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Yes, it is that time of the year again – a time to contemplate your blessings as you eat lots of wonderful food and enjoy you family. Given all the family that will be around, I am not planning on being able to do much more blogging this week, or watching anime. I may get around to watching Letter Bee and Saiunkoku Monogatari, but even those I’m afraid I would not count on.

So in the mean time, I wish everyone in the United States a happy Thanksgiving. And no matter where you live, this is a good time to stop and think about what you are thankful for. For one thing, I am very thankful for my family, and I intend to tell them so many times this week. I am also thankful for everyone who reads my blog. I truly appreciate your support.

Happy Thanksgiving! And everyone have a great week!


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Tsubasa Manga #28

Well, it is finally over. All the secrets are all revealed. All stops are pulled. Yuko is gone. Fei-Wong puts all on the line to fulfill his wish. Of course, nothing goes exactly the way anyone planned. We finally find out who the parents are of the original Syaoran, the one Fei-Wong kept captive for all those years. The girls from Magic Knight Rayearth make a cameo, and even the Sakura from Card Captor Sakura (and yes, she is a completely different one from Tsubasa Sakura and clone Sakura . . . everyone keeping track of all the Syaorans and Sakuras here?) has a small but important role to play. In the end, of course, Fei Wong is defeated and the worlds from all the dimensions are saved, but not entirely, and there is a heavy price to pay for everything that has happened and will happen. One journey ends, another begins.

Some final thoughts. Of course it is CLAMP, so everything in the end does make sense. The ending is sad, but hopeful so it is an ending I can live with. I am sorry not to have a conclusion to everything going on between Kamui/Subaru and Fuuma/Seishiro. Hopefully, when everything finally concludes in Xxxholic we will at least be told what happens with them. Oh, and while Clow certainly didn’t intend for anything bad to happen, you can blame everything on him. It gives new meaning to what Kero said, that Clow had his problems too . . . Of course, Clow, being the kind of person he is, then does everything he can to set things on a path that would make things right in conjunction with Yuuko, but yeah, everything that happened here is basically his fault. Poor Clow, to have so much power a subconscious wish becomes reality . . .

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This week’s episode is: In a beautiful country.

So Perrine and her mother have crossed the Alps! The whole party is exhausted, especially Perrine’s mother. She seems to be recovering more slowly as well. Perrine hears from the innkeeper that France is probably a week away now. Perrine is anxious to get there, but she doesn’t want her mother to push herself too hard. While they stop for a rest and Perrine gets some water, she spies some flowers she wants to get for her mother. The flowers are up a bit of a cliff. Yep, Perrine ends up tumbling off and hurts one of her ankles. Perrine feels terribly guilty because now her mother has to do almost everything, certainly the heaviest chores. Perrine’s mother lets her know that she is worried but that she doesn’t blame Perrine for getting hurt. Perrine just needs to be more careful and think a bit more first next time. She makes a poultice for Perrine’s foot. They reach a small village, but there is no doctor there. They are unable to reach the next town where there is a doctor that day. Perrine develops a fever, but it goes away later on. The next day, they do reach the town and see the doctor. Thankfully, Perrine’s foot is only sprained, not broken. One week of hardly any walking for Perrine. She is still good at attracting a crowd for getting their photograph taken, though!

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Sugar Sugar Rune #6

This week’s episode is: Aim at the Heart! Fencing of Love.

While Chocolate and Vanilla are out shopping with Robin one day, they happen to pass by a fencing studio where a lovely lady is busy winning her match. After the match, she captures tons of hearts. Yep, she’s a witch named Sarah. Robin even knows her, though he seems very nervous about her sword. Turns out Robin has a phobia for pointy things like swords^^; This inspires Chocolate – here is a witch who is not meek and mild yet gets lots of hearts. Chocolate decides to take up fencing. Only one problem – Pierre is the head of the fencing club at school and Chocolate and Vanilla are too young to join, being in elementary school still, not junior high like Pierre is. Pierre says they will have a match in one week. He will fight with his left and and fight both Chocolate and Vanilla at the same time. If they can score one point on him, he will allow them to join the fencing club. Chocolate is excited and starts training immediately with the distant help of Robin. Interestingly enough, Vanilla takes the training more serious, going home early and staying up late to practice. Chocolate gets cornered by the Pierre fan club who gang up on her with swords. Chocolate turns herself into stone. I don’t think that is quite the effect Chocolate was going for, but the girls run away so it has the desired effect. Pierre seems to have seen this incident. He also tells Chocolate if she wins he will give her a kiss. Chocolate goes home and it is suggested that she and Vanilla practice against each other. Vanilla wins. Chocolate runs inside. Vanilla says she’s been training so hard so she won’t be a burden to Chocolate. Chocolate says with her lazy, care-free attitude she is a burden to Vanilla. The day of the match comes. Vanilla has sprained her wrist with too much practicing so she can’t participate. Everyone is there to watch.  The Pierre fan club president Yurika agrees to be the judge. Chocolate does her best, but even with everyone cheering her on she can’t score a point on Pierre. After the match, everyone cheers Chocolate anyway and she collects lots of hearts. Chocolate doesn’t get it. Vanilla says it is because Chocolate did her best. Pierre corners them and tries to give a kiss to Chocolate. Vanilla is worried since Chocolate’s heart is glowing orange. However, Chocolate tells Pierre he can kiss her when she legitimately wins against him.

