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Kobato #7

This week’s episode is: …Kind Person.

Poor Kobato, she tries hard but is so clumsy she makes Fujiomoto mad. When asked why they can’t tell Sayaka about the telephone call about the debt, Fujjimoto says he doesn’t want to worry her. It seems exams are coming up at the university and so Fujimoto actually takes some time off from work to go there. Unfortunately, he leaves a report that is due that day. Kobato goes off to find him and give him the report. Well, the fact that Fujimoto works so much and tries to fit in university courses as well, you do have to admire that. Chitose comes over with her two daughters. The daughters help entertain the kids and Chitose does what she can to help with the kindergarten’s financial situation for the kindergarten’s sake. Meanwhile, Kobato sees Fujimoto and runs into a friend of Fujimoto who agrees to help her try to find him. This friend is constantly being asked to help others and does so. Finally they find Fujimoto, who just told some girls he won’t help them. Kobato angrily returns his report to him and helps the friend see how admirable it is to help others. This earns her another piece of candy, but since she said Iroyorgi was a talking stuffed animal she he isn’t happy about that.


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Kimi ni Todoke #8

This week’s episode is: Voluntary Practice.

Sawako is so cute! She’s never called anyone outside of her family by anything but their formal name. So Yano and Yoshida make her practice on them. When they try to get her to call Kazehaya by something that is not his formal name, Sawako can’t manage it. That’s okay Sawako, you can practice¬† on the girls^^; It is time to get ready for the sports festival, and Pin is quite eager for his homeroom to win. He naturally blackmails Kazehaya into helping^^; Sawako, meanwhile, has almost no athletic ability, but she is determined to practice so she can be of some use. The blond girl gets nominated as part of the sports committee from her class and she thinks this would be a perfect opportunity to renew her acquaintance with Kazehaya (they went to the same Jr. High), but Kazehaya is more interested in watching Sawako practice. I feel sorry for the blond girl. After the meeting, Kazehaya helps Sawako practice and there seems to be more between them now . . .

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The first episode is: Asagi’s Koto.

Oh,my. In this episode Natsume is confronted by an akayashi with an umbrella who seems to want to borrow Natsume’s body. Well, really he wants it for Asagi. In the end, Natsume does get possessed by Asagi. The only way to undo the possession is for Natsume to grant Asagi’s wish. It seems Asagi once played an instrument for an akayashi lord who took her in. The umbrella guy was basically her guard. However, Asagi grew sick and couldn’t play any more. The umbrella guy wants to use Natsume’s body so she can play for the akayashi lord one last time. So they go over hill and dale looking for what is needed to make the instrument. Natsume starts to feel what Asagi feels so he is of limited help. Finally the instrument is done and they are off on a path that will only be there for a little while to the akayashi lord. Unfortunately, Natsume earlier attracted the attention of another akayashi. The umbrella guy takes care of it, but not before Natsume gets knocked out protecting the instrument. The time is almost gone where they can go to the akayashi lord, but it seems Asagi would rather play for the umbrella guy. Man, those two need to confess their feelings to each other. Once Asagi is better or at least once they are back in her home village. And those were some very funny scenes with Asagi acting through Natsume^^;

The second episode is: Nyanko’s Book of Boredom.

Oh dear. Well, Nyanko-sensei probably shouldn’t go out drinking so much. He ends up doing lots of things that annoy Natsume so Nyanko-sensei goes off in a huff. First when he hears what the other local akayashi are saying about him (none of it complimentary, though probably all of it true) Nyanko-sensei is mad enough to punish them. He then turns into a girl and asks Tanume’s father to exorcise the area. Still in girl form, Nyanko-sensei then spends the afternoon tormenting Natsume’s friends^^; When another akayashi comes around saying since Nyanko-sensei is through with Natsume he’s going after the book of friends. Lets just say Nyanko-sensei puts a stop to that quickly enough. Nyanko-sensei has just about decided to go home, but when he gets there he sees Natsume with a new cat. The fact is, Natsume is just looking after the cat for a few days for his¬† foster father’s employer. Natsume is very mad again and gets drunk. The next day he ends up in the same hole he fell in at the beginning and finds the same girl in there. She was supposed to go on a picnic with her parents, but they couldn’t so she decided to go out on her own and fell in again. She reminds Nyanko-sensei about the good things about humans in general and Natsume in particular so after rescuing the girl (she’s asleep by this time) Nyanko-sensei decides to let Natsume, who is out looking for him, find him^^;

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Hikaru no Go #15

This week’s episode is: The Player On The Net.

