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Cross Game #46

Today’s episode is: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This.

Aoba and Osamu visit Akane in the hospital. Akane has one more test left, but surgery is very likely. Kou hasn’t visited Akane yet, claiming he doesn’t want to see Akane there. However, she did promise to go out on a date with Kou after the tournament. When Azuma asks Kou, Kou says since he can’t do anything he is staying away. If he could do something for Akane, he would do anything, even if it meant missing the Koushein. The guys go watch their rivals at their next game. The team the rivals is playing has no hope, but is smart in the way they play, keeping the game from being called at least. Nanashi is a bit envious at the depth of the rival team, but Kou isn’t worried. The next team Seisho is up against for the quarter-finals is a team that has always won by one point, coming back in the last innings. The coach is worried. Senda starts things off well, hitting a home run. (Finally, his little moment of glory! And he has worked hard so he does deserve it.) Kou lets one homer through as well. Then Seisho starts starts getting struck out. Osamu finally seems to be over his slump, since Akane told him she would consider it her fault if he did get into a slump and they lost because of that. He hits a second homer. The coach is still worried, but Aoba has trained Kou well, and Azuma’s brother has trained the batters well. They are swinging in spite of everything. Before their opponent knows it, they are at the final innings, but Kou has only let the one pitch through, while all the good batting has given Seisho more points in the long run. Seisho ends up winning. Osamu ends up getting two home runs. Osamu wants to give Akane the ball from the game, but Kou says he is finally going to see her so he ends up giving Akane the ball. He then asks her when her surgery will be.


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Cross Game #45

Today’s episode is: That’s My Line!

Oh, Mizuki, Mizuki. He is hoping that Seisho looses soon and does not go all the way to the Koushein because he wants to plan a summer camping trip for Aoba’s family. But Kou and team keep winning. One game Kou manages to strike out everyone just in time to win the game as a huge rainstorm starts. Osamu tells Kou he was pushing it too much. Still, Kou can tell he’s pitching faster, and the others concur. When he asks Aoba, she says it’s because he is stepping farther. The next game, Kou manages to pitch even faster, though he gives up some control. Not that it matters, since very few could hit a ball at the speeds he is going, though he hasn’t quite made his goal yet of 160 kph or 100 mph. However, Akane, Kou, and Osamu start worrying about Akane since she hasn’t shown up at several games where she said she would come and cheer them on, and she also hasn’t shown up to work. Eventually Osamu finds out (and he tells the others) that Akane is in the hospital, apparently undergoing some tests. The rival pitcher and batter have been watching Seisho’s games. They figure their school has more depth, but they don’t have an ace catcher like they do. And then the next game Osamu proves them wrong by being distracted over Akane. Fortunately, Azuma and Kou are in top form, Azuma getting a home run and Kou only letting one pitch through. Kou has even learned to control his pitch again without sacrificing his new speed. Akane says Kou may not look like it but he works harder than anyone, which surprises Aoba who is visiting her in the hospital since Wakaba once said the same thing. Kou tries to explain Aoba to reporters, but fails miserably.

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Cross Game #44

Today’s episode is: A Careless Pitch…?

Aoba doesn’t seem to understand how popular she is. When Aoba says her only good points are related to baseball, Azuma tells her she needs to recognize her other good points. When Aoba asks Kou about her good points, he first says ones related to baseball, and then says sometimes when you’re too close to a person you can’t see them clearly. Right before the next game, Azuma and then Kou are cheered by all. Poor Senda isn’t recognized. It is interesting. The good player uses an opposite strategy from Kou who likes to strike out as much as he can. This pitcher will walk or allow to bunt all the strongest, dangerous players (he knows better than to let Azuma or Kou anywhere near the ball), and then with bases loaded or nearly loaded he strikes out the rest of the players. He does admit to Azuma that maybe he transfered too soon. That doesn’t stop him from playing his best. Same with Kou. Then the ninth inning comes with no points yet. However, one of the second-years who perhaps was discounted manages to hit a home-run bringing two others in with him, which shows the danger of such a strategy. The other team didn’t know about Aoba’s influence, not just on Kou’s pitching but on the second-years as well.  But Kou lets through one pitch at the end as well to this ace. However, in this case since no one else was on base the final score is 3-1. The only one mad with Kou for letting through that final pitch is Aoba^^;

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Hikaru no Go #43

This week’s episode is: Hikaru Vs. Waya.

As Hikaru prepares for his final two matches, Sai reminisces about the time he has spent with Hikaru. Sai is also troubled by the thought that there is no guarantee that after Hikaru he will find another host. Well, the day to play the second to the last game has come. Hikaru will face Waya. Morishita 9-dan, their teacher, has been helping Waya prepare as well, and has also threatened to refuse to be Waya’s teacher anymore if he doesn’t pass the pro exam. His daughter, in the mean time, wants Waya to treat her if he wins^^; So the games begin. Ochi has already passed with only one loss. Waya has two and Hikaru has three losses. Honda and Izumi have four. Depending on the last two games, any two could pass with Ochi. There is a new teacher there this time. He remembers Hikaru from when Hikaru inadvertently interrupted a game. He is impressed that Hikaru is already trying to become a pro. Sai is troubled by this, but decides during this time at least to focus on Hikaru. And it is needed. Waya is a tough opponent who knows if he wins he will definitely pass. Hikaru is black, Waya is white. They get to a point in the game where they are fighting over a particular point in the board. Hikaru places his stone in the middle of Waya’s territory. They both know if that stone “lives”, Hikaru will win. If it “dies”, Waya will win. Waya plays well and has Hikaru covered. Hikaru keeps looking for a way to keep himself in that area “alive”, but can’t see it . . .