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Hikaru no Go Manga #21

In volume 21, the three players from Japan for the junior international Go tournament is decided: Akira, Hikaru, and Yashiro will be representing Japan. Everyone is excited. Meanwhile, the former Meijin is making waves in China playing Go and having a great time doing it. He also plans on doing the same in Korea now. A reporter from Go Weekly goes to Korea and stops by the Korean Go Institute. Things do not go well there, and he ends up leaving with the impression that the first player for Korea in the Hokuto Cup has insulted Japanese Go and Shuzaku. When Hikaru hears about this, he is quite mad, knowing that Sai was the one who really played for Suzaku. But there is little time to hold resentments. The three players for Japan give it there all preparing, with Kurata’s help, for the Hokuto Cup.

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This week’s episode is: Crossing the Alps.

Perrine and her mother stop at an inn for the evening. It is raining and the boy who takes their donkey to look after says the rain will stop by noon the next day. It turns out the boy is from a nearby village and knows the area well. When he hears they plan to cross the Alps using their donkey, he is concerned. The next day he asks for his picture to be taken. It turns out, though, that he can’t pay. The mistress of the inn won’t pay him forward so he can’t pay for the picture. Our travelers give it to him anyway. He gives a package for them to deliver to his parents on their way. It is very tough going. They get to an inn, but there is no room there. The next day is at least as hard. They get to the boy’s village, but the parents are not home. A sibling is so they leave the package there. Later, Perrine and her mother are going through fog (or maybe clouds – they are certainly high enough) and get stuck. Perrine’s mother comes up with the idea of going forward  loading the camera and food on the donkey and leaving the wagon behind. Fortunately, a man on a horse finds them. He is the boys father and he came to help them. He gets them unstuck and with both the donkey and his horse pulling the wagon they are able to get past the worst part. He came because with the package (that held the boy’s picture) was a letter describing how Perrine and her mother had helped them. The man refuses payment for helping them. The worst of the road seems to be behind our travelers. They are now in Switzerland.

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This week’s episode is: Dokidoki, Harahara!! The Family Visit.

At school, Vanilla continues to do well scholastically and in collecting hearts. Chocolate – not so much. Their teacher decides her two new pupils need a home visit from her. Really, she just wants to see Rockin’ Robin. One of the girls at school is into fortune telling and tells Chocolate she has a really good horoscope for the day. Chocolate doesn’t believe in human horoscopes. She and Vanilla do get cornered by the teacher and are told she is coming over the next day. When they tell Robin, he is quite amenable, so the next day they tell the teacher she can come over. Unfortunately, when the two girls get home Robin is no where to be found. He pops in long enough to say he is busy being a superstar and will be late. In preparing for their guest, Chocolate finds a talking fortune book from the magical world. This Chocolate trusts to tell an accurate fortune. It says to use the power of those around her and she will be successful. The teacher comes, but soon finds Bianca having tea with some other mice. Vanilla hides them, turning the other mice into cups to keep them quiet, while Chocolate does some fast talking. Then the teacher spots Duke asking a girl frog on a date and this time it is Chocolate’s turn to sneak them out while Vanilla makes excuses. Chocolate decides to use Bianca and Duke’s power to help. First Bianca goes in as Robin, but she starts spouting off about how bad Chocolate is. Duke comes in next and starts saying how wonderful Chocolate is. Soon there are two Robins fighting. Chocolate tries to distract the teacher with a cup, but it is one of the mice Vanilla turned into a cup. Into this confusion Robin steps in and sets things right and the teacher has a wonderful time. Though Duke manages to get the last laugh by giving the teacher in Robin guise his autograph^^;

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