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Kobato #14

Last week’s episode is: …What Twilight Sought After.

Aww, what a nice episode! Kobato sees an article about sweet potato farms in a magazine at the store and decides the Nursery should go to a sweet potato farm, so that is exactly what they do^^; Kobato loves digging up sweet potatoes so much she gets far more than she can carry. Fortunately, she gets a bit of help back to the Nursery^^; However, while at the farm she sees a kid too old to be in nursery there digging potatoes. Fujimoto chases after him, but the kid escapes. Later, Kobato and Fujimoto (in his case under protest but he can’t say no to Sayaka) go around delivering sweet potatoes to neighbors. In the course the meet the nice old lady we saw in the first episode, and we see the kitten she adopted later. They also see the boy again. This time Fujimoto catches him. It seems the boy ran away. He wants to go back to his old house, but he can’t remember exactly where it is. With what he does remember, they manage to find it, but the place looks abandoned. Eventually the boy reveals while he lived there he thought things were great with his Mom, but now they live with his grandfather who is strict and who he thinks hates him. However, the home he left isn’t home anymore so he goes back home. He is met by his grandfather who was out looking for him. Yes, grandfather may be strict, but he does care^^; And Fujimoto is such a softie helping out when he has the boy’s home phone number and could have ended things much earlier with less trouble to himself^^; And Kobato gets more candy for helping the boy find what he was looking for!


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This week’s episode is: Hell.

Man, this episode is rather brutal. Not for the faint of heart, though I will say it could have been worse.

On the plus side, our heroes exit the mine and manage to find and rescue Al who was buried during the blizzard. Al warns them about what has happened at Briggs. Scar leads them off to a nearby village with a slum full of Ishbalans. Oh, one interesting point. The book Scar’s brother made talks about gold and immortality, two things most humans long for, and May Chang wonders if this refers to the immortal man with gold hair who brought alchemy to Xing. Sound familiar? Yup, Hoenheim has been a busy guy. Makes me even more curious about the differences in alchemy between the two countries. Is the alchemy of Amesteris a perversion of what alchemy originally was by Father, is the alchemy of Xing full of holes that Hoenheim felt after what he had been through were to dangerous to share, or a combination of the two?

Well, with the blizzard over it is time for Ed and the Briggs soldiers to get to work. The Ishbalan soldier decides Kimberlee must be killed with his two companions. Ed objects, and he is told he is too idealistic. The Ishbalan soldier sets up snipers to get Kimberlee, but Kimberlee already knows they’re after him and that they don’t want him to go into the mine. When Ed tries to stop him. Ed is set upon by Kimberlee’s two companions, who are also chimeiras. Ed manages to take care of them and gets a philosopher’s stone away from Kimberlee. Too bad Kimberlee has another one. He causes a massive explosion that leaves Ed impaled. Ed frees the two Chimeiras who have been abandoned by Kimberlee. In return they unimpale Ed who uses his life to heal himself partially. The chimeiras are free, and in gratitude decide to take Ed to a doctor even though Ed was still gun-ho about going after Kimberlee – until he fainted. Before leaving, one of them picks up the philosopher’s stone Kimberlee lost.

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Tsubasa Manga #25

So in this volume the original Syaoran continues telling Fai and Kurogane what really happened. We see how Syaoran and Sakura really met, or rather we see how the real versions met. Syaoran’s mother had a vision of a girl in another dimension and said that Syaoran was supposed to meet her. The girl was naturally Sakura. But on the last day Syaoran was supposed to stay and during the final day of a purification ritual Sakura was going through, something terrible happens that shapes everything . . . And yes, Fei Wong is involved. Poor Syaoran, the price he paid to try and protect Sakura. Not that there is much choice since a fair price must be paid when a wish is granted. It is also interesting to note we don’t know who the real Syaoran’s parents are at this point, and both his and Sakura’s real names are not Syaoran and Sakura. Also, in this version Fujitaka is king of Clow with Nadeshko as his queen and the country’s high priest. No sign of Clow Reed at all. Not that that means anything^^;

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Kimi ni Todoke #16

This week’s episode is: Summary.

Yeah. That is exactly what this episode is. Remember those little men Pin was telling Kazehaya about earlier? The ones who ran around his sake cup? Well, these little men sit around drinking and basically talk about what has happened thus far in the series. The new scenes only feature this, with Pin entering his pigsty of an apartment where they are at the very end. Everything else, which is probably about 80+%, we have seen before. Still, this is probably a good spot for a recap, and to have the little men do it is pretty funny, if slightly disturbing^^;

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Well, for once I managed to get a bit extra in. Oh, and for those who are wondering, my nephew was born two weeks ago on January 13: Dylan, 4 lbs 7 oz, 16 inches long with tons of black hair:) But he isn’t big enough to leave the hospital yet so my sister and her family aren’t going anywhere for several more weeks. But on to Natsume!

