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Today’s episode is: Sword of Demon Destruction.


The leader of one of the gangs, Shougo, is impressed with Syaoran and brings out his own kudan, a high level water one. But the police arrive and so the fight doesn’t really get started. Syaoran returns the feather to Sakura, and she warms up. Our heroes are found by Sorata and Arashi who have agreed to let the travelers remain as a favor to Yuuko, who it seems has helped them before. Mokona can detect feathers, and detected one in the fight. Also he won’t take our travelers to the next dimension as long as there is a feather around. Kurogane refuses to help, Fai is more accommodating, willing to help out some.

That night, Kurogane dreams of Princess Tomoyo and how she sent him off since he would not stop killing people. She also did a curse on Kurogane. If he kills more, he will grow weaker. The next day as our heroes go out looking for the feather, Kurogane spots Tomoyo. However, it is a different Tomoyo. Mokona can’t feel the feather any more. When Mokona leads Syaoran and Fai to a restaurant, they find Toya and Yukito there serving okonomiyaki^^;

Kurogane looses Tomoyo, but is found by one of the gangs. They fight him, and a kudan appears for Kurogane. Yep, he had a dream of one between dimensions as well^^; Not sure about the kind, but it looks like a dragon. It turns itself into a sword for Kurogane. The gang doesn’t stand a chance.

Late that night, after everyone is asleep, Sakura wakes up . . .


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Sailor Moon #38

This week’s episode is: Snow, Mountains, Friendship! And Demons After All.

When Usagi hears about a moon princess contest, she and the other Scouts decide to go, with Minako running interference so Luna and Artimis won’t stop them^^; Yuuichiro offers to go with them, having some property near by and given that all the hotel space is probably already booked.

Too bad this is yet another plot by the black kingdom. Endymion and Kunzite get along as badly as ever.

So the girls arive. The contest is actually a skiing contest. Rei and Yuuichiro are confident enough for the difficult slope the contest is on. The other girls bow out, but Usagi decides to go as well, in spite of having little skill at skiing^^; The former contest winner has been turned into a monster and most of the contestants crash. Usagi and Rei are the only ones still going. Yuuichiro sees what looks like an avalanche, so he goes after the two girls. Usagi and Rei have some heart to heart before Yuuchiro shows up. Unfortunately, that is also when the monster shows up. Endymion does enough interference that Usagi is able to change the monster back into a human. Fortunately, Endymion retreats. by the time the other Scouts find Usagi and Rei, they are back to their old relationship.

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This week’s episode is: An Alchemist’s Distress.

So this is Shou Tucker’s story again. Poor Nina. A nice touch was Ed agreeing to play with Nina and Alexander when he remembers how his father was too busy. Scar seems to have no confusion about his role. The iron blood alchemist Basque Grand doesn’t last long. Not much of an impact. I will say this, though, alchemy seems if anything even more well done in this series. Yep, this is following the manga alright, being right after the events in Lior instead of after Ed passes the alchemy exam. Yuki, the corrupt official in the mining town that Ed caught has already been dealt with. Finally, Scar kills both Nina and Tucker.

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Today’s episode is: The Power to Fight.


Syaoran begs Yuuko to save Sakura. This will require going to many different dimensions since Sakura’s memories in the form of feathers were scattered through many dimensions. Kurogane just wants to return to his own dimension. Fai wants to stay away from his dimension. If the three pay for it, they will be enough compensation for all of them to travel dimenions, which t the core is what they want. Yuuko asks Kurogane for his sword, Fai a tatoo on his back, and Syaoran his relationship with Sakura. But given that is the only way they will get what they want, it’s not like they have much choice. We also hear for the first time the phrase, “There are no coincidences, only the inevitable.” Yuuko gives the travelers a creature, Mokona, that can help them travel dimensions. (She keeps a black version, the white version is the one given.) So our heroes travel to their first dimension. On the way, Syaoran dreams of a fire creature . . .

