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This week’s episode is: The Door of Darkness.

So Ed and Ling are in a place that is too large to just be Gluttony’s stomach. Eventually, they find Envy, and he says Gluttony was supposed to be a door of truth that “Father” made, but it didn’t turn out well at all. There is also no escape. Envy also talks about the start of the war with Ishbal – he impersonated a moderate soldier and shot the Ishbal child, which event started the war. So now it’s an all out fight and we get to see Envy’s true form.

Meanwhile, we learn how May Chang found the panda Shao May. As for why May Chang left Xing, her clan is one of the weakest and without immortality to offer the emperor, the clan will die out. Okay, so Scar still has a drop of sympathy left in him and he agrees to help look for Shao May.

Al is devastated that Ed is gone. Gluttony is worried about what “Father” will say about a sacrifice being eaten. Al convinces Gluttony to take him (and Shao May) to “Father”.

It seems the military has been under the control of the hormorculi for a long time now and everyone Mustang was going to try and get to help him knows about the Fuhrer already. Still, Mustang is a possible sacrifice too, so to keep Mustang in line the Fuhrer disperses Mustang’s team and puts Hawkeye as is personal secretary. The message is clear.


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Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is I have been honored to receive a part in a local play. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. The bad news is given the time commitment I see no way to keep up my current anime schedule. I’ve decided the best solution is to cut out my daily anime until the play is over. I hope that this will allow me to continue my weekly anime:¬† Konichiwa Anne, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Hikaru no Go, Sailor Moon R, and Daddy Long Legs. I also hope to add Kimi ni Todoke and Kobato from the fall anime. And who knows – occasionally I may be able to surprise you guys with a little bit extra, but until the play is over I don’t feel I can make any promises. If any further adjustments to my anime schedule are required due to the play, I will let you know as soon as possible.

This does not mean that I’m done with Captain Harlock. I hope to resume that around the first of the year as the daily anime.

In the mean time, I hope my loyal readers will continue enjoying my weekly anime:) Thank you for understanding.

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Aria the Origination

Ah, the last part of our adventures in Neo Venisia. All good things come to an end, but first Akari finds things interesting when Alicia has too many bookings to spend much time at home, Alice is focusing on school, and Aika is getting special lessons from Akira. We meet friends new and old, including some old and new locations around Aqua. Alice learns some lessons from Alicia and from Athena. We also learn more of the history of Aria Company. Alice is the first to make prima, skipping being a single. Aika is next, and she also becomes a manager for a branch of Himeia company. Finally, Akari becomes a prima as well and Alicia leaves to get married and be a part of the transportation and tourism board for Neo Venisia. It is sad seeing everyone separate, but that doesn’t mean they will never see each other again, and as Akari says, you never know what wonderful new encounters you will have in the future!

My rating: 5/5 for keeping up it’s soothing tone and a perfect ending!!!

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Konichiwa Anne #25

This week’s episode is: Cooler Than the Snow.



Well, the Thomas family has a happy Christmas day with Anne letting Noah play with her bear. Noah wants Bart to hurry home because the star fell off and Bart is the one tall enough to put the star back on the top of the tree. All of this is shattered late that night when someone from the railway office comes and brings the news. Joanna is shattered. This leaves Anne to work past her pain and keep the household running. Fortunately, Randolph and his father drive by so they are able to deliver the letters to the post informing the extended Thomas family of what happened. Noah has a hard time understanding what happened to his daddy. As for Horace, he is now the man of the house and does his best to fill those shoes. Unfortunately, neither he or Anne are old enough to have real jobs yet. A funeral is held for Bart and Randolph’s dad insists on putting the dancing shoes and trophy Bart sold so he could get Christmas presents for his family. Noah puts in the Christmas star. However, it seems things will be changing. Joanna’s parents will take the Thomas family in, but it doesn’t seem they are willing to take in Anne as well.