The first episode is: The Maiden’s Circle.

So two of Natsume’s friends at school want to get to know a girl from another class, but she refuses to say anything to them. Later, Nastume and Nyanko-sensei come across a circle drawn in the ground with symbols and such. Neither knows what it is. Natsume later sees the girl drawing the circle. Later, Natsume is met by an Akayashi who comes to consult with Natsume about this (the circles being worrisome to him). Natsume finds the girl and when he asks her about the circles she is shocked in to speech. She runs off. Natsume has an interesting dream, which may not be just a dream involving a scary Akayashi. Natsume notices a mark on his chest, but then it disappears. The next day Natsume confronts the girl with the help of Nyanko-sensei. Her name is Tohru. It seems her family once were onmiyogi and something of that power still runs in her. She got the circle from her grandfather. It allows her to see Akayashi, but one day she saw one that was scary and mean and said it would eat her and the last thirteen people she talked to in one year if she could not find him again. She is very cute around Nyanko-sensei^^; Natsume agrees to help. This must have attracted the attention of the Akayashi in question because Nyanko-sensei is away for one moment and the next moment Natsume has disappeared.

The second episode is: That Which You Must Not Call.

Nyanko-sensei rushes off to find Natsume, and Tohru runs after him. Natsume is captured by the Akayashi who is very threatening towards himself and towards Tohru. This is not an Akayashi you can reason with. Natsume escapes, but not before his face is licked by the Akayashi. Natsume discovers that while he can still hear and feel Akayashi, he can’t see them. It also turns out that while getting to know Nyanko-sensei better, Tohru said his name and even though it wasn’t his real name he is now cursed. I wonder what the Akayashi would think of this if he knew who Nyanko-sensei really was. They decide to bait the Akayashi and then seal it with a special mirror and Natsume with his power and the Book of Friends is the logical choice. That is when Nyanko-sensei is knocked away and Natsume trapped. Tohru runs, trying to draw the Akayashi and she gets him to one of her circles. The Akayashi seems to have no intention of keeping his agreement with her and he wants the Book of Friends and doesn’t like that Natsume has the ability (normally) to see him without any help. Fortunately, Nyanko-sensei turns into his true form and gets the mirror and frees Natsume. He then holds the Akayashi in the circle long enough for Natsume to seal it. Both Natsume and Tohru are ill from the Akayashi, but end up recovering. Tohru says if there is anything she can do, even if it is only listen, she wants to thank Natsume for his help. Tohru is the first person to call the Book of Friends a treasure and for that he is happy.

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Natsume is an unusual young man. He can see spirits. When he moves back to where his grandmother grew up, it gets worse. And no wonder. Grandma Reiko could also see spirits and went around challenging them. If they lost, they had to sign their name in her book, the Book of Friends. Natsume inherits this book. Half the spirits want their names back. The other half want the book. One who wants the book is a cat named Nyanko-sensei . . .

Ahhh, I love the artwork for this series! Seriously, the only one who is prettierĀ  is CLAMP, which tells you something. And I love the series too! Even in manga form, the interaction between Natsume and Nyanko-sensei is priceless! One nice thing at this point is so far the chapters are pretty stand alone. And since Natsume Yuu-jin Chou in manga form likes to take it’s time and isn’t in any hurry, this is just right, though I do hope the stories start connecting more. And I think they will. Yuki Midorikawa’s comments are a plus as well^^; Fans of the anime will love the manga. For those who aren’t familiar with the anime, if you like sweet, fluffy supernatural stories that are slowly paced and has gorgeous artwork you should seriously try this story out.

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Kimi ni Todoke #15

This week’s episode is: Rival.

Ahhh, now it makes sense. Sawako and Kurumi are rivals for Kazehaya’s attention and affections! Ironic then that Kurumi finally gets the courage thanks to some encouragement from Sawako. I do feel for Kurumi now. She was once the focus of rumors, specifically ones that said she was a guy stealer, not wanting guys to pay more attention to other girls. So Kurumi decided she would never say anything about it to anyone. No wonder Kazehaya is surprised when she does does confess! However, he likes Sawako. Sawako has some nice girl talk with Yano and Yoshida about this^^; And now Kurumi and Sawako are officially rivals, something Sawako has never had before^^; The class doesn’t win their last games, but everyone enjoys the party afterward that evening. Sawako falls asleep on Kazehaya’s shoulder^^; Oh, and at least as far as Kazehaya is concerned, the Pin and Kurumi rumors are laid to rest.

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