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Captain Harlock #17

Today’s episode is: The Skeletal Hero.

And the tragedy continues. Mayu come aboard the Arcadia for a bit which cheers everyone up. After, the chief engineer is rather depressed. However, there is no time for that. The Arcadia picks up a bottle with a message in it. It is from Captain Yamanaka, the one captain in the Earth forces who is like Captain Harlock, except for being to straight to be an outlaw. Yamanaka says he pursued the Mazone to their main base in the horse nebula, but they got pulled into some sort of storm. They can’t escape by themselves, but with an outside ship helping they might make it. Harlock is of course the only person for this job. And we learn about the chief engineer. He was once the chief engineer for Captain Yamanaka. They both dreamed of space. They even ran into Harlock once. Then the engineer found a lady collapsed in the street. She had amnesia. The two ended up getting married and even had a little girl. Life was perfect until Captain Yamanaka told the engineer to leave his wife. Then when she tried to shoot him, Yamanaka killed her. Yep, a Mazone. The engineer was furious and the only reason he didn’t kill Yamanaka is he was stopped by Harlock, who confirmed everything Yamanaka said. The next thing the engineer, these ladies were taking his daughter. Knowing Harlock was going after the Mazone, he joined the Arcadia to find his daughter. There he also learned the full truth about the Mazone. He wants to apologize to Yamanaka for being so angry and hitting him. The Arcadia finds Yamanaka’s ship, but there is no response. When the crew of the Arcadia investigates, they find Captain Yamanaka and his crew all dead. Yamanaka was still even holding onto his steering control. The chief engineer is heartbroken. After putting the dead crew to rest, the Arcadia goes to the horse nebula.


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Kobato #18 & #19

Yep, we’re catching up sort of now:)

Last week’s episode was: …The Warmth of a Wintry Wind.

Well, winter is in the air and Kobato is loving it. Iroyogi in the mean time is more worried about getting Kobato’s jar filled. Meanwhile, at the nursery things aren’t good. Not only is the debt still hanging over everyone (a constant thing by now), Okiura has sent one of his men to stand in front of the nursery to intimidate everyone. The nursery has already lost three children to this. Kobato decides to try talking with the guy, but Fujimoto doesn’t think this will do anything and wants her to stay away from the guy. Kobato decides to ignore this. Yeah, Fujimoto was right. The guys isn’t about to budge. However, he ends up collapsing. Thankfully Domoto is also there with Kobato. He calls an ambulance. It turns out the guy had an appendicitis, but he’ll be okay. Fujimoto sees this and calls Okiura to tell him and ask him also to give the nursery a break, but Okirua won’t budge. Fujimoto is quite not himself. Kobato thinks it is her fault but Domoto cheers her up. Is he sweet on Kobato?

This week’s episode is: …Silent Night.

Here we get more back story on Fujimoto. On Christmas Eve he waited for his mother to come home so they could celebrate Christmas together, but she never came home. Shortly after that Sayaka’s father took him in. This is the real reason Fujimoto is so moody these days, but Kobato thinks it’s her fault. Still, Christmas must go on. Domoto agrees to meet Kobato after the festivities and she (and Fujimoto) get invitations to spend Christmas night with the landlady. The landlady is the one who tells Kobato about Fujimoto’s past. Nice job as Santa, Fujimoto^^; Not that I think he gets much pleasure from it. Kobato still thinks Fujimoto is mad at her and she can’t think of anything else, even when Domoto picks her up. Domoto has her wait and he goes and makes Fujimoto go and convince Kobato he isn’t mad at her. At this Kobato dances around and sings her song for Fujimoto^^; And it seems the bakery run by the bear is in full holiday swing judging by how busy they are when Iroyogi arrives.

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Hikaru no Go #20

This week’s episode is: The Road to Becoming a Pro.

Kaio’s first board takes Hikaru to a Go salon and plays him for a bit. After a while, he says Hikaru is about as strong as Kaio’s second board. He wants to know what Akira saw in Hikaru. He also thinks Hikaru’s attitude about catching up to Akira is way to lax, and he’s right. Akira has passed the Go exam with the top score. The next spring, he will officially be a pro. Hikaru is amazed at this. He wants to know how to be a pro. Frankly, he isn’t good enough, but there is the Insei program where aspiring youngsters learn together and play Go together and they take the Go exam together. Hikaru decides to become and Insei. However, the deadline for the next Insei exam has already passed. Fortunately, Otega-sensei hears Hikaru and offers to sponsor the boy and asks that he be allowed to take the next exam. Hikaru needs to bring in a resume of his Go experience, a parent, a form, sheets showing three of his games, and a test fee. That’s a lot for someone like Hikaru to handle, but he is determined to chase after Akira! Meanwhile at the Haze Go club, Mitani found another boy to play who can take Tsutsui’s place when he can’t play and the volleyball girl from their first days has agreed to be on the girls team so Akari and the new girl can play at tournaments too. Hikaru tells them he’s going to be an Insei. Mitani reminds Hikaru Insei aren’t allowed to participate in amateur tournaments.

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Daddy Long Legs #21

This week’s episode is: Beauty and Sadness.