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Cross Game #43

Today’s episode is: Same As Ever…

So Azuma’s brother and Aoba run into the old coach on their way back from scouting Seisho’s first opponent. The old coach is as arrogant as ever, even offering to let the two observe his team, but Azuma’s brother and Aoba decline, wanting to concentrate on their first opponent for now. As they say, it is entirely possible that Seisho won’t end up playing the old coach’s new team. It also seems that Azuma’s brother argued against Azuma playing for that old coach, knowing what he was like. The old baseball manager, the one who is now an actress, seems she is pretty successful. She never gets the main part, but she is doing well in colorful secondary parts and is getting noticed. She comes back to Seisho to do a photo shoot. When it is suggested that she pose around the baseball diamond since she was the former manager, she refuses, knowing that the first game is the next day. It seems all the second years have a thing for Aoba, and they all ask her for a date based on their performance the next day. Azuma joins in as well, but Kou asks to be excused from dating her if he strikes out ten batters. The game is called after five innings. I don’t think the other team scored one point. The old coach seeing how poorly the other team did still isn’t worried about Seisho. Kou went all out in his pitching, and is the only one to reach the goal he told Aoba. Aoba suggests that going all out in an obviously easy win like this may not be the wisest course. Next, it is the old coach’s new team against another team that seems to have basically built by the player the old coach chased away. (His new coach is a social science teacher who is a baseball enthusiast. Lots of enthusiasm, but no one to compare with Seisho’s current coach.) That player is now a formidable pitcher and batter and the old coach ends up loosing that game. It was fairly close too, but the old coach refused to use his ace pitcher against a no-name school. Kou, Osamu, and Azuma watch the game and Azuma (naturally) remembers his former teammate. Seisho plays the old teammate’s new team next.

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This week’s episode is: Haunted House.

Great-Aunt Nancy has herd about Emily and asks for a photo. The photo taking process isn’t exactly comfortable for Emily, and she doesn’t like the result. She sends  sketch Teddy did of her that he gave instead, stipulating that she wants it back. After this, Great-Aunt Nancy decides to invite Emily to stay for a bit during the summer. Emily doesn’t like this idea. She likes it even less when Ilse tells her the house is haunted and that Caroline who is Great-Aunt Nancy’s companion and servant is a witch. The first night doesn’t go at all well – Caroline may not be a witch, but she is spooky (would not surprise me to learn this is deliberate), though Great-Aunt Nancy doesn’t seem too bad. However, after Emily goes to bed she hears sounds in her room all night. Emily is in tears by the next morning and insists on going back to New Moon. Eventually Aunt Nancy realizes that the noises were real – birds coming from a chimney that lets out in to the room Emily was in. Aunt Nancy apologizes and things go on better after that. Great-Aunt Nancy lets Emily do just about whatever she pleases, and there are many interesting things to look at. One is a gazing ball which Aunt-Nancy promises to Emily after she dies. Another is a gorgeous vase which is an old heirloom from the Priest family, Great-Aunt Nancy’s in-laws. Emily accidentally knocks the vase over one day and she hides the evidence. Eventually she works up the courage to confess to Great-Aunt Nancy, but she justs laughs. Now if it were a Murry heirloom that would be a different matter, but it seems she doesn’t much care for anything from the Priest side, and the Priests have been pestering her about that vase for years.

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Cross Game #42

Today’s episode is: Every Summer.

So our baseball team is about ready for summer camp. They have one off-day before. On that day, Aoba’s oldest sister goes off with Azuma’s brother to meet the future in-laws. Older brother is quite nervous. Aoba goes off shopping and Akane is working on a painting, so that leaves Mizuki in charge of the store^^; Kou ends up playing catch with Momiji, then meets Osamu to practice in the place where they used to secretly practice before high school. Senda comes over to the batting cages to practice and finds Azuma already there. Azuma gives him some good batting advice, but even though he remembers Senda now he doesn’t get his name right. Senda just can’t win^^; Nanashi ends up watching his girlfriend at a track meet. She comes in fourth place, which means her year is over, as is her running career since it is her senior year. So Nanashi promises to go to the Koushein for her. The Seisho manager ends up spying on their rival, which both she and the ace batter there take in good humor. The day before, Aoba found Akane at the station not doing so well. Akane quickly got over it, but it brings home the fact of her sickly childhood. On the off day, Aoba runs into the lady batter who is so good and the two play. And the second years on the baseball team end up vowing to do their best for their seniors, though one has to wonder how much they are motivated by their seniors and how much they are motivated by Aoba.

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