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Xxxholic #9

Today’s episode is: Promise.


Himawari tells Watanuki about a book she read that describes the red line of fate which connects people. Watanuki is quite happy to discuss this subject – until Domeki shows up^^; Although Domeki knows a fair amount about such things, with a grandfather who was a priest. While working for her, Watanuki has to rescue Yuuko from the heat that has settled in now that the rain has finally passed. Yuuko’s solution? Drink sake:p Anyway, Yuuko introduces Watanuki to the pipe fox, and yes, it really can fit in a pipe. When asked about the red line of fate, Yuuko says there could be several red lines of fate between different people. A girl shows up at the shop who Watanuki had seen earlier arguing with a guy. She says her pinkie has trouble moving. Now where have we heard that before? Again, Yuuko says the girl has a bad habit and gives her a ring. Worried, Watanuki follows and sees the girl meet with a guy. They make plans for the next day. The next day, Watanuki with Domeki in tow much to his disgust see the girl, but this time she is with a different guy. Her demeanor has totally changed too. Then she leaves with some excuse to meet up the guy from the day before. Also, the girl keeps making pinkie promises. Well, the girl and the first guy go to the amusement park, and they go to an attraction where if their love is true their fingers won’t be cut. Trapped, the girl agrees. Thanks to the pipe fox, their fingers are not cut, but then the second guy shows up to give the girl Yuuko’s ring which she had accidentally left. Then a third guy arrives who apparently was the one she argued with at the beginning, begging her to marry him. Then more and more guys show up . . . Later, Yuuko says that while no one’s fingers were cut, the girl’s ties with those guys has been cut. And when Yuuko says Watanuki has a bond with Domeki, well Watanuki at least doesn’t want to believe it^^;


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This week’s episode is: The Great Legacy.


Well, Gomez and Gaspar see the entrance to the city of gold. So do the Olmecs. They break apart their machine and start battering down the door. Mendoza, Pedro, and Sancho manage to slip in during the first crack in the door. The children must have shut it again. Unfortunately, the Olmecs are still threatening Tao, wanting to know all its secrets. As if they know them. Thankfully, Mendoza shows up. Tao is freed, but then the Olmec machine appears. The Olmecs on the ground go on ahead to find the great treasure, which they need to save their race. The high priest of the cities of gold however offers to help the Olmec race without the use of the power of the sun which is so dangerous. The Olmec stabs the high priest. The Olmec finds the great treasure, but there is a spot that exactly fits Tao’s pot. I wonder why . . . Taking the great treasure, however, activates the defenses of the city of gold. Once the dome which hid the city is gone, the high priest begs Esteban to call the sun, which he does, fully activating the defenses. The Olmec machine is greatly damaged and crashes. Menator survives, but is much the worse for wear. His underling brings the great treasure and leave in what is left of the Olmec machine. By this time, the high priest’s followers and the Mayas have arrived (with Tao’s jar), but what will happen now that the Olmecs have the great treasure?

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Xxxholic #8

Today’s episode is: Contract.


Today is cleaning day. Yuuko makes Watanuki empty her storeroom to tidy it up. During this, Yuuko tells Watanuki that like people things have affinity. They are interrupted by a woman who studies antiques and other old things. She is very self confident and seems to have a lot of luck. She sees a tube and is attracted to it. However, Yuuko says the young lady and the tube do not have an affinity. The young lady is insistent, so Yuuko lets her take the tube with the warning never to open it.Yuuko says the young lady won’t listen. The next day, Watanuki and Domeki run into the woman at school – she is going to be starting student teaching. Watanuki tries to warn her, but doesn’t really get a chance. When the young lady passes Himawari, the tube flies out of her hand. Himawari catches it, but the seal is undone. Yeah, there’s a reason for that. Anyway, there is what looks like a shriveled hand inside. The young lady knows it is the monkey’s paw, which grants wishes. So the young lady, not being afraid at all of it, wishes for rain for the rest of the day. The next day the school swimming pool is empty. Then the young lady wishes for a mirror in an antique shop that she wants but that the owner won’t sell. The mirror appears. Now Watanuki starts to notice darkness around her. Also she has noticed that each time one of the monkey paw’s finger’s breaks. Next, the young lady is having trouble with her essay that will allow her to continue her study so she wishes for help with it and finds exactly the information she needs. At this point the young lady is really happy since the essay is accepted as brilliant. The next day, not so much. The next day she is late to her last day of student teaching. She only thinks in passing it would be nice if there were an accident so she would have a good excuse, but that is enough to break the fourth finger and for the lady next to our young lady to fall in front of a train. This worries our young lady greatly. Then she gets a call from her professor asking if she plagiarized since a paper on the same topic was turned in two weeks ago. Now she worries that she will be blamed for the death of the woman who fell in front of the train. When she hears knocking on the door where she is hiding she panics and wishes for all of it to be erased. This breaks the thumb of the monkey’s paw, which then strangles the young lady. When students finally get the door open, there is nothing there but a cell phone . . . The mirror is back where it belongs and so is the monkey’s paw, but I can’t help wondering if the young lady’s hand is now the new monkey’s paw . . .

