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Yep, this is a two-parter this week.

The first half is: Sai’s Sword Unsheathed.

The second half is: The Greatest Wall for Hikaru.

Since I watched them as one episode and don’t know where one ends and the other begins, I’ll do this as if it were one episode.

Waya asks Hikaru how he studies Go. Well, it’s a little hard for Hikaru to explain about Sai . . . Waya suggests Hikaru come study with his teacher, Morishita 9-dan. Hikaru is less than thrilled, but at Sai’s urging Hikaru agrees. While waiting for Sai at the Go Institute to go to the study group, Hikaru runs into Ogata. Ogata tells Hikaru about a tournament coming up in a few months where Insei play new pros – the Wakajishisen. This sounds great to Hikaru – a possible chance to play Akira. Seeing this Ogata offers to let Hikaru come to the study group held by Toya Meijin, but Hikaru refuses – he wants to play Akira, not learn from him. Hikaru goes to Morishita’s study group. Morishita likes Hikaru’s spirit^^; Who should be there but his old teacher from the community Go class. Hikaru learns, however, that only the top sixteen players in the A class will participate and Hikaru is still at the bottom of the B class. Hikaru still has a ways to go^^; Ogata later tells Akira at the Meijin study group that Hikaru plans on being in the Wakajishisen. Akira says he doesn’t care, but I do think he doth protest too much^^; Hikaru goes to the study group, he plays Sai, but after winning a bit Hikaru starts loosing. Consistently. Finally Sai talks to Hikaru about it. Before, Hikaru played blindly, but now he can see the moves and their implications he gets nervous, scared even. So Sai makes Hikaru keep playing aggressively until Hikaru gets over it. Hikaru makes it to the A class. Hikaru is very happy as this is the next step on getting to play Akira again. Hiaru wins his first four games. One is against a guy who is almost too old to be an Insei (not Isumi) who is thinking about quitting. Another is against a kid named Fukui who Waya can’t seem to beat even though he’s the better player. Fukui plays very quickly, which Hikaru likes. Hikaru then plays Waya and beats him. Probably because earlier they were talking about internet Go and Hikaru figures out that Waya is Zelda and blurts it out. This sets Waya wondering if Hikaru is Sai from the nets^^; Hikaru doesn’t get a chance to explain until after the game, and even then he has do do some fast talking, saying he was just passing by and saw Zelda playing Sai. After that, Hikaru gets another loosing streak, but a much shorter one. In the end, he gets into the top 16 of the A class just in time to qualify for the Wakajishisen. Meanwhile, it is graduation time at Haze Middle School, so it is good-bye to Kaga and Tsutsui. Akari will be taking over leadership of the Go club now.


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This week’s episode is: A Bridge to Tomorrow.

Julia starts talking about going to college. In fact, she’s already been accepted to a prestigious university. Of course her parents can afford it. She asks Sallie and Judy what they are going to do after High School. Neither of them feel ready to get married. Sallie decides college might be a good option for herself as well. Judy wants to go to college, but she feels like she’s getting enough from Daddy-Long-Legs already. However, when Sallie mentions her brother Jimmy got a scholarship Judy’s hopes are kindled. She talks to the literature teacher who is very encouraging. When he asks why she wants a scholarship, Judy lets him think her parents don’t approve of girls going to college. The teacher promises to get information about scholarships for her. Judy decides to wait and tell Daddy Long Legs about this plan until she has a scholarship in hand. But then Judy realizes there is still the cost of living to consider. While out shopping with Sallie and Julia, Judy spots a notice for a tutor for two girls. Judy notices how many people around her are busy working and Judy decides she will support herself by getting a job. She sets up an interview for the tutoring position. Judy picks up a letter on her way out to the interview. It is from the solicitor. It seems Daddy-Long-Legs doesn’t want Judy to work. Well, Judy hasn’t explained herself fully. It isn’t that she wants more money, she just wants to support herself. Judy gets to a large house where the interview will take place, and she gets attacked by two girls. When the two girls she is to tutor are brought in, Judy recognizes her attackers. One of them accuses Judy of stealing her purse. Judy did pick up the purse, but only because the girl dropped it. Mean and lairs, this is not a good combination. Still, they may have met their match in Judy^^;

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Sailor Moon R #33

This week’s episode is: Artemis’ Adventure. The Invaded Animal Kingdom.