To make up for taking over the game with Akira, Hikaru goes with Tsutsui to a Go conference of some kind. There are vendors in the lobby and an actual match between pros in the auditorium. Unfortunately, Hikaru gets board fast, much to Sai’s dismay. However, he sees a demonstration of Go on the internet which sparks his interest, especially when hears that people don’t have to know who you are on the internet. It must be the last day of school and the last meeting for the Go club because summer break is almost there. Tsutsui has to study for the high school entrance exam. Akari decides to go to the Go class Hikaru took her too. Mitani will go back to the Go salon he used to frequent. They decide to at least meet once a week during the summer. As for Hikaru, it seems Mitani’s sister works at an internet cafe. After hearing this, Hikaru dashed off to set his plan in motion – on the internet he can let Sai play and no one will know it is Hikaru actually doing the actual moving of the pieces. Sai is ecstatic. Hikaru even lets Sai play under his own name. They play against two amateur Go players who have been selected to represent their countries in the international amateur Go competition – one from the US, one from Holland. Both are amazed at Sai’s skill. The one from Holland thinks Sai may be a pro player from Japan.

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Daddy Long Legs #16

This week’s episode is: A Present from a Quarterback.

Julia still is studying. The only thing is these days she is studying football. Yep, she’s fallen for Jimmy McBride. So when Judy gets a package from Jimmy with a Princeton banner and a letter thanking her for the dance, Julia isn’t happy. It is funny that Julia often invites Judy and Sallie out, but when she gets upset she leaves, leaving the other two girls with the tab. Judy feels badly about this as she would not mind spending more time with Jimmy. You know Julia is getting desperate when she starts trying to bribe Sallie with jewelry for insider information about Jimmy. Judy gets a call from Jimmy, and at first this goes well enough, but then Jimmy says he wants to know more about Judy. The trouble is Judy is sick of hiding her past and herself. Judy writes to Daddy Long Legs about her troubles – not sure how to handle Jimmy or Julia’s jealousy. Julia also gets a call – from her uncle Jervis Pendelton. He wants to meet with her and Judy the next day. Judy is filled with more dread about hiding the truth about herself at this visit.


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Sailor Moon R #22

This week’s episode is: Protect Chibi-Usa! Ten Warriors’ Fierce Battle.

Hmm. Okay, so Chibi-Usa wetting the bed might be realistic, but . . . Anyway, Usagi gets blamed for this, well Chibi-Usa was in her bed at the time. Usagi isn’t happy and Chibi-Usa runs away. She is unhappy and tries to go back in time and gets closer, but still fails. She cries which releases her power and attracts the attention of the four sisters. Unfortunately, the Wise Man predicted Chibi-Usa would let her power loose again so the sisters are on the look out for her. With Luna’s help (Luna and Usagi split up to look for Chibi-Usa) Chibi-Usa manages to escape. Luna alerts the scouts. Usagi meanwhile spots Chibi-Usa and hears her talking about something happening to her mother . . . Unfortunately at this point the sisters show up again. Fortunately, so do the Scouts, starting with Sailor Moon. The Scouts and the sisters face off and Usagi protects Chibi-Usa when Rubius shows up. It seems Rubius and the sisters are from the tenth planet in the solar system and are part of the Black Moon Clan. They want a different future with no Crystal Tokyo. Usagi gets knocked around a bit but Tuxedo Kamen shows up to help. They surprise Rubius enough that he orders everyone to retreat. Yep, Chibi-Usa’s Mother is from the future Crystal Tokyo. And the Wise Man has a hologram of the queen of Crystal Tokyo that looks a lot like Usagi . . .

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Konichiwa Anne #34

This week’s episode is: To a Distant Town.

With Tessa’s encouragement Anne escapes from the orphanage, but Tessa is too scared to go with her. The other girls actually see this and although they don’t like Anne they help her escape – either because they feel guilty about what happened or because they know what Anne will find. In the town Anne asks people to help her get to Prince Edward Island, but no one does. They know she is an orphan. After long consideration, Anne goes back to the orphanage and is found fortunately by the nice teacher, who has also been giving sanctuary for Tessa in her room. I suspect at this point Tessa confesses how not only was she involved in the fire, she is rather the fault it happened in the first place. I think Tessa blames herself for her parent’s tragic death in an accident, though I’m not quite sure why she considers it her fault. Anne forgives her and the teacher gives them both words of encouragement. Well, with Tessa confessing the other girls have little choice but to confess as well. The headmistress is at least fair – everyone gets punished, and she keeps Anne and Tessa away from the others during punishment chores. This is probably a good thing since the other girls don’t like Anne at all still. While cleaning the book cabinet Anne sees in a book a photo of the girl who wrote the saying in the punishment room. Amy Thomson? And she is next to a younger headmistress . . .

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