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This week’s episode is: Distant Inspection.


Oh, just when things were starting to get better. This is Mr. Thomas’ story. He once had dreams and a future that seemed bright. What happened hasn’t been revealed yet but his dreams have been dashed and he is left without hope for the future. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs. Thomas feels the same way, but they react in very different ways.

Poor Mr. Thomas. He doesn’t react to his situation in the best way, but he doesn’t get any slack. His boss sees in Mr. Thomas a looser now and not only doesn’t see his potential, he treats Mr. Thomas like a looser. Mr. Thomas then acts like a looser. It’s a vicious cycle. And Mr. Thomas told his drinking buddies no and he was holding a job. Everything went wrong, Mr. Thomas got drunk and fired from his job.

I can see how Mrs. Thomas feels there is no time or means for pleasure, but that isn’t the right response to their poverty either. Surely, it would have cost little to go to the dance and feel pretty for once. Anne is capable of handling the boys for one evening I think! And in fairness, Mrs. Thomas was trying the first evening we see in the episode. It’s just everything went wrong moments before Mr. Thomas came home.

Much of this was sparked by some old friends who only know Mr. Thomas as he once was.

There’s going to be a lot of cleaning up after all that Mr. Thomas smashed in this episode. This is how the cabinet that Anne pretends has Katie Morris in it is smashed, at least the first time. At this rate, there may well be other times unless the Thomas family starts making some changes, and I don’t mean Mr. Thomas finding more work, as positive a step as that is.

I hope we get an episode showing a bit of Mrs. Thomas’ past and one where we can see where things went wrong.

I think Anne and Mr. Thomas are the only ones really sympathetic to each other in the household currently.


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Today’s episode is: The Afternoon Piano.


This is a rather laid back episode, in the which we can play name that character who we have seen before^^;

Kurogane and Syaoran go out and buy some swords. The seller seems to size them up quite well. Kurogane then seals Syaoran’s sword since it is dangerous for him to draw it until he is trained. Kurogane then starts training Syaoran, starting with peripheral vision. Syaoran has to contend not only with being blind in his right eye, but also overcompensating in his left eye.

Sakura, meanwhile helps Fai in the cafe. Between serving customers, she asks everyone about legends and such. Fai found a piano on sale and bought it, even though he can’t really play. Fai goes out for a bit leaving Sakura in charge. The lady who was singing in the last episode comes by. She gets Sakura to sing and apparently learns much from this. Sakura and Syaoran are both exhausted by the days activities.

Elsewhere, someone seems to be observing our heroes, not Fei Wong, not the guy in the cloak, and the singer seems to have been sent to the cafe on their orders . . .

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Special A Manga #3

It is almost vacation time, and the SA has the task of deciding what exotic place they will go to this year. First, Hikari has to clear the air between herself and Kei about what Yukiro told her to properly enjoy the vacation. Too bad, it probably doesn’t make Kei any easier^^; SA decides to go to Hawaii. Things start off well enough, but then Ryo is forced to take care of the young son of one of his parents’ clients, and Chitose seems determined to ruin the vacation. Hikari won’t let him, of course, and we learn that Chitose is Yahiro’s younger brother. It also seems that Yahiro and Akira have a past. There are more tests for the SA to breeze through when school starts again, and once again Hikari challenges Kei. Finally, Tadashi has a request for Hikari, and he doesn’t want Kei to know anything about it.

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Tsubasa #21

Yep, Tsubasa volume 21 just came out:) In it, we learn that King Ashura also has a secret which explains the reason why he wanted Fai around, how he ended up at the bottom of a pool, and we learn what his wish is: his death. This is a wish that Fai definitely does not want to wish. Unfortunately, there is still Fei Wong’s final curse on poor Fai to deal with. Finally, all of Fai’s masks are stripped away and everyone learns the whole truth about him that he has been running from. Poor Fai, becoming Fei Wong’s tool. You really have to feel for him, even more than for Kurogane if that is possible. In the end, his real wish is impossible, though I think he understands that now.

Fai may have been used, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it, not at this point. I could almost feel sorry for Fei Wong when our heroes find him except it would be exactly what he deserves.

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This week’s episode is: The Burning Shield.


