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Today’s episode is: The Library’s Secret.


I love the title of this episode, though given I’m a librarian that probably isn’t a surprise^^;

Syaoran wakes up and asks to talk with Kurogane privately. Sakura, Mokona, and Fai go to investigate. Actually, Mokona talks with Yuuko for a bit. Syaoran tells Kurogane about seeing his past and Kurogane says not to worry about it. When the others return, our heroes go out to eat and Fai and Sakua report on their findings. The book Syaoran was looking at is a copy of the book of memories. It copies the memories of the first person to touch it then shows those memories to the next person, which is exactly what happened with Syaoran and Kurogane. The pattern on the book looks similar to the pattern on Sakura’s feathers, and the original of the book of memories has a picture of Sakura’s feather on it. Our heroes go on a flying train to get to the central library where the original book is kept. Unfortunately, the librarians are quite strict and won’t let the book be seen, let alone checked out. In all fairness, they have a good reason. The feather in the book once was used for evil by a wicked sorcerer so it has been locked up ever since. Syaoran decides to steal the book. Mokona is really funny making up a conversation using everyone, but I don’t think Kurogane especially is amused. The section of the library where the original book of memories is held has a gate to pass which tests the intent of everyone. Fai is quite good at lying and Syaoran and Kurogane are swordsmen, but Syaoran tells Sakura to think how much better this country will be without the feather. Fai finds a magically hidden door to where the book is and uses Kurogane to provide a physical way to undo it. That is when huge snake/dragon creatures attack and the library is aware what is going on. Our heroes follow Mokona to where the feather is strongest, pass through a portal, and are back in Clow country?


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This week’s episode is: The Reunion.


The children land by the village of the new sun and are informed the village elder has been wounded. Zia recognizes him as her father. We have a flashback of when Zia was captured by Pizaro’s men when her town was destroyed. They did not realize she was the daughter of the priest of that town. Her father was away helping another village at the time. He went after Zia and almost caught up to Pizzaro’s men but they sailed away from Lima just as he got there. So he spent his life searching for the cities of gold, knowing he must find them before Pizzaro did. He did find the gate to the cities of gold (an intersection between perpendicular lines from the three ruined cities and the Olmec’s mountain). He also found the Olmecs and that they were after artifacts and gold from the cities of gold to extend there lives. Unfortunately, the process would destroy much of the world. He has been protecting the cities of gold ever since from the village of the new sun. Zia’s father manages to get all of this out before he dies. Esteban thinks Mendoza is cold to already be measuring the stars to calculate where the gate to the city of gold is, but Tao says Mendoza is keeping busy to keep his feelings at bay. Well, with the Olmec’s crystal not working thanks to our heroes’ earlier actions, they are more desperate than ever to find the cities of gold since they don’t have enough power for all their systems, especially their cryogenic systems. Meanwhile, the leader of the village of the new sun decides to go to the other Maya tribes to try and get them to unite. The other tribes aren’t interested at first, but later send their warriors to attend a counsel of war. Meanwhile, Pedro and Sancho have snuck some food and want to leave to the city of gold, which upsets Mendoza.

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This week’s episode is: First School.


Spring has arrived and it is Anne’s first day of school. She couldn’t be more excited. The teacher is happy to see her. The kids aren’t particularly nice, but Anne doesn’t seem to care at first, even when they laugh at her. She still doesn’t like being teased about her red hair, though^^; I can see she doesn’t know what exactly to expect in a school nor does she know classroom behavior. Anne gets blamed for taking a boy’s dictionary, when a particularly snobby girl, Mildred, gave it to Anne to borrow. Mildred does several things against Anne, including telling Anne that the test is on history and giving her a difficult book to study from instead of spelling. Anne does study about India with help from the egg man and in between her chores and taking care of the baby who is sick. Mildred does seem to be the star pupil. Could she be Anne’s first rival? Anne does spot a mistake in Mildred’s calculations, and the story about Anne studying the wrong subject seems to have come out since Anne gets to tell all the class about India. I can see why Joanna would not want Anne going to school, but why don’t the older Thomas boys go I wonder? One thing is clear, education is not a priority in the Thomas household. On the one hand, they in many ways are just scraping by, but on the other I don’t see the boys doing anything at all productive to help the family.

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Today’s episode is: Black Steel.


