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Hikaru no Go Manga #22

So the Hokuto Cup games are about to begin. When Hikaru tells Hong Suyong (who he once played) what his teammate Ko Yong Ha said about Japanese Go and Shuzaku. Suyong is sure it is a misunderstanding. Indeed it is, but Yong Ha decides to play up the misunderstanding to get Hikaru riled. And that is just what happens. Hikaru desperately wants to play Yong Ha himself, but Yong Ha will clearly be the first player for Korea. It turns out that Japan plays China first then China plays Korea, leaving the game between Japan and Korea for last. Kurata does agree to base his decision on who will play first in the game against Korea on how well does in the game against China. Unfortunately, Hikaru is so riled up he can’t play as he usually does. Can he come back from behind to beat his opponent from China?


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Kimi ni Todoke 2 #2

This week’s episode is: Sophomore.

It is the start of a new school year, and most of the people from Sawako’s class are still together, which makes everyone happy. It seems Yano tried to bribe Pin to make this happens, but there are unexpected depths to Pin – he knows how important this time of life is to them and the friendships they make. And Yoshida  and Ryu seem on good terms still. Anyway, things are still awkward between Sawako and Kazehaya. They still don’t sit together, and a new, very out going guy named Kento who we saw in the hall last episode is in the class. And it seems he is determined to get Sawako’s attention. I’m not sure she likes it. Kazehaya definitely doesn’t like it. Kento is class rep, and Sawako is in charge of the garden. Kazehaya decides to stay behind and talk with Sawako. Yano talks with Kazehaya and offers to run interference with Sawako, but he refuses. Kazehaya does talk with Sawako and he says he though he was the first guy (outside of family clearly) in her life but that was conceded on his part. Sawako can’t reply to this so he apologizes and leaves, but the problem isn’t that Sawako doesn’t like him – the problem is that she does and doesn’t know what to do about it. She also is afraid he won’t return her feelings. Kento sees this, and I think it pleases him.

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This week’s episode is: The boy from downtown Paris.

Perrine is sad. It seems she and her mother have no choice but to sell their donkey. The horse fair will be in two or three days. Also, while her mother is looking better, she has developed a cough. The nice old lady convinces Perrine’s other next door neighbor, a cobbler, to give Perrine’s mother some of his famous soup, even though usually he is reluctant about such things. The doctor comes and while he does agree Perrine’s mother is doing a bit better, she is a long way from being able to walk again and is still very ill. Perrine goes out to buy some more medicine and food after haggling with the gate keeper, who is as stingy as ever. The cobbler makes the gate keeper feel a bit ashamed. Marcel wants to spend the day helping Perrine, but his father insists on his practicing his routine first since their first performance is the next day. After, Marcel makes good his escape and goes to visit Perrine and her mother. He makes Perrine laugh and he shows her using the donkey his act. This catches everyone’s attention. The donkey notices the gate keeper’s wine and tries to get some, making everyone laugh.

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Kimi ni Todoke 2 #1

This week’s episode is: Valentine.

Poor Sawako. It seems the class changed seats after New Years and now she sits by at least some new people – and Kazehaya is no longer sits by her. Sawako makes homemade chocolate for a lot of people. She is happy she can talk with more people now, but she feels more distant from Kazehaya. She gives out most of her chocolate, but is too nervous to give the one she made for Kazehaya. Yano and Yoshida make a strategic exit, but Kazehaya gets captured by Pin. Then just as Sawako is about to give her chocolates to Kazehaya, Kurumi gives hers to him and he accepts them. He doesn’t accept all of them – only the obligation ones. And Kurumi’s since he already rejected her. Kurumi plays on Sawako’s fears – will Kazehaya reject hers? Are they more than obligation chocolates? Sawako ends up not giving him the chocolates, which disappoints Kazehaya. And a boy from another class takes notice of Sawako . . .

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This week’s episode is: Simon, the old man.

The bad news is Perrine and her mother are almost out of money again. Still, they do have enough for a doctor. Perrine gets one to come. He wants the mother in a hospital. At the very least, he wants her out of the wagon. Perrine gets her mother medication and that is all they have. She finds Marcel and he comes over to help. He feels the gate-keeper is a bit stingy but basically a good guy. Perrine talks with him and he agrees to buy the wagon and camera, though not for as much as Perrine would like. The donkey would sell more and Perrine does ask where she could sell him, but I feel she is hesitant to part with him. The gate-keeper also has a place to rent. It is filthy so he does give Perrine a bit of a discount for cleaning it with Marcel. The nice old lady stops by to see what is going on. Perrine and her mother move into the room. But how long can they last like this?

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Poor Natsume, even when he thinks his life is becoming normal Yokai keep intruding. First, he goes on a study vacation with two classmates, only to find a mermaid at the place they are staying. I don’t say that the attitude most Yokai have towards humans is the best, but this chapter makes it understandable. The next two chapters features a girl named Tooru who knows how to draw circles that show Yokai to people with any power at all. This led her to see a Yokai and be cursed by him. Natsume gets into some trouble himself trying to help her break the curse. Then we have a chapter that shows Natsume’s foster father knew Reiko when he was little and she helped him with a Yokai problem (not that he knew what it was). When the same problem starts happening again, it is up to Natsume to stop history from repeating itself. This one is interesting because we get a bit more about Reiko than usual. Finally, the special chapter features Natsume’s hesitant friendship with Tanuma who can’t see Yokai but can sense them. Interesting how even though they are similar there is still a barrier between them.

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Kimi ni Todoke 2 #0

This week’s episode is: Unrequited Love.

This episode is also basically a recap. What makes it interesting is we see key events from the first season from Kurumi’s point of view. One key scene that is not shown is the fact that Kurumi was behind the vicious rumors about Sawako. Well, however Kururmi justifies her actions, that doesn’t mean she is proud of them. It seems it is now almost Valentines Day and Kurumi is planning on giving Kazehaya chocolate, even though she knows he doesn’t care for her the way she wants.

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