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Sailor Moon R #4

This week’s episode is: Usagi In Danger! Disabled Tiara!

Ann and Ail are worried about the Doom Tree and decide to go get more energy for it.

Usagi isn’t pleased to be pulled out of bed on the weekend. Luna wants Usagi to go to a new virtual reality theater to train. Usagi isn’t so sure she wants to until she sees Mamoru. Ann sees Mamoru too and convinces Ail to take the two with them. Usagi is naturally the only reason he agrees. Ail earlier brainwashed one of the workers so they could get in earlier. Who should be just ahead of them is Shingo and Usagi’s dad, who is rather shocked to see Usagi with guys. Ail and Mamoru become rather competitive. Ann tries her wiles on Mamoru, but he doesn’t appreciate this at all. He ends up going after a startled Usagi. This makes Usagi happy, until Shingo comes saying their Dad is in trouble. This is quite true as there is now a real monster stealing energy. Mamoru goes to deal with this, and he is the only one who manages to stay on his feet but he can’t stop the monster. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, but when she uses tiara attack, it seems it no longer works. The Moonlight Knight arrives and so do the Scouts, who were farther back in line for the virtual reality show. Usagi is confused at Moonlight Knight being there at the same time as Mamoru. The Scouts finish off the monster. Ail and Ann are not pleased. While Shingo and Dad are being patched up, Usagi has a lot on her mind.

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Xxxolic #7

Today’s episode is: Hydrangea.


So Watanuki is complaining about the rain to himself on his way to Yuuko’s store when he gets whacked by an umbrella by a girl. She is Ame-warashi, a rain spirit, so I guess you can’t blame her for being a bit upset at Watanuki’s remarks. Anyway, Amewarashi has business with Yuuko. At the store, Ame-warashi tells Yuuko wants to help someone. She has tried herself but can’t get close enough. The job is naturally given to Watanuki. Watanuki then goes to collect Domeki (no doubt at Yuuko’s insistence) and then they stop at Himawari’s place to pick up something of hers. Himawari gives the two guys the two ribbons that hold up her hair. Ame-warashi shows the two guys a hydrangea bush saying that is the problem. It is an unusual bush, being much redder than usual. Then Watanuki gets sucked in. Watanuki finds himself in a dark place and finds a girl. The girl is lonely and scared. There is a place she has to get to, but she is to scared to go on her own so she wants Watanuki to go with her. However, the closer they get, the more uneasy Watanuki gets (the increasingly strong stench doesn’t help). But when Watanuki questions going there, voices start saying to there, don’t go there. It is rather confusing and this upsets the girl. Then Watanuki notices a bit of rain and a ribbon. Aside from the fact it is way too long it looks like Himawari’s ribbon. Watanuki has the other ribbon from Himawari. Watanuki suggests they go up. At first the girl doesn’t want to – she’s changed and is dirty – but eventually Watanuki convinces her and the two ribbons join and take them up. The hydrangea bushes are no longer red and Watanuki is holding the bones of a child. Domeki is there still. It turns out he tried digging to find Watanuki, but then Yuuko appeared and asked Domeki to hold Himawari’s ribbon until Watanuki appeared. The police will deal with the body. Yuuko tells Watanuki that the place he was at was between the world of the living and the world of the dead and the girl was tryig to get to the worst of the places of the dead, but she didn’t want to do it alone. This is why she wanted Watanuki to go with her, though it would of killed him. However the hydrangea bush warned Watanuki. As for Ame-warashi, she wanted help for the hydrangea bush, it being under her and being polluted by the body.

