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Kobato #4

This week’s episode is: …When the Green Leaves Flourish.


Ha! So that was Kohaku and Shuichiro from Wish there at the end last time! Kobato sees Kohaku crying over tree leaves and decides to figure what about them made Kohaku so upset. Later, she sees Kohaku with Shuichiro. When Kobato finally talks to Koahku about it, Kohaku says how she wishes she could spend more time with Shuichiro and show him such things as the leaves shining with dew in the morning. They have never even been on a date. So Kobato naturally decides to send them on a date. Since an amusement park was mentioned that is what Kobato decides on, but unfortunately she is broke. There is a raffle and one of the prizes is tickets to an amusement park. Miraculously, Kobato gets the ticket needed to take place in the raffle, but ends up with a huge stuffed alligator or crocodile (can’t tell the difference). She runs into Fujimoto, literally. He is always doing other jobs when not at the kindergarten. He does happen to have amusement park tickets and Kobato talks him into giving them to her. Kobato gives them to Kohaku who doesn’t want to accept them at first because she fears Shuichiro will never have the time to use them (he’s a doctor), but Shuichiro overhears this and agrees to go. They have a wonderful time, but there are no new pieces of candy in the jar because Kohaku was truly already happy. Ioryogi gets a message from a representative of heaven (the rabbit, believe it or not). Ioryogi has one year (four seasons) to get the jar full and grant Kobato’s wish. Otherwise Ioryogi is stuck in stuffed animal form for eternity and Kobato won’t get her wish fulfilled.


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Kimi ni Todoke #4

This week’s episode is: Rumor.


Okay, so Pin is a nut^^; He makes Kazehaya late for class by relating his drunken vision of little men. Meanwhile, the rumors are spreading more. At first Yano and Yoshida don’t believe Sadako has anything to do with the rumors, but then they hear Sadako talking about them to someone else. Unfortunately, they are dragged away by Pin at the crucial moment and so they are unsure how Sadako really feels about them. They ask Sadako about it later, but Sadako is so hesitant and slow in answering they think that is the answer and she doesn’t really like them. Meanwhile, Sadako starts hearing rumors about how the rumors about Yano and Yoshida are because they have been hanging around her. Sadako thinks this is the reason behind the change she sees in them. So now she gets worried that people will start saying bad things about Kazehaya next so she starts avoiding him.

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Hikaru no Go #11

This week’s episode is: The Most Inconsiderate Act.


So Hikaru (and Sai) watch Mitani’s game with the older guy. In the middle of the game the guy switches from his right hand to his left hand and starts playing quite well and cheating. Between all of this, Mitani really doesn’t stand a chance. It turns out the owner of the Go salon hired the guy to teach Mitani a lesson about cheating. When Mitani finds out about this he asks Hikaru instead for the last few yen he owes. Hikaru runs after Mitani but can’t catch him. Okay, so Mitani did need to learn a lesson, but both Hikaru and Sai feel this was more of a trap than a lesson. Hikaru goes back and challenges the guy to a game. Sai creams him and Hikaru takes Mitani’s money back.

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Xxxholic Manga #14

Well, Kohane seems much happier now that she is away from her mother for a while with the fortune teller lady. The fact that she’s getting cooking lessons from Watanuki is naturally a bonus. Interestingly enough, Yuuko gets a customer who wants to learn to cook. Naturally, Watanuki is ordered by Yuuko to take the job. We also find out Domeki is picky about his food, not in the preparation but the feeling that is put into it by individuals. When Watanuki brings over some of the lady’s efforts, after one piece Domeki refuses to eat more. It turns out the lady has a thing about eating her own food. She feels it’s disgusting. Yep, Watanuki has his work cut out here as he does his best with his new cooking student. Meanwhile, several people comment on how Watanuki has changed and he’s not the only one. We also find out that Watanuki can’t remember his past. There’s a very good reason for that.

Yay for a volumeĀ  Xxholic coming out the same time two volumes of Tsubasas do!

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Tsubasa Manga #24

So our heroes arrive in Clow country, a place where time has stopped. Only one problem: the same few hours keep repeating themselves, and the more our heroes change things the fewer people are left. When they finally reach the ruins where everything began, Syaoran tells how he was sent to Yuuko by his father and Yuuko sends him on to Clow country where he first meets the Princess Sakura (the real one). It’s too bad those happy times couldn’t last.

And we have to wait until next time to get the rest of the original Syaoran’s story. Well, at least we got two volumes out at once this time! And we got some major revelations this time too!

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This week’s episode is: A Strange Coincidence.


There is enough evidence that Judy asks the Semples if Master Jervie is Jervis Pendelton. They are indeed the same person. When Jervis was young he was sick and came to this farm to recuperate. Later, he gave the farm to the Semples in thanks. It also seems that he doesn’t particularly care for Julia’s side of his family. Judy tells all about how she met Jervis and the Semples tell stories of his childhood. Judy seems to get into about as much trouble as Jervis did, breaking dishes and being scared of the rooster. Judy names the calves and one that is a bully is Julia and another that is an orphan she names Judy. Judy is overjoyed when her namesake makes a place for itself in the herd.


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Tusbasa Manga #23

Syaoran has managed to go to he dream world where Sakura’s soul is, but clone Syaoran is there too! It is the fight of the century between these two virtually identical people! We not only get this epic battle, we get some idea of what Fei Wong is really after, and Sakura reveals something that changes everything. As our heroes pick up the pieces after the battle, the question remains, what will they do now? The answers to everything lie back in the beginning: in Clow country.

Tons of excitement, revelation, all framed by CLAMP’s gorgeous artwork make this volume a must have for fans:)

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