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This week’s episode is: The Fool’s Progress.

Well, after the events of the previous episode, Mustang is slowly recovering and is having his people still continue their work. He and Ed think the Fuhrer is in on the hormorcuous thing but need to prove it. Havoc is recovering too, but in his case, he is paralyzed and will probably never walk again. Mustang doesn’t want to accept this so he has one of his other men go look for Dr. Marco as being the one most likely to be able to do something on a tip from Ed. However, Dr. Marco is missing. Mustang tells Havoc he will leave him behind but he also expects Havoc to catch up to him. In the mean time, Ed tells Al about how Scar was probably the one who killed Winrey’s parents. And speaking of Scar, he’s in Central, going after State Alchemists. Ed isn’t too happy about Scar, but he wants to use Scar to lure out the hormorculous. He suggests to Winrey that she stick around, knowing that he will probably be needing her services again soon. And Ling shows up with one of his sidekicks wanting to help out. He is interested in hormorculous since it sounds to him like they have immortality. So Ed starts attracting tons of attention to draw Scar to him. Mustang is back on the job, though he probably shouldn’t be, and when he finds Ed and Al is exactly when Scar strikes. He and Hawkeye slip off and start delivering misinformation to the government to give Ed and Al time. Greed show up and Ling and his bodyguard can some how sense hormorculous now that they know what to look for. Pride also shows up and doesn’t like this and attacks the guard.


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Xxxholic Kei #6

Today’s episode is: Peace – This Flower.


So Yuuko has decided to play Majong at Domeki’s place. Only one problem – Watanuki has never played before and has no idea what he’s doing. After the first round, Yuuko has Mokona give Watanuki tons of books on the subject. Some of the titles are hilarious. Watanuki finds a beginners book and now understands a little, but still has no idea what he’s doing. Himawari stops by to drop off some extra tarts a friend made. Himawari never seems to make anything herself. Ah, Watanuki sure goes on a roller coaster ride of emotions when she is around^^; It seems that even when Watanuki is somehow managing to do something positive for his game, the others gang up and stop him^^; Next to stop by is Ame-warashi and Zashiki-warashi. Unfortunately, Zashiki-warashi says something that gives the other three players a clue as to what he is up to. Watanuki in the end is a huge looser^^; However, the spirit who was brought to the cherry trees at Domeki’s shrine from the other cherry tree seems to have enjoyed the game. Watanuki is ordered to make snacks and everyone goes to help him. It seems this whole thing with the Majong was a request by Domeki for the spirit since the clacking tiles helps them on to the next world by giving them peace . His payment, some of his grandfather’s old sake to Yuuko:p

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Yeah, I’ll spell this properly now, though since I can’t change the categories I’ll have to leave that one as is.

This week’s episode is: Lincoln Memorial Girl’s School.


Yep, you know you’re in New York City when you see the statue of liberty^^; Judy is very excited but she gets her suitcase stolen and Judy chases after the guy. Walter Grigs, “John Smith’s” solicitor is there waiting for Judy and sees the theft and manages to corner the thief and get the suitcase back. Judy meanwhile finds a policeman to help and Mr. Grigs is the one apprehended!!! Judy’s good shoes were ruined in the case so she puts on some old boots. She gets lost in the streets and bumps into a guy carrying a ton of boxes to a car. Because Judy helps, the young lady in the car insists on paying Judy ten dollars which to Judy is quite worrisome. Judy catches another train after a snack of a sandwich and arrives at the Lincoln Memorial High School for Girls finally!!! There is a common room shared and one girl is already there, Sallie McBride who seems quiet and nice though I don’t think she knows what to make of Judy. The other roommate is the girl who gave Judy the money in New York! Her name is Julia Rutledge Pendelton and she seems something of a snob and isn’t pleased to have Judy there, especially after Judy gives her back the money and uses her towel. Julia and Sallie share a room, Judy has a room all to herself. When asked about herself, Judy does admit to being an orphan but doesn’t want to say anything about her poor upbringing at the John Grier Home.  There is an announcement that there is a party to greet the first years, but it is a formal and Judy has nothing to wear! The other two girls go on ahead while Judy tries to figure out what to do when there is a knock at the door. It is Mr. Grigs with a trunk for Judy from Daddy Long Legs! And in it is a formal! Why do I get the feeling a little bird told him that Judy spent pretty much all the money except for the train tickets on presents for the children at the John Grier Home? So Judy enjoys the party and writes her first letter to Daddy Long Legs, explaining that name.

At this point I can the the charm of this series, aside from Judy’s cheerfully exuberant personality, being all the new things she experiences through going to High School. I can also see interesting times ahead if Judy continues to want to hide her origins. And of course there is the mystery of Daddy Long Legs . . . I look forward to it!

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Konichiwa Anne #21

This week’s episode is: Farewell Snow.


Ah, the road not taken yet again. Well, Bart is released and perhaps no charges will be pressed, but he is still fired from his job. So what does Bart do when he gets home? Get drunk. Joanna is in tears and Anne is disgusted. Anne is further upset when she has to stay home on teacher’s last day to look after everyone while Joanna goes out, perhaps to find work. Unfortunately, two of the boys are way too young to be left and the two older boys, well if I were Joanna I wouldn’t trust them at home alone either. The last straw comes, though, when the boys are goofing around while Anne is getting dinner on and they knock Anne over and the soup she made as well. No supper for anyone that night!

