Sawako. However, when he hears how Sawako’s notes helped the class last year, he volunteers her to give an extra lesson after class. Sawako is happy that anyone showed up, but Kazehaya talked to lots of class members to get them to come. The thing is, Sawako really is good at teaching when she forgets herself and enjoys it too. After class, Kazehaya and Sawako talk again. She thanks Kazehaya for his help. He then tells her to forget what he told her last episode, since as impatient as he is he really does care enough not to pressure her. He leaves again before Sawako can respond. And who should be waiting for Kazehaya as he is leaving but Kento . . .

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