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Cross Game #27 & #28

The first episode is: . . . Possibly.

It is the day before the next game. Coach dismisses practice early. The lower classman  pitcher and batter for the team that will be played think they won’t get a chance to play. When Aoba’s rival comes over to practice batting, Aoba tells her that her high school might win. Aoba is very into cheering the next day. She leaves early. Mizuki shows up in good time. The two other sisters get a ride from Azuma’s brother. They are late. The two Dads stay at home to watch the game as they tend to be bad luck for the team they are going for when they watch in person. Even the former team manager listens in after a press conference. Kou manages to keep anyone from hitting at first, and Azuma manages to knock one out of the park. Let’s just say the opposing team really underestimated our heroes. The supposed ace of the other team does manage to get on base, but Kou strikes out everyone else. Eventually, the freshman batter asks the lower classman batter asks if he can be in the coaches box by first base.
The second episode is: We’ll finish it.
Well, the supposed ace hitter ends up breaking a finger while catching a ball, so he is out. The lower classman ends up hitting. Azuma and Kou and Osamu are right to be worried. He ends up hitting his own home run. Then The pitcher is changed out too. Kou is tiring. The two best batters bat in the ninth. They intensionally walk Asuma, and Osamu who is after strikes out. The batter manages to hit off Kou, but Kou catches it. We’re going into overtime!

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Kobato Manga #2

Well, Kobato has gotten the bottle she needs, but it still must be filled with the shards of broken hearts she has helped to heal. Kobato finds this is no easy task. Well, the way Kobato initially goes about it doesn’t help^^; Still Kobato finds a place to stay and even is given a futon. And Kobato gets a job as a helper at a nursery for kids. Sakaya is very nice, but seems to have some troubles involving a debt collector . . . And Fujimoto may be nice enough to kids, but he and Kobato get on each other’s nerves. Kobato wants to heal their hearts and save the nursery, but can she manage to do it?

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Yep, two episodes because they go together so well and to celebrate the weekend!

And guess who is back? Yep, Sailor Pluto, aka Meiou Setsuna! To celebrate, here are some pictures!

The first episode is: Death of Uranus and Neptune? The Coming of Talisman.

Eudal is under pressure. Not so much from the mad scientist, but from her co-workers. Mimete is particularly mean, leaving snails and mean notes in Eudal’s locker. Eudal creates a program to locate people who have talismans. She is surprised by the results.

Eudal calls Haruka and Michiru, knowing they are Uranus and Neptune. She informs them she has found some talismans (something the two have already sensed) and tells them where to meet her if they want a chance of getting the talismans for themselves. They naturally decide to go, but first they call Usagi to meet with her. They basically take Usagi’s transformation broach and tell her never to come near her again before taking off, no matter what Usagi says. A lady named Meiou Setsuna tells Usagi she is a friend of the two and that they are in danger. In spite of not having her transformation broach any more, Usagi begs her to tell where the two are going.

Michiru and Haruka arrive at the designated place. It is a trap, which is expected, but Michiru gets caught saving Haruka. Eudal tells Haruka that Michiru has a talisman, and so does she. Michiru manages to break free, and to protect herself Eudal uses her heart extraction gun. Michiru’s crystal heart does indeed turn into a talisman – a mirror. Usagi rushes in and surprises Eudal. Haruka returns the transformation broach and tells Usagi to find the last talisman, then uses the gun on herself. Her crystal heart appears, and it is a sword.

The second episode is: The Sacred Power of the Holy Grail. Moon’s second Transformation.

Before losing consciousness, Haruka tells Usagi that for a moment she looked like the Messiah. Usagi wants to return the crystal hearts to Michiru and Haruka, but doesn’t know how to. The other Scouts arrive. Rei says there is still a faint pulse. Eudal gets back, and uses her flame throwing machine to trap the Scouts. The Scouts are helpless against it and Eudal runs off. Tuxedo Kamen arrives with Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Usa turns her Luna-P ball into a fire extinguisher. The others run on ahead. Tuxedo Kamen stays behind to keep an eye on Michiru and Haruka. Eudal traps the Scouts in a sticky substance. Since Usagi was last, she avoids it. She confronts Eudal, but Eudal’s new flame thrower is much more powerful. Setsuna arrives, and transforms into Sailor Pluto. It turns out she has the third talisman, the orb, and she calls the other talismans and their bearers to her. Since they are Sailor Scouts, they don’t have to die – the heart crystals are separated from the talismans and returned to their owners. With the three talismans gathered, the holy grail appears. Eudal sets everything on fire again, and it is a race between herself and Sailor Moon for the grail. Sailor Moon manages to get it and goes up a level of transformation. Eudal can no longer touch her. Eudal runs away, but Mimete ruined the breaks on Eudal’s car so Eudal is a gonner. Mimete is the next of the Wiches 5 (well, technically now 4) to be in charge of things. The mad scientist says since the monsters and the laboratory weren’t destroyed by the grail, the person who held it must not be the true Messiah. This is the conclusion Uranus and Neptune come to. So the next mission is to find the true Messiah. However, as Mimete says, there is also a dark Messiah among the Death Busters who could destroy the world. And who is that girl we see in pain?