Meanwhile, teacher and the eggman have been making preparations for getting married and leaving. Many of the students are tearful. Because Anne wasn’t in school and because of what is being said around town about Bart and the couple are worried about Anne. So they send a letter to Bart, offering to take Anne. Bart shows Anne the letter at her lowest point and gives permission to leave if she wants, which cheers Anne up. The next day, however, Anne has trouble leaving. She even gets breakfast ready before going. She gets into the carriage with her teacher and the eggman, but then the Thomas children come running after her begging her to stay. And the baby walks on tottering legs to her saying her name. Anne stays of course after this. Seeing how the children were with Anne when she had them all day, I can see why Joanna is so short tempered so often. One thing I don’t understand is why Bart and Joanna don’t have at least the older children help the family, even if it is only a little. Anne isn’t that much older, and look at what she can do! If house chores are too girly, have the boys do a garden or gather sticks for the fire in the woods or something! As for Anne, I think she realizes that while she might be happier leaving, the Thomases need her right now, and in spite of everything she does care for them.

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Xxxholic Kei #5

Today’s episode is: Affinity – Kohane.


Ahh, in this episode we meet Kohane-chan, the young psychic. She seems rather colorless really, but it isn’t her fault. First though, Watanuki eggs Domeki about dressing as a girl when young, but Domeki isn’t phased and says that is what is done with young, frail boys to protect them. Himawari talks to everyone about Kohane-chan during lunch, saying the girl is supposed to exorcise a cherry tree where a spirit is for the next program. Who should Watanuki and Himawari run into on the way home but Kohane-chan in front of a cherry tree. They don’t really have a chance to do anything, though, because Kohane’s mother is quite protective. This isn’t for Kohane’s good, though. Mother dearest is so strict, keeping Kohane from anything unpure so Kohane can make them money from her TV appearances. Yet, mother dearest yells at Kohane, doesn’t want to touch her, and doesn’t even call Kohane by her name. Kohane does say one thing before leaving – that she and Watanuki are alike. The next day, Watanuki sees Kohane in front of the cherry tree again, this time without her mother. They talk and Kohane says the spirit in the cherry tree isn’t doing any harm and is only there because it loves it. In fact, the spirit has extended the life of the tree and if it leaves the tree will die. Watanuki suggests doing what they can, so they go to Domeki’s place. There are plenty of cherry trees at the shrine where Domeki lives and he will welcome the benign spirit. Before leaving, Watanuki insists that Kohane keep the umbrella he was using until they meet next time and he asks Kohane what he should call her.

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Xxxholic Kei #4

Today’s episode is: Dream-Buying.


So in this episode, everyone is talking about dreams. Watanuki dreams he is chased by a giant Mokona on an eggplant^^; Himawari dreams that she is being chased by a monster. Domeki dreamed of his grandfather riding a horse. Domeki gives Himawari some cookies in thanks for sharing her dream. She’s supposed to do some student counsel stuff, but has family in town so Watanuki volunteers to take over, not knowing Domeki agreed to help too. Also, Himawari ends up giving Domeki some of Watanuki’s cookies^^; On the way home, Watanuki is chased by a monster which then is stopped by a Domeki on a horse. Then Yuuko appears. She says it was a dream that happens in the real world. As for how this happened, it is because Watanuki gave cookies to Himawari – that meant he bought her dream. Good thing he ended up buying Domeki’s dream as well! So it was Domeki’s grandfather in the dream, not Domeki. The two could be twins^^; The arrow used to dispel the monster is still there so Yuuko says they should find a dream buyer. They go between a pole and a fence and it looks the same but Yuuko says it is now a different world. The dream seller arrives floating with his balloons or dreams and he looks like a hippo, sort of. He is very excited to see Watanuki’s dream – good quality dreams filled with spiritual power seem to be in short supply in the modern world and Watanuki’s dream seems to be unusually powerful. Yuuko haggles and gets five dreams in return. Since the dream buyer says he’s going that way Watanuki asks him to give one of his dreams to the fox son at the oden stall in thanks for his help at the demon parade. Yuuko gets two of the dreams leaving Watanuki one. He dreams that night and talks with Domeki’s grandfather. Watanuki doesn’t seem to mind him. The grandfather shows Watanuki a picture of Domeki as a a child – Doemki dressed as a girl. When Watanuki wakes up, one of his balloons is gone and he is eager to blackmail Domeki, picture or no. However, Mokona and Yuuko have other ideas – eggplant feast!

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Cross Game #10

This episode is: Stop Kidding Around.

Well, the lower team is doing well so far, but the fact is Kou is wearing out. First the main team ties them then starts getting points, mostly from their star batter, Azuma. Kou is forced to choose between control and speed and he goes for speed. He still manages to hold the top team back mostly, but he is still wearing out. Still, people are getting impressed with Kou. Even Aoba is cheering him on, sort of, while talking with the old man. The coach for the top team is not pleased and keeps putting his players down when they don’t perform as expected. Meanwhile, Keiichro tells the seniors, much to their dismay, that the head coach has no intention of putting anyone on the lower team on the main team. Now it is the top of the seventh. Can Kou hold up? Intense game, not quite so much character stuff which really makes this series shine. Still, quite enjoyable.

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