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Captain Harlock #12

Today’s episode is: Mother, Be Eternal.


Well, Tadashi is quite upset at himself and spends all his time in his room or training. Meanwhile, the Arcadia explores Venus and in one area that detects Mazone they find Mazone indeed, coal based Mazone. Well, this actually makes a lot of since sense coal was once plants. Anyway they search further on but find nothing so Harlock orders the Arcadia back but at a higher altitude where they find what look like Myan ruins. It is an old Mazone base, partially destroyed by a volcano ages ago. Harlock has the Arcadia descend inside a crater to the base and there discover artifacts they are collected, hoping they will tell more about the Mazone, but then the crater starts collapsing. The Arcadia barely escapes, but now the new Mazone base there reveals itself and thanks to Tadashi’s information it does pretty good against the Arcadia. But still they aren’t good enough and Harlock destroys the ship. Tadashi meanwhile goes out with the other fighters and eventually finds the Mazone he freed. At first he is under her spell again, but finally he manages to work past it and destroy her ship.

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Hikaru no Go #6

This week’s episode is: The Beautiful Match.


Well, Tsutsui manages to win his game, basically because he’s actually brilliant in the end game¬† so with two wins and one loss Haze Middle School advances. The next game, Kaga wins again and Tsutsui looses which leaves everything up to Hikaru. Unfortunately, Hikaru isn’t a good player yet. Kaga tells Hikaru that Tsutsui has to win this tournament or else he won’t get his Go club and even might get hurt by members of the Shogi club. Hikaru asks Sai to play then and he wins but Hikaru isn’t happy. Kaga finally convinces Tsutsui to get rid of his Go book. So now Haze Middle School will play Kaio Middle School, a prestigious school who has been winning tournaments for a long time. Kaga looses. Tsutsui doesn’t think he can win, but his opponent makes a critical mistake and Tsutsui takes full advantage of it, not allowing a comeback in the endgame and winning. Meanwhile, Hikaru is winning with Sai playing for him, but Sai tells Hikaru to pay attention to the game and feel it’s flow. Sai plays in such a way to teach Hikaru. Hikaru does win. What Hikaru doesn’t know is that Akira was over at Kaio Middle School where the tournament was going to be held since that is where he’ll be attending school the following year. Knowing Akira’s ability with go, the stop by and see the Go tournament. Akira wishes he was the one playing Hikaru. Hikaru is found out by the kid who knows him and knows very well Hikaru isn’t in middle school yet. So Haze is disqualified but everyone leaves reasonably happy, except Hikaru wants to get better at Go. Oh, and Kaga was lying about Tsutsui getting in trouble if they didn’t win the tournament^^;

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Daddy Long Legs #7

This week’s episode is: A Good Way to Use Gold Coins.


Julia is not happy with Judy. Okay, it doesn’t help that Judy is jealous of Julia’s new silk stockings and Judy saying Julia’s family is descended from monkeys was unfortunate but understandable given that the biology lesson that day was on the theory of evolution. Julia gets Judy and Sallie to agree to show their gifts after the Christmas holidays which have almost arrived. Julia doesn’t think Judy will get any presents. Donations are being collected for charity, which Judy isn’t happy about, having been on the receiving end of that charity with unhappy results sometimes. She and Julia get into a huge argument on the subject. Later, Julia decides to get dirt on Judy so she manages to look at the student records, but under Judy only the name is listed. Julia asks Miss Sloan about this and she says this only happens when a student would be disadvantaged by having their information known, such as if they were from an orphanage. Judy meanwhile has seen all of Julia’s snooping and she also has to worry about showing Christmas presents. Fortunately, Daddy Long Legs comes through. He sends five gold pieces as Judy’s Christmas present. So Judy goes and buys herself Christmas presents with them and makes up a huge extended family from whom to receive them from. Julia is not pleased to be foiled. And Judy now has a pair of silk stockings of her own^^;

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