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Yep, I finally finished this series^^; The device of connecting these two very different detectives through Maybelle actually works better than you might initially think. After all, having Poirot employ Maybelle as an assistant and having Miss Marple be her great-aunt gives Maybelle plenty of incentive to be around both. The one slight drawback is that making Maybelle Poirot’s assistant does decrease the significance of Hastings. The characters don’t grow very much, even Maybelle only grows a little, but you watch because the characters are charming anyway. Being an affectionando of  the PBS version of Poirot, I must say that this anime doesn’t hold up quite so well, but it’s a difficult act to improve upon. This anime is still well done and enjoyable if you want something light. Yeah, most (though not all) the mysteries are murder mysteries, but they are all extremely tastefully done. Who knew that Poirot and Marple could look so cute?

My final rating: 4/5 for being a cute version of some of my favorite detectives.


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This week’s episode is: The Violent Counterattack.

Oh, boy. Yeah, this is a very appropriate title. Father tries creating more philosopher’s stones from humans, but Hoenheim stops him. Hoenheim, Al, May Chang, and Izumi are some of the first to confront Father. Ed soon joins them as well now that his business with Pride is done. All ruins his armor in protecting May Chang. Hoenheim is seriously wounded by protecting Ed and Izumi. Father starts making philosopher’s stones from Ed and Izumi. That is when the soldiers of Briggs get involved, giving the others cover. In the mean time, Greed rounds up everyone still uninjured enough to count. Oliveira is left behind, much to her disgust. Alex, Lan Fan, and the chimeiras go. So do Mustang and Hawkeye. Alone they can’t do anything, but together, they are a formidable opponent. Gotta love Hawkeye giving Mustang precise directions on where to aim his fire. Yeah, if I were the Briggs soldiers, I would duck too. But even with all that, while it is clear that Father is loosing power and loosing control of “God”, he is lasting a bit too long. Ed’s automail arm is broken and his real arm is pinned, leaving him helpless against Father. Al, knowing there is nothing more he can do in his position, asks May Chang to help him get to the door of truth again. By sacrificing himself, Al gets Ed’s arm back just in time for an extremely upset Ed to start pounding on Father who is now very low on power. Al’s body and soul are finally reunited, but will they ever get back to the real world?

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Cross Game #30

Today’s episode is: Wakaba.

So while Kou and Azuma meet a girl who looks exactly like Wakaba, the cat knocks over Wakaba’s picture. Aoba picks it up and that causes her to think about her sister as well. The rest of the episode is flashback. We’ve seen most if not all of it: Wakaba’s relationship with Kou, her making a birthday list of things for Kou to get her, telling Aoba not to underestimate Kou, Wakaba watching Kou play baseball for fun, Wakaba giving Kou the list of the exercises Aoba does, Wakaba’s dream, and Wakaba’s death and funeral. No wonder Aoba doesn’t want to get too close to Kou – she feels like that would be encroaching on Wakaba’s territory. But how will Kou (and Osamu) react to a girl who looks exactly like Wakaba?

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Heartcatch Precure

Everything starts with a battle between Dark Precure and Precure Moonlight . . .

Tsubame is an ordinary girl who is rather shy. She hopes moving will give her a fresh start. It does, though not in the way she expected . . . Tsubame has been having dreams of Precure Moonlight, and soon finds herself becoming a Precure herself and getting right in the middle of the Precure conflict. The main duty of a Precure is to protect the Heart Tree from the Desert Apostles who want to turn the whole world into a wasteland. Tsubame is helped in this task by a very energetic and slightly loud girl named Erika, who also becomes a Precure.