When or heroes wake up, they find themselves in a very different dimension. It seems a modern dimension. Fai finds one of Sakura’s feathers on Syaoran. Unfortunately, a gang war breaks out, warned by a boy, Masayoshi. However, instead of weapons, they fight with something called kudan. Sakura’s feather gets blown off. Syaoran chases it and gets it, but this attracts the notice of the combatants. But when they fight, the fire creature appears and protects Syaoran. It appears he got a kudan when he entered the dimension, and it is a first class kudan too. Half the combatants run off, but one in particular doesn’t seem intimidated at all, and he has a water kudan . . .

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Cross Game #2

This week’s episode is: I Hate You!

Okay, this series is too good not to blog too^^; I’m following the Minor Ja Na subs, which are a bit behind.

It has been four years after the events of the first episode and Kou is still affected by Wakaba’s death. So is Wakaba’s sister Aoba, who is one year younger than Wakaba and Kou. Aoba is disgusted with Kou. He has made no overt move about baseball since Wakaba’s death. Wakaba saw so much in Kou, but he doesn’t seem to be fulfilling those expectations at all. Little does she know that Kou does the exact grueling exercise program Aoba does. Perhaps Aoba is also angry since Kou clearly has natural talent in baseball but apparently does nothing with it. Aoba loves baseball and has worked very hard to play, but will never be able to play with guys after junior high is done. Interesting developments to say the least!

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Tsubasa Reservoir #1

Today’s episode is: Destinies Converge.


Somewhere, we see a Syaoran separated from a Sakura . . .

As our story begins in the country of Clow, Syaoran returns from an archeological dig he is working on. He gets an enthusiastic greeting from Sakura^^; Lets just say the princess missed her best friend while he was away. They go to get some supplies, but are spotted from soldiers. Syaoran and Sakura hide from them. It seems Sakura’s brother Toya, who is also king of the land, isn’t particularly fond of Syaoran. Can’t imagine why not^^; The bell calls Sakura home and Toya gets a report on the progress of the archeological dig (a new section was fount) and teases Sakura. Yukito, the high priest, says Sakura has a power that could change the world and that Sakura and Syaoran are destined to be together.

Elsewhere, a man and his assistant (Fei Wong Reed and Xing Huo) prepare to begin their plan to release the power in the princess to grant Fei Wong’s wish.

That night, Sakura is drawn back to the ruins, much to Syaoran’s surprise. He is even more surprised when she activates something in the ruins. It looks like Sakura has wings. When Syaoran gets her, the wings disappear. Syaoran brings an unconcius Sakura out of the ruins only to find the place under attack. When Yukito checks Sakura, he finds she is an empty shell – her memories and therefore her soul have scattered. To save her, Yukito sends Sakura and Syaoran to the Space-Time Witch . . .

Meanwhile, in the country of Japan, Kurogane has become the strongest warrior and keeps fighting and killing, even though Princess Tomoyo has begged him not to do so. To help Kurogane, she sends him to the Space-Time Witch . . .

In the country of Celles, Fai has put King Ashura in near eternal sleep with a seal, but given that it is always a possibility that the king will awaken, Fai decides to flee not only the country but his world and so goes to the Space-Time Witch . . .

On a fateful day, three travelers from different dimensions arrive at a most unusual shop . . .

Ah, this reminds me why I like Tsubasa. It is so fun to see our favorite CLAMP characters in new worlds and lives^^; I hope to add screenshots tomorrow.

Edit: Screenshots added:) Enjoy!

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07 Ghost First Impressions

I wasn’t going to do this series, but enough people talked about it I was intrigued. Teito with his friend Mikage are about to graduate from a military academy in an empire. Teito his a slave with no memory of his past. They do so (most do not pass). Unfortunately, Teito overhears himself being talked about and memories start coming back to him, most significantly that the officer talking about him killed his father. Teito attacks said officer, and is naturally thrown in prison. Mikage helps him escape, though he gets captured himself. Teito makes it to a church with interesting fathers and sisters reside and finds sanctuary there while he regains more memories . . . It seems Teito was a prince of a country the empire destroyed. Why was that country destroyed? And what does Teito know about it that is so dangerous?

Cute character designs which is always a plus. It is an interesting world and interesting background. There is plenty to explore about Teito’s past, about this world, and what really happened when he was five. Plenty of action, drama, and mystery. And no, I am not planning on doing episode summaries of this series at this time. But I do plan on telling you my impressions at the end^^;

My rating thus far: 4/5 for being so intriguing.

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