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Kimi ni Todoke #11

This week’s episode is: Special?

Oh boy. Sawako says she can’t help Kurumi since she likes Kazehaya too. Kurumi says that’s just because he’s nice to her and she stands out to him. Well, the big sports day comes. Sawako actually contributes to the soccer match. She really is now connecting with her class members. Sawako keeps trying to reach Kurumi, who this time I think is starting to regret trying to divert Sawako. They go watch the boy’s baseball match. Sawako says Kazehaya really is special to her. Kurumi instead of learning tries to be manipulative again. She says Sawako just needs to talk with more guys. I find it interesting that in all the time Kurumi has known him, she’s never told Kazehaya how she feels. If it really is that way for you, why don’t you just tell the guy and see what he says about it? Okay, easier said than done I know. Anyway, Ryu saves Sawako from a stray baseball going towards her and Kurumi suggests to Sawako that she get to know him better. And I think Kazehaya is starting to realize that other classmates are starting to like Sawako now, and maybe in a way he doesn’t like.


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Kobato #10

This week’s episode is: …An organ, and boyhood days.

Ah, so this episode we get some of Fujimoto’s past courtesy of Sakaya^^; It seems he was an orphan who was taken in by Sakaya’s father, but he never spoke or make friends. When Sakaya got after some teenagers for almost hitting a girl with their ball and damaging the kindergarten sunflower garden, he started playing the organ^^; I think that’s how he communicates. Anyway, that explains why he doesn’t like half-hearted efforts and is so protective of Sakaya. All the jobs he has, it’s to help pay off the kindergarten debt. Ioryogi doesn’t seem to do well in the summer^^; Kobato hears this story since she goes to the kindergarten to air out mattresses. Kobato runs into Kohaku on her way home. As for Fujimoto, he works all day as usual and when he gets home he’s embarrassed at how much Sakaya told Kobato^^; Aw Fujimoto, you don’t have to blush so much!

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I hope to get to Kobato and Kimi ni Todoke today. We’ll see, I have a performance tonight.

The next two weeks are complicated. Next week is Christmas. There are still a number of preparations for that and I am still performing. The week after is even more crazy. I’m still performing and my sister is getting married. There is a possibility I can blog a bit of anime. If I can, I will focus on the ones currently airing: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Konnichiwa Anne, Kobato, and Kimi ni Todoke. Unfortunately, especially the week of New Years, I can’t make any guarantees. The first full week of the new year, I may be involved in helping another sister and her family out of state. I’ll keep you guys posted. I may have a week where I primarily catch up blogging the anime that is currently airing. After that, I hope to get back to Captain Harlock and the daily anime:) None of the winter anime look very interesting so far, but that’s okay since I still have plenty to blog to you guys about.

In the mean time, if I don’t get a chance to say it later, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Hikaru no Go #18

This week’s episode is: Akira vs. Sai.

So it is now time for the match between Akira and Sai over the internet. It sends conflicting information to Akira, the confusion stemming from the fact that there are two people involved in all his encounters with Hikaru^^; The whole Go world watches the match eagerly. Otega thinks that Sai cannot be a child since the play is too mature. Akira looses and in the end he is no closer to figuring out who Sai is. The next day at his Go salon (with everyone pestering him about the first day of the Go pro test^^;) someone says they saw Hikaru at an internet cafe. Akira runs there. Fortunately, Hikaru is looking at some web manga at the time^^; Hikaru manages to convince Akira that he is not Sai, and Akira becomes so disillusioned he says he’ll never bother Hikaru again. Hikaru says if Akira keeps chasing after an imaginary Hikaru the real Hikaru will catch up with him. Akira challenges Hikaru then and there, but that is complicated. Akira wants to play Sai, but Hikaru wants to be able to play Akira. In any case, Sai on the internet has made such a splash that Hikaru knows they can’t do that trick again. Anyway, school is starting soon. The good news, thanks to all the games Hikaru has watched he is getting stronger. So has Sai.