Leonora is taken to the school infirmary. There, Judy is told that Leonora has a heart condition. The good news: it is not getting worse. The bad news, she has to be careful not to strain herself. That means no more basketball. Sallie and even Julia are also sympathetic when they hear this. Leonora’s father is busy at his job and can’t come. Judy offers to stay with Leonora. The two really connect, both knowing something of loneliness. Judy manages to reach Leonora’s father on the phone and makes him promise to come see Leonora recite poems she made before Christmas break. He does promise. Later when Leonora talks with him, he reiterates this promise. Soon Leonora is able to go back to the dorm and she’s now reaching out to all her roommates. They have some good times. Leonora works hard on her poem. Judy is also working on a poem, though it doesn’t seem to be going quite so well. The day of the recital comes and Leonora’s father doesn’t show. Judy sneaks out to call him, but his work is quite busy with an emergency. What bad timing! Poor Leonora! She had her heart set on this too. Why do I get the feeling the results of this will be tragic?

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Captain Harlock #16

Today’s episode is: Kei, the Farewell Song.

Wat a sad episode. Kei goes to visit her parent’s grave. She runs into her old fiance who was also her fathers star pupil and assistant. Her father had a dream of creating space stations that replicated Earth, but he and everyone else except ex-fiance died when a system failed. Soon after, Kei’s mother died of a broken heart. Kei left for space, but ended up in the brig when she attacked a superior for saying bad things about her father. The only thing that saved her was the fact that Harlock boarded the ship she was on before she was sent back to Earth and prison there. Ex-fiance convinces Kei that he regrets the things he said about her father in the past and he wants to finish his work. When Kei talks with Captain Harlock, he says that she can do whatever she likes. At her old home, there is also ex-fiance’s sister. They start experiments with Kei as the subject. They end up being torture trying to find out about the secret of the Arcadia. However, Kei really doesn’t know. Kei gets a visit from some of the crew and they tell her where the Arcadia is. Kiruda attacks that location after being informed by ex-fiance. Fortunately, Harlock anticipated this. Later, he and Tadashi investigate, and discover there is a Mazone in Kei’s old house. Miime revives Kei and helps her realize the truth about her ex-fiance. Kei invites him to the beach and plays a song for him on her mother’s old instrument. She then tells him she knows he told Kiruda where the Arcadia was, he’s working for the Mazone, and he killed her father. Eventually he admits it. Kei kills him. Harlock kills ex-finace’s “sister”, a Mazone. Poor Kei. I think she loved her ex-fiance once.

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Kimi ni Todoke #20

This week’s episode is: Present.

So Yoshida doesn’t go over to Ryu’s place until older brother is gone. She goes over to give Ryu his birthday present, but, well, he says the wrong thing. He says he can relax his guard now that Yoshida knows things are impossible with his older brother. Uh, no. Yoshida is still working through all those feelings and that was the wrong thing to say. Yoshida ends up throwing the birthday present at Ryu. Thankfully, it isn’t breakable. Meanwhile, Sawako and Yano are worried about Yoshida, but can’t think of anything to do to help. Kazehaya says just being there for her is enough. They don’t have to say anything. Later Ryu tries to talk with Yoshida at school, but he again says the wrong thing and sets Yoshida off. Well, it doesn’t help that Yoshida hasn’t let out most of her emotions from being disappointed in the older brother. She blows up. The sad thing is Ryu really just wanted to thank her for the birthday present. Yano and Sawako see this and follow Yoshida, and Yoshida is finally ready to cry and rant and release her emotions. However, things are still unsettled between Yoshida and Ryu, and older brother is coming back for New Years.

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Sailor Moon R #27 & #28

Yep, two for one this week!

The first episode is: UFO Appearance! The Sailor Soldiers Kidnapped.

Rubius has basically been fired. He only has a little time before Esmeraude takes over killing the Scouts, Chibi-Usa, and getting the Silver Crystal. Chibi-Usa now knows the identities of the Sailor Scouts, and she can’t believe Sailor Moon is really Usagi. Usagi, in her rush to get to a meeting with the others, leaves her transformation broach which now holds the Silver Crystal behind. Chibi-Usa doesn’t think Usagi deserves the Silver Crystal so she takes the broach and runs. However, when she tries to go to the future, her time key doesn’t work and her power activates, alerting Rubius to her location. Usagi alerted the other Scouts so they arrive in time to get Chibi-Usa out of there, but she isn’t in any mood to listen to them and runs off again. Not having anywhere else to go, she ends up in front of Mamoru’s door, where he finds her asleep. All goes well there at first, but Usagi thinks to check for Chibi-Usa there and Chibi-Usa runs off again. She tries to go to the future again and this time the key starts to work, but Rubius interrupts her. The Scouts get on the scene again, but this time Rubius traps them in a field from his ship. The Scouts activate their power, but without Sailor Moon it isn’t enough. All they can do is hold things back long enough for Tuxedo Kamen to get Chibi-Usa, then they are taken into the ship.  Rubius leaves after challenging Sailor Moon. Usagi is quite upset by all of this.

The second episode is: Defeat Rubeus! Decisive Battle in Space.

Chibi-Usa gives Usagi back her broach. Usagi decides she must face Rubius and she must do it alone so no one else will be put in danger. Well, I cannot deny Luna and Artimis’ plans probably would not have worked. Only one problem – Chibi-Usa figures this out and follows so both end up in Rubius’ ship. There is a barrier protecting the Sailor Scouts so they can’t be freed, and the ship messes with gravity among other things, making it difficult for Sailor Moon to fight. However, Chibi-Usa figures out how Rubius is getting power from the ship and with Sailor Moon on him she is able to undo that crystal which makes Rubius more manageable and frees the Scouts. Rubius sets the ship for self destruct and the Scouts manage to telaport out just in time. Esmeraude refuses to help a weakling like Rubius (the bad guys are always merciless) and he ends up exploding with the ship. So things are back to normal for the Scouts – for now. We have Esmeraude to worry about, and the one behind the Dark Moon Clan, Prince Dimondo, we have yet to face as well.

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