The visuals are very, very shiny and bright. Actually, it is interesting that normal life is dulled slightly and Precure life is the brightest part. The visuals aren’t overly sophisticated, but still well done though some might say they are a bit childish. There are sundry transformations and attacks. But what really makes this show so far are two things. First, Tsubame and Erika’s relationship (actually, all the relationships). Second, especially Tsubame’s reactions are very realistic. How many times already has the look on Tsubame’s face said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. How did I get mixed up with this again?” Yeah, a key part of the reactions are the facial expressions. Unless you really like bright colors and sparkles and flowers, don’t watch this for the mahou shoujo aspect. do watch this for the character development and relationships:)

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News and Poll

Well, I was going to save this for the weekend, but since it Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama aren’t out yet this week, I’ll get this out of the way now:)

First of all, I signed up for a class this next week, which means I am going to be pressed for time. I know we just started doing Cross Game daily, but this class means I need to take a week off from daily anime. I should still be able to do my weekly anime, and I’m planning on being back doing Cross Game in two weeks. I’ll still do an episode tomorrow, though. Thanks for being understanding.

For the summer anime season, nothing looks too inspiring thus far so I have no particular plans to pick up another anime.

To make up for this, I’ll be doing Heartcatch Precure, which I have seen the first two episodes of. This one I’ll be doing first thoughts and final thoughts. Very shiny, and I mean that in both senses of the word^^;

Finally, I wouldn’t do this immediately, but I am curious for my readers’ opinions.  I know that Avatar: The Last Airbender is not strictly speaking an anime, but who would like me to blog each episode someday? It is worthy of being blogged, but I wonder how many would actually like me to blog it. So . . .

Let your voice be heard!

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Cross Game #29

Today’s episode is: Who!?

The bottom of the ninth, and while the ace batter manages to hit Kou’s ball, Kou catches it. Now it is down to extra innings. The only problem is that between the force of the pitch and the force of the return hit, Kou’s left hand is now numb. Kou manages to get on base against the ace batter, but the others strike out. Kou manages then to get two strikes, but then fails to catch a hit back at himself from the other team’s ace pitcher thanks to his numb hand. Aoba remembers Kou saying indirectly that she reminds him of Wakaba so she ends up smiling at him instead of yelling after the game, especially since Kou did the best he could. Because of that and because it was an amazing game, no one is really upset with Kou. The ace batter tells his coach that with a game like that, they better get to the Koushien. And indeed that team does. Because the ace pitcher and hitter are both second years, playing that team is not going to be easier the following year, but the same could be said for Kou’s team. Someone is putting up a new building next to Kou’s house/family store, and the construction noise is driving him crazy. Azuma’s brother is now officially going out with Aoba’s oldest sister^^; Azuma says he doesn’t care so much about the Koushien anymore. He would rather fulfill Wakaba’s last dream for Kou. Kou and Azuma return home late. Azuma asks what the new building will be but Kou doesn’t know. A voice answers that it is going to be a soba shop. The speaker is a girl that looks exactly like Wakaba . . .

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Oh, Ami, Ami . . . ^^;

The girls are in the midst of studying for high school entrance exams. Ami is always a whip-cracker for studying, but she starts to get especially worried when someone who signs themselves Mercurious (Ami naturally signs herself as Mercury) starts getting perfect scores consistently – just like Ami does. Ami decides to study her heart out and beat him (she’s decided it’s a guy) at his own game. She studies and studies, goes to cram school and extra classes, and studies some more. The other scouts think this must be Ami’s first love for her to be reacting this way. They start to worry when even by Ami’s standards she starts overdoing things. So I guess it’s no surprise that Ami is susceptible to a monster named Bonnone who punishes the unstudious who are distracted by love, sending love notes (to which Ami is allergic) and sucking out information from the brain. Little does this monster realize who she’s dealing with^^; No one studies harder than Ami and she shows her love through her study. She manages to pull herself together, transform, and with Usagi, Chibi-Usa and Mamoru watching, she destroys the monster who she decides is Mercurious (she’s not). Later, Ami is dismayed yet energized to see that Mercurious is still around, pulling perfect scores. The other Scouts did some investigating and through Umino Usagi found that Mercurious is practically a Umino clone. Not like the young Einstein Ami was envisioning^^; The Scouts decide to keep the truth about Mercurious’ identity a secret^^;

What a fun way to end my Sailor Moon watching. Next up, Cross Game! Let’s finally finish this series! Look forward to it!

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