Today’s episode basically tells Kurogane’s story. In Kurogane’s country, he was the son of a lord and of a priestess. The priestess built a magical barrier to protect the country from demons and the lord killed any demons that somehow got past. Kurogane (that wasn’t his name then) had a happy childhood, cared for by his parents. He decided he wanted to become strong like his father and to that end spent much time training. His mother was often sick, so he worried about her too and did what he could to help her. It was near the time when Kurogane would officially become an adult when his father returned from fighting a demon with his sword broken. He gets the sword that is the family’s heirloom (the sword Kurogane gives Yuuko at the beginning looks just like it) and has it blessed by his wife. Kurogane is left to guard everyone at home while the priestess prays to help the warriors. Unfortunately, the priestess is killed by a hand that comes out of a dimensional hole. The next thing Kurogane knows, the demon is rampaging at his home with his father’s sword and what is left of his father’s arm in it’s mouth. The demon drops the blessed sword and Kurogane takes it. The Empress Amaratsu comes with her sister the Princess Tsukuyomi to find out what happened to the priestess in the area. The demon is dead but Kurogane attacks them, driven mad by recent events. Tsukuyomi (who is also Princess Tomoyo, what she usually goes by) somehow manages to reach poor Kurogane with the help of her powers as a priestess..

In presumably a new country, Syaoran was reading a book that somehow showed him all this and is in a trance until Kurogane knocks the book away. Syaoran apologizes to Kurogane then faints.

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This week’s episode is: The Glory and the Dream.


It seems Matthew’s bank isn’t doing so well and Marilla worries about sending Anne to Redmond even without the Avery if anything happens. Anne wasn’t nervous before, but by the day the results and awards are announced, Anne is too nervous to even look at the board where everything will be posted. Jane goes, but Anne sees everyone congratulating Gilbert on getting the middle and despairs, but the next minute someone spots her and everyone starts cheering and congratulating, as Anne won the Avory scholarship! Anne is so excited she gets a bookseller for Queens who is going to Avonlea deliver a letter to Matthew and Marilla about the news. Matthew is so excited he wants to go tell Diana, who he knows will want to hear the news too. It is very windy, though, and Marilla doesn’t want him to go outside and Marilla’s eyes are too poor to go outside after dark. So they use Anne’s old method of contacting Diana with a lantern. Diana comes over and is ecstatic to hear the news about Anne. Of everyone who attended the Queen’s graduation ceremony, probably none were as proud as Matthew and Marilla. Anne recites her award winning essay. Anne insists on going home right away. She is ecstatic to see everything in Avonlea and to see Diana. It seems everyone from Avonela passed. Jane and Ruby are going to teach. Gilbert actually will as well as his parents can’t afford to send him to Redmond college. If it is available, he will get the Avonlea school. This puts a different complexion on things for Anne – she has always used Gilbert to push herself.

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This week’s episode is: One is All, All is One.

This is the episode where we get the Eldric’s back story with their teacher, Izumi – meeting her, getting her to teach them – and her back story as well loosing a child and committing human transmutation as well. She does not send the Eldrics back to the island on their return visit, though she does beat them around enough. But the point where everything comes out in the open is even more touching than in the original series if such a thing is possible. The rabbit while the Eldric’s are on the island is just too cute. This is just an episode that is too emotional to say much about. Go watch it. You won’t regret it. Oh, we also get a brief flashback of Hoenheim, who comes off as cold and calculating and not absentminded as well. It seems Hoenheim is the only one Izumi has heard of that knows about the philosopher’s stone (much to Ed’s disgust) and he is close to achieving a long held wish of some sort.

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Today’s episode is: Parting of the Beginning.


While Kurogane tries to keep the bikers busy, Syaoran tries to get a bike but fails. The lady finally decides to help, and she can too. She is an employee of the company that makes the buses. She had achieved great success there but along the way lost some important things, but now she realizes running away won’t help. The next day, after some news on the bus’ TV, everyone realizes that Primera is the missing idol who has run away. Why? She’s tired of being an idol and more important she’s in love with her manager Shouga which the higher ups won’t like. The good news is the truck with the feather has stopped. The bad news, there is a train coming between the truck and the bus. The lady accesses the bus’ system to speed up the bus. When this isn’t enough to get past the train, Kurogane helps Shaoran up and over just in time to grab onto the truck. Unfortunately, the biker gang is back. The lady manages the weapons with everyone helping out while the old man drives^^; They keep the biker gang off Syaoran long enough for him to get the feather. The biker gang is eventually caught by the police. Meanwhile, Primera and Shouga have decided to make the producers accept their relationship, while the lady won’t run away from life any more. Yuzuriho is happy she met Sakura especially. As for the old man, what he said earlier is eerily like what Yuuko said at the begining: There are no coincidences. There is only hitsuzen.

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