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This week’s episode is: Favouraite Forest.

Emily overhears everything about Lofty John cutting down his woods. It seems nothing can be done to stop it. Cousin Jimmy takes it the hardest. Lofty John’s woods protect his garden. Without that protection, he could never grow so many wonderful things. Emily wracks her brain for something to do, but can’t think of anything. Perry suggests that someone should go talk with Father Cassidy of the nearby town of White Cross. As a person of religious authority, Father Cassidy might be able to get Lofty John to change his mind. Emily runs off to talk with Father Cassidy. I don’t think that is what Perry had in mind^^; When Emily arrives, it is dark, and at first she sees much to make her nervous, but Father Cassidy is actually a very kind, poetic soul. Emily explains the whole matter with Lofty John to him, and while Father Cassidy doesn’t want to use his religious influence, he does agree to talk with Lofty John as a friend. Lofty John, mean while, I think misses his little visitors and does think that perhaps the joke he played on Emily went a little too far. So when Father Cassidy comes, he is ready to listen. Lofty John picks up Emily after school, and agrees to leave his woods if Emily will ask him to not cut them down, and if she and her friends will still come over and play. Emily readily agrees. She excitedly tells everyone what she did when she gets home. I’m not sure Aunt Elizabeth entirely approves of Emily’s methods, but even she admits to being grateful for the result. Cousin Jimmy, mean while, has discovered that Emily burnt her journal, and so he gets her another one. Father Cassidy also encourages Emily.

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Sailor Moon S #20

Today’s episode is: The Shocking Truth. The Revealed Identity of Each other.

Well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later. But first, the Scouts are studying again, and they try to encourage Usagi by saying studying and tests are not as painful as having your crystal heart extracted. However, Minako hasn’t had her heart taken yet and she starts to wonder if she is pure. She talks to Artemis about it, who spills the beans to Luna and Usagi. They are worried. Minako runs into Michiru and Haruka and asks them what makes a heart pure. In a bit of a panic, Haruka suggests helping others like donating blood, inspired by the blood bank van that just drove by. So Minako goes on a crusade to donate as much blood as she can. Okay, this really isn’t the smartest idea. Everyone is worried now, except perhaps Usagi who is supportive. Minako does indeed get targeted, only even with her heart out she tries to hoard her heart. Eventually she collapses and when Usagi shows up, Eudal has the monster lock her in there with them. Haruka and Michiru get trapped too. With no other way to protect Minako, Usagi transforms. Haruka and Michiru reciprocate when Usagi gets trapped. However, Minako doesn’t have a talisman. The Scouts blast in, but Eudal threatens Minako. Minako, however, has by this time recovered and transforms into Sailor Venus.  She destroys Eudal’s fire making machine and the monster is destroyed. Eudal retreats. Uranus and Neptune still have no interest in working with the Scouts, and now Eudal knows who four of them are. To say this is not good would be putting it mildly.

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Hikaru no Go #34

This week’s episode is: Don’t Win.

This episode basically has two parts. Let’s start with Akira. Akira is helping out at a Go festival. His assignment is to play Go against a local politician who fancies he is a pretty good player but really is not, and three of his companions. The secretary I think it is who is actually quite good for an ammeter. The thing is Akira is forbidden to win against the politician. So instead Akira forces a tie with all four games, which I think the secretary (who at first was a bit arrogant) is the only one to truly appreciate the skill to pull something like that. The politician takes it well enough, though I don’t think the event organizers are entirely happy with Akira. A guy from the Meijin’s study group tells Akira that such events are a waste of his talent, especially since Akira is doing preliminaries for title matches in addition to his regular ranking matches.

Meanwhile, Hikaru keeps going back to the one Go salon. I order to make things more interesting, the owner suggests that Hikaru force a tie with his opponent. Then Hikaru does the same to two opponents, then three – Hikaru finally gets stumped playing four opponents, but he will probably get it next time. Everyone has a great time, and Sai finds this very interesting.

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This week’s episode is: The Throbbing of my Heart.

Judy has nightmares about Jervis marrying a rich, society gal. I guess Judy isn’t quite ready to give up on Jervis because she prays, but things are not looking good. Julia offers to get her uncle on the phone again. Judy refuses, but tries calling on her own. It seems Jervis is on a trip, one which he took right after being introduced to the daughter of a banker. Judy is in despair. However, getting a rejection notice on the novel that Jervis had criticized gives her a cover for Julia and Sallie. Judy doesn’t even feel like she can write to Daddy Long Legs about her troubles. She gets a letter from Jervis and is just about ready to throw it away unopened, when she gets called to pick up another letter from Daddy Long Legs, or rather his solicitor. It seems Daddy Long Legs does not object to Judy using scholarships to help get her through college, though he wants to continue financing the rest of her high school. This cheers Judy up. She decides she even has courage to face what Jervis says in his letter, if only so she can write him goodbye. However, Jervis still wants to meet Judy. It is way past the appointed hour and at first Judy doesn’t think Jervis is there any more, but he is. They confess their love, and Jervis says how his eccentric ways actually cased away the banker’s daughter^^; They share a kiss^^;

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