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Sorry I disappeared. I’m afraid I was sick earlier this week and that has thrown everything off. However, I am back now and feeling much better, so onward!

The first episode is: A Chick Hatches.

Natsume finds an egg abandoned in a nest and since it is still alive he decides to hatch it, especially since it seems to be an egg with an Akayashi in it. He even gets Nyanko-Sensei to help^^; There is mysterious writing on the front of the family gate that changes every day, seeming to count down the days. There is also a mysterious guy hanging around, servant of an akayashi lord, who is supposed to get the egg for the lord to eat the Akayashi when it hatches. Natsume doesn’t mention he has the egg. The egg hatches, and it is a dragon child which looks like whatever it first sees until it grows a bit. It is so cute and Natsume takes good care of it. However, it starts to not eat and be sickly and Natsume worries about it. That is when the mysterious akayashi finds them. Natsume runs and tells his akayashi it is okay for it to get big and leave him. Just as the mysterious akayashi is about to get them, the little one suddenly grows into a huge birdish akayashi. Natsume stops it from eating the other akayashi and after it takes him home Natsume tells it goodbye.

The second episode is: A Promised Tree.

A young akayashi boy is spotted by Natsume. Eventually Natsume gets it to talk. It seems Reiko took his name and he wants it back, but he hadn’t come earlier since she said not to come for it for 50 years. His name is not in the Book of Friends, but the book does react to him so he must have a contract somewhere. It seems Reiko tied it to a tree. Natsume and Nyanko-sensei go out looking for it. Tanuma sees them looking and even enlists the class president and Natsume’s two friends to help look, though they aren’t told many details. Natsume is ill and so he faints and gets taken back home and into bed. The boy tells how he wants to see the ocean, but he feels he can’t leave his forest. The next day Natsume is feeling much better and another akayashi had found the contract. It is now very high up in a tree the tree was much smaller 50 years ago. The boy goes up to get his name, and the tree is now tall enough he can see the ocean from it’s top. That is the purpose in what Reiko did with this akayashi boy. Reiko sometimes seems tough, but really she’s as much of a softie like Natsume^^;

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Daddy Long Legs #19

This week’s episode is: My Friends, Let’s Sing Together.

Judy ends up at the orphanage and finds that the lady she and Sally met at the high school is really quite down to earth. Should the children be kept inside and away from people because they are orphans? Actually, she wants to show the children the high school so they can have a sense of what their future could hold. The children then pull the teacher away to go to a farm and Judy goes with them. At first Judy is afraid they are stealing, but she gets caught up in helping and then when the farmers do come it seems the children are actually helping out and are there with permission. When Judy gets back to the high school she is ready to encourage Sally with her project of having the orphans over for Thanksgiving. When the children do arrive, I think Sally and even Julia are pleasantly surprised and Judy has gotten a bit over her past.

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Sailor Moon R #25

This week’s episode is: For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash.

Chess seems to be the thing to do in this episode. Okay, Usagi, playing against junior champ Ami may not be the best way to win. Especially since you can’t even beat Chibi-Usa. There is a new place in town, a chess tower, built by an eccentric and wealthy chess lover who Ami knows. As part of the opening, there will naturally be a chess tournament. Ami signs up for it. So does Berthier. Not only does chess seem to be her thing, but the new chess tower happens to be a crystal point. Ami spots Berthier and stops her from taking over the place, but not before Ami reveals she is Sailor Mercury. Well the opening day comes and Ami and Berthier end up being the two finalists. Even using Berthier’s pieces, Ami is winning when Berthier reveals who she is. The others transform, but Berthier traps them and forces Sailor Mercury to play. Ami does to protect her friends. This surprises Berthier. Petz and Calaveras show up to take part in Bertheir’s victory, when Tuxedo Kamen shows up and frees everyone. Petz and Calaveras retreat, disgusted at how Berthier failed again. Berhier starts to turn he place into the north pole when Kooan shows up and convinces Berthier she cares and that there is another way. Sailor Moon purifies her and the two sisters seem happy to be reunited as humans.

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