Poor Artemis, he just can’t get a break^^; He gets chased by a cook, and when he tells Luna and Usagi, they laugh at him! Okay, I guess I can’t blame them, but Artemis is tired of getting called dumb, even if Luna is right in that all the places Artemis is checking for negative energy are restaurants^^; He runs of in a huff. Later when Usagi convinces Luna that maybe she went a little overboard they go out looking for Artemis and they run into him – literally^^; And when he runs home to Minako, she’s no help either. Artemis goes off again. He sees some kittens abandoned in an alley and a guy comes and picks them and a stray dog up. Artemis follows, and winds up at animal kingdom, a shelter for animals of all kinds. Unfortunately, it is also the latest place where Esmeraude is trying to collect dark energy. She not only has a disguised monster on site, she makes all the animals start attacking people. Fortunately, Minako and Ami saw Artemis enter the place and they let Usagi and Minako know. They convince Luna she should bring Artemis home, but by then the mayhem has started already. Artemis decides this is his chance to be a hero, but that doesn’t work out to well, even with Luna’s help. Usagi and Minako arrive as Sailor Scouts, but the evil animals are a bit much for them. Fortunately, the others show up soon after. They are able to trap the animals, but then the monster puts a collar on all the Scouts. Usagi manages to get free while Luna and Artemis attack her, and she destroys the monster. So things go back to normal, including the fact that Artemis can’t seem to get a break. Chibi-Usa shows up, mad that Usagi didn’t bring her along, and the object she throws ends up hitting Artemis^^;

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Today’s episode is: Glory – The Commander’s Passing.

The Arcadia takes off. Harlock’s plan is simple. With the solar storm pushing the Arcadia along, they can meet up with the Mazone fleet, who are going against the solar storm, around Jupiter. Harlock and Kiruda talk. Kiruda actually has a lot of anger towards the government for what happened to his parents and sister, but he thought the best way to deal with it was to work within the system. Kiruda’s anger at Harlock stemmed from his jealousy of Harlock’s relationship with Mayu. It also seems that Kiruda ran into some street orphans while he was on the run. They were the only ones to help him. In return, he took them to his foster father to be taken care of. Well, The Arcadia approaches Jupiter and is seen by the Mazone. Harlock has them retreat into the asteroid belt. It helps a little, but only a little. The Mazone swarm the Arcadia and eventually manage to board her. The crew gets ready for on ship combat. Harlock sends Kiruda, Tadashi, and the first mate to protect the main computer, who does all the flying during this fight. Harlock and Kei hold the bridge. Tadashi is injured and Kiruda has him and the first mate retreat to the computer room, but he stays outside defending it. Eventually, Kiruda falls seriously injured, but as the Mazone break the door into the computer room Harlock grabs the leader. Harlock by this time has dealt with the Mazone by the bridge and has also run to the rescue. At this point, Jupiter’s big red spot has been affected by the solar storm and sends out its own burst which forces the asteroid field into a new equilibrium, destroying most of the Mazone fleet. The Mazone are cleared off the Arcadia and the ship limps to an asteroid base, but it is too late for Kiruda. He sees the artificial ocean there before he dies. Harlock and the crew are determined to go after Queen Rafflesia.

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Cross Game #13-16

Yep, four all at once! We’ll see if I can’t do at least a couple a week until it’s done now.

The first episode is: Summer Camp?

Well, the main baseball team is busy in the high school playoffs. They haven’t seen the farm team for a while, and for good reason. The farm team is off going through baseball camp, and if the old coach has anything to say about it they may not survive. Kou apparently left a bag of important stuff behind, and Aoba gets recruited to bring it to him. Unfortunately, Kou’s father is very bad at directions and Aoba gets off at the wrong place. Worse, it starts raining. Kou and Senda go to try and find her. At one point there is a stream to cross and they find one of Aoba’s shoes. This reminds Kou of how Wakaba died. They cross the stream and find an old school (the team is at another one, but it isn’t this old) where an old person finds them. They go to her house and find that Aoba had taken refuge there. Love the interaction between Aoba and Kou^^; The next day, Aoba heads back to town, having fulfilled her mission. The baseball team is already hard at work again^^;

The second episode is: What Do You Think?

In this episode, we get to meet the older brother of the star player for the main team. Aoba stops a thief for him and she takes him to her parents place where he immediately falls for her older sister^^; It seems Aoba has been asked out lots this summer, but she isn’t interested. Aoba takes Momiji to the pool, but leaves her bag. Kou, who has just gotten back from baseball camp is recruited to bring it to her. Aoba manages to avoid Senda at the pool, and with Senda and Momiji, and another would-b boyfriend is put into despair when he sees the familiar way Aoba and Kou are with each other^^; The main coach puts back one of the best players because he didn’t follow instructions. The guy ends up leaving, saying he didn’t sign up for this kind of treatment, making baseball not fun any more.

The third episode is: Enjoy Yourself More.

First, the assistant principal has found out that the old baseball coach has been having his team play games with other teams and practicing on other fields. He fires the old coach, but the old coach says first the main team has to play the farm team again. The loosing coach will be fired. The assistant principal doesn’t agree to the terms, but the main coach does agree to a game. The problem for the farm team is with the seniors gone they are one player short. So Kou and his friends recruit Aoba for the game. She doesn’t want to be center, but after trying to hit some of Kou’s pitches, she doesn’t complain any more. Meanwhile, Azuma deliberately injures himself so he won’t play in the game. He wants the main coach to win without him. The main coach also has brought in some new students, supposedly they are about ready to graduate from Jr. High but given their size I don’t believe it. Azuma sees his older brother earlier. It seems the older brother was once a baseball player too and was very good but got injured. Azuma wants to win the High School championship for his brother, but the older brother tells him to remember to have fun too.