Our heroes are looking for a mountain that looks like a burning shield. They do find an unusual mountain. It looks kind of like a volcano, but the most unusual thing about it is that the mountain sometimes emits light, and Tao’s jar reacts to it. Our heroes investigate. They see weird people, Olmecs, and technology that even Tao doesn’t recognize. Unfortunately, due to Tao’s jar, these people realize there are intruders. Mendoza leaves the children in what looks like a good place while he looks for a way out with the others. People come looking in that room, so the children leave. They find a room with a statue that talks to them. The children don’t trust it, so they try to leave, but a light knocks them unconscious. When they wake, they are on beads with what look like modern doctors around them. The Olmecs want healthy tissue from the children, but they aren’t sure the like the idea of a transplant. There are tons of Olmecs in suspended animation. As the children are lead away, Mendoza and his crew rescue them, but the only way to go is up. Up there, Mendoza realizes they are only about a day’s walk away from the first set of ruins leading them to the cities of gold. The cities of gold can’t be too far away. Unfortunately, our heroes are trapped.

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This week’s episode is: Off to Queen’s College.


Anne is getting ready to go to Queens. In between, she spends time with Diana. Diana gives Anne Alice in Wonderland to remember her by. Mrs. Spencer comes by for a visit. Aside from congratulating Anne on her successes, she tells Anne there is an American couple who want to adopt her. They heard her recital at the White Sands hotel and are able to have any children. In spite of giving Anne everything she could want (Anne says it is just like Cinderella), in the end Anne wants to stay at Green Gables. Anne doesn’t handle this in exactly the best way, so Mrs. Spencer leaves a bit offended, but Marilla and Matthew find the situation hilarious. This doesn’t save Anne from a bit of scolding, though. After hearing that the other girls going to Queen’s are getting evening dresses, Marilla decides to get one for Anne and asks Mrs. Allen for help with this. Anne loves it, and recites for Marilla and Matthew. Marilla goes down memory lane a bit. Finally, the day comes, and Matthew takes Anne off to the train station where she will get on to go to Charlettown.

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Sorry I missed yesterday, it was kind of crazy. I actually did watch the episode, but didn’t have time to blog. So, to make up for it, I have two episodes today:)

Yesterday’s episode was: Cat and Dog.


The people our heroes meet are Yuzuriho and Kusenagi, another pair of demon hunters. They get invited back to the cafe, which turns a bit noisy when Kurugani finds out what names Fai gave to everyone^^; Kurugani is Big Puppy, Syaoran is Little Puppy, Fai is Big Kity, and Sakura is Little Kitty^^; The funny part is how the names sort of suit them^^; Oh, and Yuuko sends some cake through Mokona and is fully expecting return gifts for White day^^; Kurugane is suspicious and doesn’t want to eat it, but Fai makes him^^; Yuzuriho and Kusenagi say that demons have been acting strangely lately. Sakura has realized that with all Syaoran does for her, he can’t just be a concerned stranger, but when she tries to remember him, Yuuko’s curse takes effect and forces Sakura to forget Syaoran again (at least up to when she lost her feathers). Syaoran and Kurogane go collect their money the next day. When Syaoran asks about unusual occurrences or legends, they are told to ask the information specialist. When they talk to her, she says it seems there is a new type of demon around, and someone actually saw it. Later, Fai goes with Kurogane to go talk with this person to give Sakura and Syaoran a chance to be alone. Unfortunately, they get attacked by demons. And Mokona names the cafe the Cat’s Eye.

Today’s episode is: The Resolution to Live.


Fai and Kurogane fight the demons. Fai is injured and Kurogane breaks his sword but not before the demons are finished off. We find out part of why Kurogane doesn’t like Fai: Fai doesn’t care about his life. The two go on to the bar where the person who saw the new kind of demon works, but by the time they get there, she is gone.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Syaoran get some more customers: Souma and Ryuuou. Ryuuou likes challenging himself and starts fighting Syaoran. He gets stopped by Kusenagi before he does too much damage. All enjoy the deserts, and eventually Fai and Kurogane make it back. Fai gets patched up. A mysterious person in a cloak arrives, and makes demons attack the cafe. Syaoran discovers he can’t fight high level demons without a weapon. This demon doesn’t act like normal, including attacking Sakura, but with everyone working together they defeat it. Who is the person in the cloak, and how does he know Syaoran? Syaoran asks Kurogane to teach him how to use the sword. Kurogane eventually agrees.

I’d forgotten how slowly paced the seasons of Tsubasa are and how many flashbacks they use. Any excuse for a flashback. Still, it is a relaxing pace.

And now that I have read Tokyo Babylon, that sakura tree gives me chills now that I know its meaning:0

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