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This week’s episode: God’s in Heaven, All is Well on Earth.


All of Avonea is confused by Anne’s decision not to use her scholarship. They don’t know about Marilla’s eye problems. Mrs. Allan at least is quite supportive. Anne spends lots of time with Marilla, especially in the evenings and at night. One night, Mrs. Lynde comes over to tell Anne that the Avonela school is hears. When Gilbert heard she was going to teach, he withdrew his name for consideration. He is teaching at White Sands now. Anne is quite moved by this. Diana siganls, and when Anne goes over, she finds Aunt Josephine there. Aunt Josephine heard about Anne giving up her scholarship and worries about Anne giving into Marilla’s ideas. Anne assures Aunt Josephine and Dianna this was her idea, and she will still study college courses (much to Mrs. Lynde’s exasperation). The next day when Anne goes to Matthew’s grave, she gets two letters on her way. One is from Stella who is going to Redmonds the next school year and wants to room with Anne. The other is from Miss Stacey, congratulating Anne on her scholarship. On her way home, Anne runs into Gilbert. Anne is finally ready to admit she forgives him (though the truth is she forgave him along time ago), and she profusely thanks him for letting her have the Avonlea school. They will be friends and support each other in their teaching and their course work. This interests Marilla^^; That evening, Anne writes to Stella and Miss Stacey explaining she isn’t accepting her scholarship. Still, Anne is at peace with her decision and with the world.

And thus ends Akage no Anne. It may start out slow, but the results are completely worth it. Anne is so engaging, and so are the people around her. This is just a wonderful, gentle story. If you loved the book Anne of Green Gables or the Disney live action adaptation, you may want to give this a try.

My rating: 5/5 because Anne is just too cute! Have we finally found someone who can match Sakura from Card Captor Sakura for cuteness?!?

I will take next week off from World Masterpiece Theater, but I am very excited for the following week which will begin Daddy Long Legs since it is one of the few series from World Masterpiece Theater that is completely subbed. Look forward to it!

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This week’s episode is: Cool-Headed Flames.

Ah, I was right about this series becoming difficult to watch. Ross is accused of the murder of Hughes, and she isn’t allowed a chance to defend herself. No one else is allowed either. This includes Armstrong and the guy from Mustang’s group who is watching Barry the Chopper. In fact, Ross is sentenced to die. Later, Barry sneaks out and gets to the prison. He gets Ross out and even lets Ling out (he was in for being an illegal immigrant) when he hears Ling is from Xing. They run into the Eldrics who are on their way to talk to Mustang or Armstrong about Ross. Barry holds the Eldrics off while Ross runs ahead then runs off with Ling when there is sort of an explosion. Mustang’s work – he toasted, literally, Ross. The Eldrics are very upset. Actually this makes a lot of people upset at Mustang. Winey confesses to the Eldrics she hates them being in danger but wants them to get their bodies back . . . Lt. Hawkeye goes on vacation, leaving Mustang to talk with a girlfriend on the phone at work all the time. Mustang’s guy is upset that Barry the Chopper snuck out, then brought back Ling, who has by now also called his two faithful body guards. Mustang orders Armstrong to go on vacation and take Ed with him. Envy seems to think they’ve satisfied Mustang, but Lust isn’t so sure. When Envey checks, he finds out Barry the Chopper is still alive. The trouble is finding him. However, they have a chimeira that also seems to be Barry the Chopper . . .

Mustang really seems cold and cruel this episode, but I strongly suspect he is up to something. And the reason why the Eldrics at least aren’t in on it is 1-Mustang is a softy and 2-the Eldrics wear their hearts on their sleaves.

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