The fourth episode is: How Should I Know?

Well, the old man is back. It turns out he is not only the grandfather of the manager for the farm team, he is also the chairman. While the assistant principal had no intention of honoring the wager between teams even if the farm team won, with the chairman there he is given no choice. It seems the farm team has played six games with other teams up to this point. They lost all of them, but what the main coach did not take into account was that all six teams were in the final eight, and the loss was due to Kou’s pitching easy the first half of the game so the other members of the team could get practice fielding. In fact, this ends up being a bit of a problem at first – Kou is too used to that pattern. Very nice how Aoba gets on Kou’s case for it, but then Osamu the catcher just tells Kou to play like it is the end of the game. Yeah, the main team gets crushed. Azuma, who has been watching the whole time, comments about how the main coach must be wishing he had a great batter like the kid who left. Yeah, the old coach may be old, but not that old and he has knowledge and experience the main coach doesn’t have. Specifically, he knows how to build an actual team. And with the chairman there, the main coach and assistant principal are forced to honor the agreement. Oh, it seems the assistant principal has been siphoning off school funds, so he’s probably gone too.

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Today’s episode is: ´╗┐Farewell, Mayu.

Well, another advance fleet is approaching Earth. Harlock and his friend both want to see Mayu one last time. Understandable since they don’t know if they will survive the final confrontation with the Mazone. So Harlock has the Arcadia push through a solar storm which slows down the Mazone fleet. Mayu is very happy to see Harlock. Harlock must have contacted Kiruda earlier because he is there as well. Harlock tells Kiruda that the secretary died fighting the Mazone. Kiruda tells Harlock he will take Mayu to Egypt where his foster father is to be hidden there. If the Mazone could find Mayu at the school once, they could again. Mayu doesn’t like this plan, but she agrees. Kiruda gets Mayu into a plane and they head for Africa, with the Arcadia going another direction to try and draw the Mazone off. Unfortunately, there are too many of them and the rest of Kiruda’s small force is destroyed. His plane is hit and Kiruda is injured, but he manages to get the plane to its destination. After destroying lots of Mazone, the Arcadia goes to Africa too, and just in time to clean things up there. Kiruda’s foster father agrees to hide Mayu – he has some underground rooms. Kiruda, meanwhile, gets treatment aboard the Arcadia. He will need a good two days to recover, but Harlock doesn’t mind having Kiruda aboard now. Before leaving Mayu, Harlock takes her aboard the Arcadia to the computer room and tells her about her father. Mayu wants to stay even more, but with the final battle coming up that is not possible.

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The first episode is: Temporary House.

While Natsume is out one day, he almost gets killed. Later, he meets his foster father when he gets out of school and the two go home together. Natsume notices some tracks, and at the entrance to the house is a drawing that even the foster father can see. In fact, it reminds him of an incident that happened when he was little. There was an older girl who everyone thought was weird, but she helped him once so the two became friends and he would say hi to her. Yep, that girl was Reiko. However, strange things started happening, his mother got sick, his father injured himself. It was like the house was cursed. When Reiko heard about it she came over while the parents weren’t home and when the boy wasn’t looking she exorcised the akayashi, though lots of damage was caused in the process. Natsume and Nyanko-sensei realize the same akayashi is back. Fortunately, while being chased by it Natsume sees what Reiko did to exorcise it the last time, and so he does the same thing. Unfortunately, the results are as messy as before. Natsume is so worried about causing problems for his foster parents. I don’t know how his foster mother felt, but his foster father was very understanding.

The second episode is: Meeting Of Sorcerers.

Natsume is on his way home with his foster mother when he sees an Akayashi that looks like it’s in trouble. Natsume races after it to try and help, but it ends up being eaten. However, Natsume runs into Natori. It seems a large Akayashi has been causing trouble, eating other Akayashi. Natori is hunting it and he invites Natsume to help. In fact, he invites Natsume to meet others like them. The prospect excites Natsume. Now he won’t be alone. He meets one of the leaders of one of the groups. She seems nice enough at first. Natsume and Natori manage to track down the troublesome Akayashi, and it happens to be at right where all the sorcerers are. Natori was earlier given a bottle to seal the Akayashi inside and so he and Natsume manage to trap the Akayashi, but then the lady they met earlier takes it. It seems she wants this Akayashi as her servant. She sacrificed one of her old servants to try and catch it earlier – the one that looked like it was in trouble to Natsume. Natsume doesn’t think he can agree with the attitude that most of these sorcerers have. Natori understands – he already knows Natsume fairly well. Natsume decides he better not say anything about the Book of Friends.

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